Ok, so the Samsung Unpacked event is now underway and the South Korean giant has finally officially announced the Galaxy Note 2 phablet, a device that has stirred the interest of the entire online tech media, as well as that of Android and Samsung fans from all around the globe….

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs and features

by on August 29, 2012 1:13 pm

Samsung’s Unpacked event in Berlin, Germany is underway, and, as you already know by now, we’re covering live the press event whose main star is the Galaxy Note 2. The second-generation phablet is upon us, and we already have a variety of details for you regarding the device – and…


Friends, lend me your ears. Lend me your senses, as we feast on Samsung’s latest creation, the Galaxy Note 2. For sure there will be some that love this device, and there will be those that dislike it too. The smartphone game is getting more intense, more rapid, and more competitive than ever before. And these competitive forces are yielding some truly excellent mobile technology for everyone.


Samsung unveils their new high-speed 64 GB UHS-I SD and microSD cards at IFA 2012. The cards can reach 80/40 MB/s read/write speeds for the class 10 SD cards, and 70/20 MB/s read/write speeds for Class 10 microSD cards that go into mobile devices. This is the future of smartphones and tablets.

Galaxy Note 2 Mockup by Daniel Uy

As most Android fans know, Samsung has scheduled a special Unpacked event for later today in Berlin, Germany – which we’re going to be attending and report back all the hot news – whose main star is going to be the company’s next-generation phablet, the Galaxy Note 2 Earlier this…

HTC Incredible S

HTC seems to have really messed things up with the Incredible S, a phone that has received Ice Cream Sandwich in many parts of the world in July, but that for some reason won’t get the same treatment over in Canada. At least that’s what Bell is saying on Twitter, because on HTC Canada’s official website there’s still an update information announcement saying that “we’ll be making ICS available for download on … HTC Desire S”.


If you’re not busy doing anything on Wednesday night next week, you may want to take up on Motorola’s offer to attend a special event of what’s anticipated to be the unveiling of Droid Razr HD and Droid Razr M on September 5. Such event may sound glamorous on paper, but it’ll probably be filled with the sweat of excitement from many tech geeks. Sounds like your kind of party?

galaxy nexus jelly bean

Yes, the Galaxy Nexus is a Nexus device that should receive all Android upgrades almost immediately after Google releases a new version. But no, that doesn’t happen with all Galaxy Nexus versions out there, and we specifically mean Verizon and Sprint, as carriers have their own not-so-hidden agendas when it…