The LG Spectrum 2 has failed to retain its visual aura of mystery, as the device was caught in all its full glory in a picture spread – complete with accessories – within a matter of hours after the news first broke about its eventual Verizon arrival.


So here’s an interesting offer that Samsung currently has for UK peeps. They figure that since you you’re already sporting a Galaxy S3 and/or Galaxy Note — or planning to buy either of the two real soon — you won’t have much use for your older but still working phone. Instead of letting it sit and gather dust, you can trade it in for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 or 10.1.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 is well over a year old now, but that’s not stopping it, even if most of the attention is going to its younger brother, the Galaxy S3. So what’s a company to do when they want to make an old phone look stylish and exciting?
Apparently the answer involves a leather backing with 129 Swarovski crystals. This new Crystal Edition of the S2 is clearly targeting the female audience, but can adding a few fancy Crystals mask the fact that the S2 is getting on with age?

Coolpad Quattro

MetroPCS is not exactly known for offering a very wide range of smartphones, but we’ve heard a couple of rumors for the past month or so that the number six US carrier was looking to really strengthen its gadget line-up. The mid-range Galaxy S Lightray 4G and LG Motion 4G have already been released, and now the entry-level Coolpad Quattro 4G has itself been put up for sale.