Koush demos Android mirroring on Chromecast

February 17, 2014
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    koushik dutta

    Last week Koushik Dutta, one of the masterminds behind Cyanogen Inc and many other useful apps, showed off his work screen casting Android to his AppleTV via the Mirror app, and hinted that something similar could be in the pipeline for Chromecast.

    Fast forward less than a week and Koush is already showing off his latest accomplishment – screen casting Android to a Chromecast appears to be working pretty well, albeit with some forgivable latency. He’s published a short video on Google+ as a little sample, but if you’re sick of seeing flappy bird, you might want to look away.

    Koush’s has already done some great work on wireless Android connectivity with AllCast, which lets users send photos, music, and video from their Android device to their Chromecast and other wireless TV connected devices, but being able to wirelessly push a full Android experience to a TV is clearly even better.

    Unfortunately there’s no word on when Koush will be sharing this breakthrough with the rest of us, but I’m hoping that some sort of beta app isn’t too far away.


    • Jayfeather787

      Flappy bird. Grrr.

    • Akshay Jain

      Why don’t I ever get credit after tipping these guys

      I tipped them twice about this screen casting but they never give me credit


      I love Android authority but this is just so wrong


      I’ve given the tips 2 days before they write this

      So they must have read this

      But no credit

      This is just so unfair

      Tell me why!? A&A

      • Jayfeather787

        Get over it. I did the same thing but maybe they never saw it. I doubt they even saw your’s so be quiet. If someone tipped me off I would not pay any attention, and instead actually do research first and then write the article.

        • Akshay Jain

          But they do give credit to other guys
          you see its not about being proud or anything like that
          but getting a ‘thank you’ or even getting noticed by something you follow every day and love so much is just so great
          its like android authority got me into all this android and tech stuff
          i never used a phone before 2012 but then got an S3 and it was android authority that made me so keen to get A nexus 5…..
          i just want to see my name at the end of one such article i read EVERY SINGLE DAY AND ALL OF THEM …..
          you might consider me like a crazy guy but still i just wanted to write this………………………………

          • Jayfeather787

            Look I understand what you are saying, and it is nice to be appreciated, but one will go through life without the respect or acknowledgement that they deserve. It just happens.

    • asdf

      if it was less laggy, I would actually consider buying this