What’s your favorite feature in the first Android N developer preview? [Poll of the Week]

by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 15, 2016
Android N Poll of the week

Google surprised us all last week when they announced the first developer preview for Android N. We aren’t entirely sure what it’ll be called quite yet (my money is on Nutella), but we do know of some of the main features Google is working to add to the next major version of its mobile OS. Of course, this is a very early preview of Android N, so like the Android M previews from last year, we’re expecting a lot to change from now until Q3 when it goes official for everyone.

Android N is all about refinement. Devices running this new version should boot up much faster than ever before and apps will install in a fraction of the time. Not only that, Google is adding some features to Android that many users have been requesting for years — Multi-tasking support, a customizable quick settings panel, the return of Dark Mode, improved and redesigned notifications, enhanced Doze mode — the list goes on. There’s much more to talk about in Android N, so we’ll point you to our comprehensive Android N feature roundup post for all the details you need to know.

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So that brings us to Android Authority’s first Poll of the Week. We thought we’d kick this new series off by asking you a tough one — what’s your favorite feature in the first Android N developer preview? Be sure cast your vote in the poll below, and if there’s something you need to add, feel free to speak up in the comment section. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  • Gio Rodz

    Revamped Recent apps, including the double tap to cycle through last used apps, multi window, and optimized apps. Those are the best for me

    • SP


  • Bernardo Ortiz

    I voted other. Being deathly allergic to penicillin, adding medical records and emergency contacts and medical conditions available to EMT personnel, without leaving my phone unlocked,to me, is reason enough to upgrade. Everything else, ranging from great to cool, pales by comparison.

    • Shawn Hamm

      I opted for doze-on-the-go, but this one is a good one, too!

      • mobilemann

        iOS feature.

    • DDD

      Wait what? I hadn’t heard of that one.

    • mobilemann

      another iOS feature!

  • Captain Obvious

    Return of dark mode – big impact on AMOLED screens

  • Shivam Agrawal

    faster installation onf apps

  • cfischer69

    It’s about time Google took large screens seriously. It’s been years since they introduced the Nexus 10 tablet and never did anything to make it useful. Samsung has been kicking their tail on tablet usability for years.

  • lgreg64


  • Matthew Merrick

    Multi window and notification replies are the only features we’ve seen so far in N that will be avaliable on anything other than pure stock devices – basically, Nexus and Moto phones, nothing else. So why would I vote for a feature 99% of users will never see?

  • I voted Other for the UI Tuner enhancements like Night mode and RGB calibration. Once it actually starts working, though, I’m sure “enhanced Doze” will be my favorite. For now, my Marshmallow N6 still gets better battery stats than my N-Beta N6.

  • naveen raj

    Night mode and Dose on the go

  • Cowen K. Gittens

    Man, the whole thing looks pretty awesome. I’m happy about they’re adding a “Dark Mode” feature as well. I got a Note 4 and not I miss my Nexus Device. I’m definitely going to sell this to get a Nexus 6P so when Android N drops I can get al these awesome features

  • Christian Baumler

    I don’t think I will ever understand the liking of multi-window mode. I have a phone with a big screen, but I have just never found the feature to be all that useful. I have used custom ROMS with the feature available to me, but I never had any interest in using it. I love the direct replies and that settings menu, but unfortunately, I was only able to pick one thing.

    • srgonu

      Not sure if you have used it on Note series. Once you get used to it, its hard to live without it on 5.5+ screens. Spen was called useless by many and now there are umpteen followers. Its useful if you can use it. Understanding a feature and using it depends on end user. No one can force it.

  • Aaron

    Adjust display size

  • Dado

    Multiwindow support 41%? anyone ever used that on their phone? Useless…
    And no DPI change in the poll?

    • srgonu

      Try it on Note series, you will never go back anything less.

      • Dado

        I have Note4 :)

        Never found a purpose for multiwindow feature, yet…
        Also with original Note4 DPI values it is horrible.

        Changing DPI values on note4 screws with some native apps.
        So now I have note5 software on note4. Since note5 has better DPI values.

        It is annoyning, they make a bigger phone and on screen everything is bigger, and you have the
        same amount of data on screen, like on S4 or S5. They do it on purpose!

        • mobilemann

          man i used to hate adjusting dpi values on my notes.

  • aaloo

    Android catching up there with some iOS features. Still ways to go. Good to see them add these for their users.

    • mobilemann

      it’s ironic how much android has borrowed from iOS in the last two versions. It’s as much as apple borrowed from android in iOS 5-7. Good to see it’s evening out, despite what kids who know nothing about the mobile landscape besides what they bought think:D

  • Chhana Chhakchhuak

    5 Quick notification toggle at the top, which makes my life easier :)

  • Jes

    I’m loving the changes that are being made to the notification drawer. Some may think less of it but it will change the way we will use our phone fore sure.

  • Bundled notif, direct reply, quick setting these three is awesome! I like all the changes in the notification part. But I vote for multi window LOL