Android Market offers PlayStation Emulator PSX4Droid 1.0

July 26, 2010
    PSX/PS1 emulator

    PSX/PS1 emulator

    Android users can now enjoy a Sony PlayStation Emulator on their ‘high end’ Android devices using PSX4Droid 1.0. This PS emulator is available from the Android market for $5.99. Unfortunately you will need a PS BIOS file and ROMs in order to take advantage of the emulator, which I haven’t quite got to grips with yet. Rest assured, we shall be checking this out first hand on the Samsung Galaxy S in the coming weeks.

    The video found after the jump reveals real gameplay from the Motorola Droid X running Need for Speed as well as Crash Bandicoot on the Nexus One. Other features include:

    • Uses formats BIN, ISO, IMG, PBP, Z, ZNX, and Eboot (compressed too)
    • WiiMote controller works
    • Trackball Dpad
    • Memory card and save states
    • Virtual control overlays
    • Scaling modes
    • More!

    [Via PocketNow]