7-inch Android tablets to overtake iPad in Q1 2013, analyst says

by: J. Angelo RacomaMarch 5, 2013

Galaxy Note 8 vs Nexus 7 vs iPad mini aa (6) -600px

Android tablets are on the rise. It’s not enough that the 7-inch form factor has quickly supplanted the full-sized devices in terms of sales and Internet traffic market share (this includes the iPad Mini), but now analysts predict that Android tablets will be overtaking the iPad in quarterly market share, too.

By end of this quarter, the Android tablets will take 57% of the market, as compared to the iPad’s 40%, says estimates by Sameer Singh, published at Tech Thoughts. These are projections based on figures published by NPD.

Tablet market share Q1 2013

These estimates are mostly based on shipments of tablet displays, which are an essential component of tablet manufacturing. Trends in tablet display shipments can help predict trends in sales and shipments in the short run. Of course, these do not necessarily translate to actual sales figures, but supply-chain analysis often results in a more or less accurate prediction of what’s to come in terms of mobile sales, especially in the next two months or so.

Here are a few observations:

  • Demand for cheaper and smaller tablets (7-inchers) might be picking up, as seen with how shipments of 7-inch Android tablets are growing faster than shipments of both the 7.9-inch iPad Mini and the full-sized iPad.
  • The iPad Mini is cannibalizing sales of the full-sized iPad. Unless Apple comes up with an update to its 9.7-inch line, then this trend will continue.
  • Demand in the emerging markets is picking up. In developed markets, it’s usually during the holiday seasons when device purchase is at its highest. But with the rise of inexpensive Android tablets, these devices are becoming more and more accessible to the lower-end markets.

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Of course these trends and predictions are not yet set in stone, being analyses based on upstream supply reports. But still, trends tend to manifest themselves in real-world figures shortly after, especially if these are prevailing trends like the growth of Android as a tablet platform.

Are you buying a new tablet in the next month or so, and will it be a 7-incher?

  • I love my Android tablet. If there’s one thing that makes me jealous of iPad users, it’s the support for music creation and editing. PLEASE, Google and hardware folks, get with the times. Once we can solve the issues keeping us from using Android as a serious production tool, there will be little reason to even think of the iOS.

    • Let’s hope Team Android get busy fixing the OS’ inherent issues with audio latency.

  • kascollet

    Nice rumor but… what devices are we talking about ? Not yet announced machines that will hopefully be able to compete tomorrow with today’s iPads… whereas Apple puts to market, again, another better generation ?
    Is this based on non-selling Nexus tablets, outdated Samsung tablets, or Archos and the likes crappy tablets ?
    Sorry for being sarcastic, but I beginning to loose patience.
    Why did Samsung wait so long to sell a 8″ tablet if it is to be THE size ? Why the hell didn’t Google put Nexus tablets to market the way everyone know it has to be done ?
    Where are HTC/Asus/HP/Sony today (not in two, three or six months, today !) ?
    If the cake is that big, what are they doing ? WHERE ARE THE PRODUCTS ?

    • George

      This is Q1 of 2013 so it’s referencing current devices. Android has the price advantage and that advantage is appealing to people who want a tablet but don’t see the value for spending $300+. Given the features and specs, anyone who buys an iPad mini over a Nexus 7 is foolish. The 7-inch Android tablets are helping the tables turn.

      • kascollet

        Have you really had both devices in hand ? They are obviously not in the same league, but it takes a bit of time to tests both, I understand it’s not easy.
        Even at nearly twice the price, people still prefer to buy the iPad. You think are all fools ? Seriously ? Millions of them each month ?
        Google is not going to sell many N7 now : the enemy took the castle already.
        There is no table to turn, their is a market to exist in. Whatever shipment numbers people want to trust, reality is a bit different.
        Having said that, I’m the one deeply wanting to have the choice. I will buy an Android tablet in a heartbeat if it’s at the iPad level (hardware & software).

        • reality

          I just don’t see why people don’t value having google OS to run google’s services. I mean when you have both, the integration is amazing. Using apple hardware, apple OS, AND THEN google services is way to limiting for me. And it’s kind of strange, IMHO. It’s like saying, I must have my BMW but I am going to go to the trouble of putting a Honda engine inside since that is maybe more fuel effieicnt, or something. My gosh, if you like Apple, then use Apple hardware, apple OS and apple services and drop Google!

          Let me say this better–If you were to ask any die hard Apple fan which they would rather have:

          1. iPad Mini with all google services permamnently stripped out (No search, gmail, maps, drive, google+, gtalk, etc., neither as apps nor available via a browser) OR
          2. Nexus 7

          The answer would be obvious for the world’s majority. In the end, it’s not about the hardware for most people.

          • kascollet

            You seem to live in a very divided world.
            I hope someday EVERY cloud-services will work on EVERY mobile platform.
            Segmentation is so sad.

  • Trueh8r

    My first android tablet (g-slate) is trash, was never upgraded from honeycomb and is now very outdated. I will get a surface before another android tablet.

    • Bo

      G-Tablet was a piece of crap when it came out, I can’t believe you even got it in the first place. This is the biggest problem with Android: people buy a $200 phone, then complain about how it’s not as great as the iPhone.

    • William Christopher

      Here’s two new Android tablets released this week worth a look – Ainol Electronics which won runner-up for “Best Tablet of the Year” at CES 2012, launched the new Novo 7 Venus Quad Core – 16GB — that’s available in the US for $149 at a site called TabletSprint –

      The new Novo 7 Venus Quad Core 7″ Tablet – offers impressive features for
      the price – including a Quad Core processor, 1280×800 7 Inch IPS screen, 16GB memory, a front webcam, Android O/S and Google Play Store preinstalled… all of which are found on the popular Nexus 7 — while also offering a number of features the Nexus 7 doesn’t – including a 2-megapixel rear camera, a MicroSD memory card slot, and an HDMI 1080p port; plus more ways to connect to the internet, including Ethernet as well as 3G/4G-

      Also available through TabletSprint is the Pipo U3 – 3G for $199 released March 1st — a 7″ Android tablet with a built-in 3G slot that works with all GSM Network Carriers — including AT&T and T-Moble and makes the first fully functional Dual Core 3G tablet priced under $300