Sony’s Xperia V might only be released at the end of the year

by 1 year ago

With all the attention that the Xperia T is getting, it’s easy to forget that Sony has another two new phones that are craving for the same affection, the Xperia J and Xperia V. Especially for the latter, it seems the hype that surrounds the V has noticeably died down, no thanks to the lack of any official announcement of its release.

BBC launches its new Flash-free media player for Android

by 1 year ago

When Adobe Flash said its goodbye to Android last month, the effect was felt by third-party apps like BBC’s, that relied on the ubiquitous player to stream contents to Android devices from its website. With Flash gone from popular devices like the Google Nexus 7 tablet, which doesn’t support the platform, BBC has decided to develop its own media player that removes its Flash dependency.

G-Note 2 hitting UK shelves next week

Galaxy Note 2
by 1 year ago

If you’re in the UK, chances are you’ve been waiting with baited breath over the eventual release of this monster device. Well, the wait comes to an end next Tuesday, when Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and Orange start taking orders through Phones4u, a well known UK retailer.

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 display battle won by Apple’s 4-inch IPS LCD

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3
by 1 year ago

The recently launched iPhone 5 is being pitted against all existing flagship devices from the competition these days, with the Galaxy S3 being the preferred adversary for Apple’s new flagship device. We have already compared the build quality of the two in our design test finding the iPhone 5 to be more durable than the Galaxy S3, and showed you an iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 comparison on video.

As Intel Inside campaign targets mobile world, competitors prepare to fight back

Intel Inside
by 1 year ago

When purchasing a smartphone or tablet, how important is the brand of the chip to you? While many Android Authority readers might have a chipmaker brand preference, the truth is that most consumers could care less. The brand of the device more than likely matters more to the average tablet or smartphone owner.
Ironically, these same consumers have a remarkably different attitude when it comes to desktop and laptop computers.

Galaxy Nexus 2 (GT-I9260) sample images spotted on Picasa already

by 1 year ago

A few days ago we told you that Samsung may just launch a new Nexus device in the near future, its third handset reportedly conceived with Google in as many years, the Galaxy Nexus 2, aka the GT-I9260. That model number is awfully close to the Galaxy Nexus’s GT-I9250 number, which is why almost everyone in the tech news-reporting business is speculating that we’re looking at the second-generation Galaxy Nexus device.

Sony’s Xperia T now on sale in the UK, France, and Germany

Xperia T
by 1 year ago

If you’re smitten by the Xperia T – perhaps after seeing that unboxing video that we just posted – and can’t wait to buy it, it looks like several stores are selling Sony’s latest flagship model early. Those in the UK, France, and Germany can get their wallet out now.