Android Pay going live in the UK in the “next few months”

by: Robert TriggsMarch 23, 2016


Writing in a new blog post today, Google has announced that it will be extending its Android Pay mobile payment platform to the UK “in the next few months”. Although the service unfortunately isn’t going live in the country just yet, Google has revealed a number of partners that it will be working with in the country.

For a start, Google has stated that it has deals with Visa and Mastercard so that the service will work with all of their cards. Eight UK banks are also currently signed up with the service, including the Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, M&S Bank, MBNA, and Nationwide Building Society. This is notably missing American Express, Barclays, and Santander from the list, but Google states that new banks are being added all the time.

Google reiterates that customers will be able to use Android Pay everywhere that contactless payments are accepted, including on the London Underground. Remember, Android Pay works on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher that have a near field communication (NFC) chip on board.

android-pay-demo-thumb-no-upperLearn more: Android Pay – What is it, how does it work and who supports it?39

Currently, Android Pay is only available in the US and Google proudly states that its platform has seen 1.5 million new registrations each month since its launch in September. However, rival platforms from Apple and Samsung are believed to be ahead of Google’s mobile payment system, having already seen roll outs in other countries. Apple Pay is already live in the UK, with Samsung Pay expected to arrive soon as well. After the UK launch, Android Pay is expected to land in Australia by the end of June.

  • John Doe

    Come on Canada .. what the Fk ..
    We are always the last to get anything kool ..

    • Arman

      Td Bank app rolled it out, it works everywhere, much better than Android pay will ever be, try it out.. It doesn’t need nfc sim card either. Just Android 4.4 and above and uses nfc on the phone.

      • John Doe

        Sorry, I am not a TD bank user, so I don’t really care about bank specific capabilities..
        This article is talking about Android Pay, which if rolled out properly allows you to use
        all of your approved cards at any Android Pay accepting terminal.

        • Arman

          Android Pay doesn’t even work completely in US. The support is very limited and very few stores accept it. Check out Crystals review (AndroidAuthority) of Android Pay in US.

  • Liam Bostock

    The wait for android customers outside of the US has been pretty awful tbh. I really can’t understand why it’s takinh so long especially when Apple pay has been around for a long time in key markets and the process is essentially the same. Google needs to ensure that it also continues to engage as quickly with markets outside of the US. This goes for you to Samsung

    • Dan Smith

      I genuinely struggle to understand that both the S6 series, Note 5 series and now S7 series phones have come and gone and we still havent got samsung pay outside of the USA (already flooded with mobile payment solutions) and south korea (because y’know, korea…) i bought my S6 for samsung pay and my S7 edge because it was supposed to be imminent but we’ve had nothing… no timeframe whatsoever apart from “this year”, which they said this time last year

      • Juan Encinar

        Well, as you know is hard to do agreements with all the banks, actually they can open it worldwide if they want, anyway if the most usual banks in the area cont use it the sistem doesnt make sense and they learn a lot that if you pull ot a service that is not 100% usable the hype goes and the impact is less (like NFC on android devices like 5 years ago) In Spain Samsung Pay is working for Caixabank costumers using one specific online account.

        As I said come into an agreemnt in this kind of monetary stuff with banks is really hard and i dont have a Bank of America account to use it so I prefer to wait, obiously as less as possible but as you can see there is a reason

  • Matthew Potter

    I suspect Android were waiting to see if it was worth their while. Most people in the UK have contactless debit cards so I don’t really feel that I’m missing out on anything. I certainly wouldn’t buy an iPhone just because of Apple Pay and I can’t really think of a circumstance where I only have my phone and not my wallet. Will it be quicker to pull out my phone, probably have to log into something, and then tap it on the contactless reader than it is to take my wallet out of my pocket and tap the contactless card on the reader? And then there is the security issue of using my phone v using my debit card. Also if say I use it for travel and my phone runs out of battery before I reach my destination then again I have problems. For Android it is a nice to have rather than a necessity and costs money to develop and set up and sort out relationships with the banks and I’m sure they’d prefer to spend their money elsewhere. Maybe they were waiting to see the take up of using this in the US before rolling it out elsewhere.

  • Peter

    Barclays just confirmed they won’t support it.

    Now, as an iOS user I’m not bothered – but If I were an Android user, I would probably switch banks. Barclays has shown many times they don’t care about their customers so why would we/you stay with them if they deliberately choose not to support certain features that are important to you ?

    And it’s not like Barclays is much better than other banks… they are not.

    • Dan Smith

      Barclays have a lot of infrastructure and investment in its own mobile payment system that has been live far longer than any other mobile payment solution… as disappointing as it is to see android pay not supported, its understandable

      • Peter

        The problem is – I don’t know a single person that uses their solutions… people simply want the generally accepted solutions like Apple Pay and Android Pay. I understand that Barclays is trying to shove their own apps, wristbands and keyrings down our throats, but from a customer perspective – it’s a really bad practice.

    • Ryan Shiels

      Their credit card division, Barclaycard has an app that allows you to pay by NFC at any contactless terminal. I got one so I could use it. Came out a few months ago so well ahead of Android pay.
      They also have pingit for easily transferring money and that doesn’t require a barclays account. So I can see why they’re not on board and paying Google a cut. Shame though