HTC One X+ makes another appearance, this time in an O2 UK flyer [Updated]

by 1 year ago

Less than 48 hours after spotting a blurry leaked pic of what @evleaks claimed was the T-Mobile version of the One X+, the phone makes another unofficial appearance, this time in the UK. The legit-looking O2 flyer offers us another chance to glance at the new handheld’s design, but also mentions some of its specs and the first pricing details.

$49.99 Sprint Galaxy S3 Black Friday deal already uncovered

by 1 year ago

The Christmas shopping season is approaching fast, and many consumers will pick smartphones and tablets as gifts for themselves or their loved ones this year. Of those devices, many will be Android-based, with buyers especially eying high-end devices that will be available for substantially less than usual on one special shopping day. Naturally, I’m talking about the first day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, which will fall this year on November 23. While we’re yet to find out more details about the Android-related deals that will be available on that day from carriers and electronics device sellers, we do have something…