Why Android will continue to lead in both software and hardware this year

by 1 year ago

After the disappointing announcement of both the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, with the latter not having introduced anything new from the WWDC event in June, and after Microsoft’s stumbles with Windows Phone 8, it’s safe to say that Android will continue to dominate in both software and hardware this year, especially if there will (most likely) be another version of Android coming out this year.

HTC One X+ hits the FCC, features quad-core Nvidia processor

HTC One X+
by 1 year ago

Last week Android Authority reported on the news that a revised model of the HTC One X was in works. The rumor for the so-called “One X+” came from a series of tweets from @Football4PDA, someone who has been known to leak accurate info about HTC in the past. The tweets shed some light on what kind of specs we’d find in the device, such as the NVIDIA AP37 quad-core CPU at 1.6GHz. Besides the CPU, the device would offer 1GB of RAM, 4G LTE, a 1800mAh battery and Jelly Bean with HTC Sense UI 4.5.

Unlimited AT&T data plan works on iPhone 5 and Android LTE devices

by 1 year ago

Unlimited mobile data plans are becoming quite the precious commodity these days. While T-Mobile and Sprint still have unlimited offerings, both AT&T and Verizon have chosen to remove such options. The lucky few that already had unlimited plans have been allowed to keep them, thanks to the fact that the plans are grandfathered in.

Should you go with the Samsung Galaxy S3 now that the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2 are just around the corner?

gs3 vs note 2
by 1 year ago

Fans may be hotly anticipating the Galaxy Note 2, especially with the special features it offers over and above a regular smartphone. The “phablet” not only trumps the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of performance benchmark, it’s actually considered a bigger, better smartphone than the flagship S3. It even ships with Jelly Bean, whereas you still have to wait for the much-anticipated Galaxy S3 update.

But — and here’s a big but — not everyone might want to go for a Galaxy Note 2, notwithstanding the performance advantages. Here are a few reasons.

Google reportedly forces Acer to cancel smartphone launch with Alibaba in China

by 1 year ago

Google’s “Don’t be evil” is weaker and weaker every time the search giant does something against its own motto. How many times did we see Google somehow managing to infringe on the customer’s privacy? How many times did we see Google investigated in various regions of the world including the U.S. and Europe for alleged actions that deserve being looked into? How many times did we see the company forced to pay a fine or settle a legal matter?

Designing the LG Optimus G [video]

by 1 year ago

The LG Optimus G is one of the most exciting Android smartphones on the horizon. It marks a departure from the budget end of the market for LG and signals its intention to compete with Samsung and HTC for Android flagship status. The South Korean company has released another teaser video, this time discussing the design of its new phone.