motorola razr i

A few journalists have been able to get their hands on pre-release models of Motorola’s upcoming Intel-powered RAZR i and after the initial first looks and hands-on pieces, the device has now been benchmarked. And the question is, how well does the single core 2GHz Intel Atom-powered phone compare to ARM-powered devices?


In case you missed the action earlier today, we’ll remind you that Motorola held a special media event in London to unveil its first Intel-based smartphone ever. The two companies announced way back in early 2012 that they will work together to release various Android-based devices featuring Intel’s Medfield chips, and the Motorola RAZR i is the first in the Motorola-Intel family.


Has the hype around the Optimus G been artificially built or does LG really have something special to challenge the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 or HTC One X? While it’s a bit early to fully answer that question, some early benchmark results show the G as very capable of taking on pretty much anyone in terms of raw speed, mostly due to the featuring of a Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU.