Motorola and Intel’s joint venture, the RAZR i, is slowly making its way into more territories. After its initial release in the UK, the RAZR i now finds itself in a new market, Brazil. This device will be the exact same device that we previously saw during Motorola’s and Intel’s event in London last month.


The LG Nexus rumors keep coming up these days, and we’re almost certain that we’re going to see the first LG Nexus handset ever reach stores this winter. We now have a new report talking about the device, this time from CNET, which is apparently able to confirm that “the phone will be a modified version of the Optimus G.


While the Galaxy S3 was launched less than six months ago, the first Galaxy S4 rumors started hitting the web a few weeks ago. In fact, we’re looking today at a new Sam Mobile report that reveals that Samsung is already working on 2013 devices that would feature 3GB of RAM.

galaxy-note-2-n7100 hands on

Android in itself is pretty intuitive, but not everybody finds it easy to use, especially in the case of skinned versions of the operating system, such as HTC’s Sense or Samsung’s TouchWiz. Luckily, Samsung has prepared a handy guide that might prove helpful to those looking to make the most of their Galaxy Note 2.

note 2 vs iphone 5

How do you compare two devices that are as different as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5? The simple answer is you don’t. But many people still want to see how the two top smartphones of the moment fare against each other, even if they are polar opposites in terms of… well, everything.


We love the fall. The leaves start to turn, the summer heat dies down, Halloween costume parties, and Nexus rumors. As we move into October the Nexus and Android rumors will run rampant until we see an official announcement from Google. This week was nothing out of the ordinary. We saw more and more leaks about the next version of Android, which will most likely be Android 4.2, Key Lime Pie. With Android 4.2 we might see a new, revamped Nexus program where anyone can enter, pending you meet the hardware requirements. Rumors are putting the new version of Android…

LG Nexus

There have been several sources across the net claiming that an LG Nexus device is in the works. Up until now, there has been little evidence for or against the idea. Could a new FCC filing for the LG-E960 actually be the LG Nexus in disguise?