Samsung Galaxy Note II

Anxiously awaiting the Samsung Galaxy Note II? The wait is almost over for those in Europe. Yesterday we learned that the Note II is hitting Italy on September 28th. What about the rest of the European market? An unofficial report coming from Sam Mobile suggests Samsung’s new phablet will start rolling out to Europe within the next two weeks.


You don’t get to be the largest wireless service provider in the United States by sitting around and doing nothing, which is why we were expecting Verizon for a while to reveal its plans for this fall. But before Big Red got a chance to officially tell us something other than the Droid Razr HD and Maxx HD are coming “soon” and other “surprises” are to be expected, a Phone Arena tipster went on and shattered the mystery.

Snapdragon S2 vs Intel Medfield

The video compares usable performance in several areas, including gaming and simple web browsing — scrolling and zooming. It seems the Snapdragon processor does it better than Intel Atom. Qualcomm also touts compatibility as among the main advantages of its platform. Some apps and games simply won’t work on Intel’s platform. What’s even more interesting is that Qualcomm’s comparison uses a Snapdragon S2 from circa 2010!


Enter Corey Benninger, a security researcher at Intrepidus Group, who demonstrated, at a security conference in Amsterdam, how he and his colleague were able to cook up an Android app in one night – the UltraReset app – that can fool the transit systems in various cities, such as the New Jersey Path and San Francisco Muni.