Samsung’s first move against the iPhone 5 was not an LTE-based lawsuit to try to ban the sales of the device in the region – although such action is very likely considering recent reports – but an iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 newspaper ad meant to show consumers the differences between the two devices.


A distant rumor suggested that we will see a variety of Nexus-branded devices this year, but so far the only new Nexus in town is Google’s budget-friendly tablet, the Nexus 7. But with three months left in the year, there’s plenty of time for Google and its partners to launch a bunch of Nexus smartphones, especially since Samsung, Sony and LG are all rumored to work on one such devices: Galaxy Nexus 2, Xperia Nexus and LG Nexus.

HTC phablet

Rumors regarding am HTC phablet bound for Verizon have been going around since April, but it was only when the benchmark result for HTC’s gargantuan smartphone leaked out in July that I’ve personally started to hope that this is an actual device — one that will reach the consumer market as fast as possible and without losing any of its rumored specs. But is there any merit to these rumors?


The Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 is still one of the most-coveted smartphones today. Packed with an HD Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen and a quad-core processor, people were literally drooling over the device even before its release. Ice Cream Sandwich came onboard when the device was released and the interface…


Losing hours of sleep every night won’t be the only thing you have to endure if you decide to get Motorola’s Droid Razr M Developer Edition – what with all the tinkering you’ll be doing. But you also have to part ways with $549.99. Of course, we already told you about the price last week. What’s different is that you now can make the purchase.


CyanogenMod 10 ROMs based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean are found virtually everywhere as new Android devices are constantly being added to the list. This new update from the CyanogenMod development team comes in the form of a modification that will change the old boot animation found on most CM10…