In case you’re considering the device as your next Android purchase, then we’ll remind you we have thoroughly covered the device for you, from specs and features, to release dates and pricing, to hands-on videos, interviews with Samsung execs and comparisons with the hottest Android devices in town. In what follows, we’ll remind you everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 2 ahead of actually purchasing the device.

Target T-Mobile Galaxy S3 offer

TmoNews reports that Walmart offers the 16GB Galaxy S3 for $148, while Target’s offer is slightly more expensive at $169.99. Both special offers are available to both new customers but also existing T-Mobile subscribers that are planning an upgrade. Target’s promotion runs through September 22, while Walmart isn’t revealing how long customers will be able to take advantage of it.

galaxy note 2 camera

According to a report from the Korean website DDaily, Samsung had initially planned to fit the newly launched Galaxy Note 2 with a 13MP image sensor supplied by Sony. The report explains some of the rumors about the Note 2 that circulated a few months ago, which eventually proved inaccurate. The Galaxy Note 2 is fitted with “just” an 8MP camera, identical with the one in Samsung’s other flagship, the Galaxy S3.