Dropbox Galaxy Camera Note 2

By now, it’s no longer out of the ordinary for manufacturers to bundle their phones with free online storage as a way to lure customers. The Samsung Galaxy S3, for instance, comes with a free 50GB Dropbox cloud storage. So we’re not really surprised to see the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera getting the same treatment.


Samsung has made a splash at IFA 2012 with its new Android products, the highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Camera, albeit it’s the former that we’re mostly interested in these days. We have thoroughly covered the new phablet for you here at Android Authority from day one, as…


There are rumors suggesting that Samsung is looking to reduce its dependency on the Android platform following the Apple patent case verdict going against them and the announcement of the first Windows Phone 8 device. Is there any truth to it?


Remember about the software update that T-Mobile recently pushed out for the Galaxy S2? At that time, the carrier said that aside apart from bringing the latest iteration of Ice Cream Sandwich and removing some bugs, the update also brings NFC and ISIS support. But is that really all? Not quite. The maintenance update reportedly also disables the phone’s universal search feature.


So the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the newest, shiniest toy in Android-ville. It’s both a smartphone and a tablet in one – a phablet in short – which has been unveiled during Samsung’s pre-IFA 2012 Berlin-based Unpacked event. Android Authority has covered thoroughly the second-generation Galaxy Note – including…