Android Mini collectibles rainbow set now available

June 12, 2013

    Android Rainbow CollectibleWhoa, that’s a full rainbow, all the way, double rainbow, oh my god. It’s a double rainbow all the way from the Dead Zebra Shop and Andrew Bell.┬áStart your summer off right while feeding your Android addiction with the latest Android mini collectible series. These guys feature a double decker rainbow set of 10 different translucent figurines. The set comes with a magnetic clasp box, allowing you to flip it open to showcase your Android figures. Last but not least, in true Android fashion, these guys are customizable. You can screw off their heads to mix and match or fill them up with various small goodies.

    The rainbow set is available right now for only $69. Normally, these full box sets sell out pretty fast, I wouldn’t wait around too long on these guys.



    • Derek Ross

      Ordered mine :)

    • Matti M

      That’s VERY COOL =D! But too expensive to buy these just for some collectable little things. For 10-40 dollar would buy maybe. Anyways cool.

    • Dima88

      Pink floyd <3

      • MasterMuffin

        I knew I wasn’t the only one who noticed the dark side of the moon reference :D Was searching if anyone had commented it on G+ or here or AP yet :)

    • debsid

      do they make coffee, and do your laundry?

      • Derek Ross

        Only in Soviet Russia.


      It’s the rainbow flag and citizenship in Gay Republic included? No thanx anyway.

      • Jason

        Well, are you just a little insecure in your own sexuality.

      • Derek Ross

        Instead of a gay joke, you could have made a Pink Floyd joke. I see where your priorities are in life. Feel free to no longer comment our posts.

    • Luka Mlinar

      They look like cheap plastic. That’s a whole lot of cash for plastic in cardboard. Might be wrong, if it’s glass then it’s awesome.

      • Derek Ross

        They are plastic. They are for collectors, probably not for everyone.