Android mirroring to Chromecast coming, Android 4.4.1 code seems to reveal

by: Chris SmithDecember 8, 2013

chromecast with cord and charger aa

Well-known CyanogenMod developer and Cyanogen Inc cofounder Koushik “Koush” Dutta said in a Google+ post that Android mirroring may be coming soon to Chromecast, according to APIs seen in the recently released Android 4.4.1 KitKat code.

Display mirroring on Chromecast is only available on a PC, and only works with Chrome browser tabs, but Android tablets and smartphones may soon receive a similar feature. However, the mirroring feature may be limited for use with the Chromecast, while other devices (such as Apple TV or Roku) ready to offer similar features to users may not be supported.

Furthermore, the API discovered by Dutta is “not available to anyone but Google and the OEM,” at least for the time being.

The developer has been working on his own streaming solutions for Android devices, whether related to the Chromecast or not. Dutta is already beta testing an AllCast app that lets users stream local content to various devices except for the Chromecast (which isn’t supported yet) – the app is available in beta from the Google Play Store – and is developing an AirPlay-like capability for CyanogenMod 11’s screen recording feature (see it demoed in the second Google+ post embedded above).

  • MasterMuffin

    I hope they develop the screen recording further too. There was a time when ADB (or root) was needed for screenshots, now screen recording is in that situation, but soon I hope we can all record our screens just like on PC!

  • Shark Bait

    This is good, I was waiting for google to open this hpo to developers so some one could do this. Of google themself do it, even better.

    Seems miracaat isn’t really taking off so this will be neat!

  • Simon Belmont

    Looking forward to the screen mirroring myself. There’s been plenty of times where I’d have loved to mirror my screen and share photos and home videos of my 1 year old.

    It’d also be really useful to show someone something online with a bigger screen. Can’t wait.

  • Android Developer

    What if I run it on other ROMs ? or on a different Android version? What exactly are the requirements?

  • Frank

    So.. will this work like Miracast, etc?

  • Rawcan

    Still not officially available in Canada,whats taking so long?