Android 2.1 ported to the HTC HD2

by: James TromansJuly 1, 2010

A group of developers called HTC Linux have put together a YouTube video revealing a working port of Ubuntu and Android 2.1 on the HTC HD2 WinMo device.

We use the word ‘working’ loosely as both Ubuntu and Android are buggy, but the foundations are certainly in place. As you might expect, much of the work is documented over at XDA-Developers. If you feel as though you know your way around the Android porting steps, check out this site for links and builds aimed at advanced users. Alternatively, if you prefer to wait till something a little more user friendly is released, just check out the video after the jump!

  • Cathy Craven

    The HD2 is so hard to get hold of in the UK nowadays. It’s a shame because it’s possibly the best of the Windows 6.5 phones. It’s the one I always found the most practical anyway. I know you can buy refurb units from MobiCity and one or two other places around here, but getting your hands on new HD2s in bulk at a reasonable price is so difficult.

    I was just wondering if people could tell me what sort of quality you can expect from a refurbished model? I’m not expecting them to be sparkling but would appreciate something functional and decent in appearance…