Earlier today we showed you the first leaked images of the LG Optimus G Nexus – the name isn’t official yet, but most rumors agree that the first LG Nexus handset will be largely based on the LG flagship handset – and we told you everything we know about the upcoming device.


Asus might have not hit a home-run from its first attempt at a “3-in-1” Android device, but the Padfone has managed to intrigue many tech enthusiasts, who are all wondering “what if”. Millions of fingers are now crossed for the success of the Padfone 2, so it’s only natural for the hype to be growing as we get near the new hybrid’s unveiling.

Motorola RAZR HD

Earlier this month we reported on a solid rumor that suggested the pricing of the Motorola RAZR HD LTE would start at $99.99 through Rogers Wireless. At the time we didn’t know when it was coming for sure, only that it was expected to hit sometime in the fall. It’s now official. The RAZR HD LTE is available today for $99.99 with a 3-year contract, as earlier predicted.

galaxy-note-2-n7100 hands on

The gradual commercial release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in various markets means that tinkerers have been harvesting stock firmwares of the phablet for developing custom ROMs and the likes. However, there’s still one special ingredient missing from the recipe, the Note 2’s source code. This should no longer be a problem, since Samsung has made the source code publicly available.


In case you happen to own one of the first Intel-based Android handsets out there you’ll be happy to hear your handset is about to receive an important Android upgrade. We’re talking about the Lava Xolo X900, which can be updated officially to Ice Cream Sandwich. Sure, we get that you’d like to play with Jelly Bean instead, but at least you’re leaving Gingerbread world.


There were hints that the Galaxy S3 with 64GB onboard storage would be available in October. If the idea of having a total of 128GB memory on your phone – since the the Galaxy S3 supports up to 64GB microSD card — excites you to no end, you’ll be pleased to know that several outlets have started offering the elusive variant of the Galaxy S3.