May 21, 2010
Android on iPhone 3G

Android on iPhone 3G

The Android port to the iPhone 3G is now ready for download and installation to your iPhone. The master-mind behind the port had released videos of the port a week or so ago, but now he has released the necessary binaries. Even better, you can hit up PC World’s website for a nice how-to guide that covers the whole procedure.

Although this port does everything that you expect your smartphone to be able to do, it isn’t usable for day-to-day activities just yet–I haven’t implemented any power-management functions, so a fully charged iPhone running Android will last only an hour or so.

That’s a pretty big deal breaker even for me, but getting things set-up now for some dual booting action will certainly make things easier in the future. For the full read-me click here, and for the original article by David Wang at PC World, click here!

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
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