Android outselling WP7 15:1 ?

by: James TromansNovember 30, 2010
Via Business Insider

Via Business Insider have published sales figures from their network of mobile phone partner sites. According to their statistics, Windows Phone 7 sales are off to a sluggish start. Indeed, Android devices appear to be selling 15 times as many units as WP7 devices. Furthermore, Symbian devices are outselling WP7 three devices to one.

It is important to note that these figures cannot be verified nor are they necessarily representative of the market as a whole. Furthermore, Android has a lot of momentum at the moment and if we compare Android’s start, it too was cautious.

[Source: MobilesPlease]

  • anon

    I’m a fairly hard core android fan, have little interest in windows phones, but these type of articles are ridiculous. They just got started. Sure it may still fail, but this isn’t a fair comparison. Was Android beating the iPhone right out of the gate? No. Did that lead to the demise of Android. No. This type of article makes Android fans look like bullies.

  • Hey ‘anon’, thanks for your thoughts. I completely agree with your sentiments, which I why I put in a large disclaimer for the closed thinker, stating that “Android has a lot of momentum at the moment and if we compare Android’s start, it too was cautious.” When I was at the WP7 launch in London I was very impressed with what they had to show for themselves. If Microsoft can shrug off their shirt-and-tie branding they have wrapped all over them, WP7 should be a big hit. Its very nice to use.

  • Jon Mac

    Yeah it’s hard to tell at this point. I think that the suit-and-tie branding is where they are going to excel, because at this point a lot of business people, especially government workers, are hooked on their Blackberries still, a device that’s practically handing their customer base over to other smartphones on a silver platter. If WP7 can get the security-firewall stamp of approval, Microsoft will steal the Blackberry users.