Which Android manufacturer are you rooting for?

by: Andrew GrushAugust 8, 2014

lg g3 vs samsung galaxy s5 aa (33 of 35)

Back in May, we reported on a survey that claims 106% of the smartphone profit pie (not a typo) is eaten up by Apple and Samsung. It’s true that most consumers think of Sammy or Apple when it comes to smartphones, but there are a variety of different manufacturers out there, particularly in the world of Android OEMs.

In a time where specs are necessarily as important as they once were, manufacturers have instead turned to other angles to set themselves apart from the competition, such as loading up on special software features or focusing on pricing, design or even marketing.

With this in mind, which manufacturer deserves our praise, respect and — most importantly — our hard earned cash? While many of us probably already have a device maker in mind, let’s jump in and take a brief look at the biggest players in the mobile tech business.

samsung galaxy s5 aa (5 of 36)

It’s great to be the king, right? It’s true that Samsung is still a powerhouse in the mobile world, but some would say that the Korean giant has seen rosier days.

Recently the company has come under attack for its unwillingness to break away from tradition when it comes to its build materials and device design language. The brand has also come under fire for its Touchwiz interface, which some feel sacrifices performance for a truck load of unneeded features and apps. As a result of these complaint points and increased global competition, Samsung’s Q2 2014 earnings report shows that Samsung’s mobile division has taken a noticeable hit.

Samsung creates some of the best Android devices available such as the Galaxy S5 and the Note series

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom, and honestly Samsung really shouldn’t be all that worried. The company still has many fiercely loyal supporters and creates some of the best Android devices available such as the Galaxy S5 and the Note series. The company also looks to be making some very big moves this year that could satisfy some of its critics and turn the tide fully back in its favor, including the possibility of a mid-to-high-end device with a metal frame called the Galaxy Alpha and, of course, the release of the upcoming Note 4. 

Really though, what matters most is what the consumer thinks. So let’s weigh in:

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sony xperia z2 drop test (13 of 25)

Sony might not be the most popular player in the Android game, but they still have a lot going for them including stellar build quality, water/dust proofing, ever-improving displays and so much more. Equally important, Sony has been very cooperative when it comes to supporting the Android developer community.

Unfortunately, Sony has dropped the ball when it comes to bringing its phones to the North American market, with the Sony Xperia Z2 very hard to come by and not sold at all through any of the four major U.S. carriers. Sony has also long be attacked for its massive bezels, though the Xperia Z3 is said to improve upon this situation at least a little.

Looking into the future, we expect a few new goodies from Samsung at IFA, including the announcement of the Z3 and Z3 Compact. However, it’s unclear if we’ll ever see the company take a more aggressive stance when it comes to the North American market.

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Moto X

A lot has changed for Motorola over the last year or so. Not only is the company currently in a transitional phase that will eventually see it officially become part of Lenovo, they have also found a great deal of recent success with budget devices like the Moto G and Moto E. In fact, Motorola says that the Moto G is the most successful smartphone in the company’s history.

The reason for the company’s recent success centers around their focus on user experiences. The Moto X traded high-end flagship specs in favor of meaningful user experience improvements, and the Moto G and E brought excellent customer experiences to rock bottom pricing.

Ultimately, Motorola is on the rise globally, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Motorola might have found success and positive praise for its recent efforts, but fiscally it is still very much struggling to turn around its sinking ship. It’s still unclear whether Lenovo will be the final push that sinks the company or the needed change to fully bring it back to life.

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LG G3 Vs HTC One M8-60

HTC was once one of the kings of the Android world, largely because it was one of the first players in the game. Since then, the shine on their star has worn off considerably, and the company’s fiscal situation continues to be fairly bleak. On the positive side, devices like the HTC One M7 and M8 have slowly started bringing the company back into our good graces, even if they have a long ways to go before they reclaim their former glory.

There’s a lot of reasons to like HTC these days, including their continued push towards bringing us premium build qualities in both metal and non-metal forms

There’s a lot of reasons to like HTC these days, including their continued push towards bringing us premium build qualities in both metal and non-metal forms, excellent reputation for sound quality, and there’s the fact that they are really one of the only companies in the smartphone game that exclusively produces mobile devices.

As for what’s next for HTC? With their latest flagship out, we can expect mostly mid and low-end devices for the rest of the year, though the rumor mill suggest we may also see a Nexus-branded tablet!

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LG G3 Vs HTC One M8-50

LG continues to raise the bar internally, as it has been doing consistently since at least the arrival of the LG Nexus 4. With the recent launch of the LG G3, the company has this year’s flagship out and ready, and the handset has been well received at that.

In many ways the LG G3 is worlds above the competition, with features like laser auto focus and a QHD display highlighting the company’s dedication to bleeding edge specs and features. On the downside, LG seems to be releasing more variants of their devices as of late, with the announcement of the LG G3 Beat (S), LG G3 with LTE-A and the LG G3 A. Not to mention the rumored LG G3 Stylus. All these devices give consumers more options, but they can also cloud the brand and add to consumer confusion.

LG has certainly laid the groundwork for a good year, but the company will need to continue to work on improving its marketing and global reputation if it ever wants to reach true Samsung-levels of success in the Android world.

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oneplus one aa (8 of 34)

Less than a year ago OnePlus didn’t even officially exist, and yet today it is one of the most talked about handsets in the tech community, though admittedly the brand is virtually unheard of when it comes to mainstream non-techie users. Part of OnePlus rise to fame had to do with its impressive marketing campaign that relied on minor teasers and hints to generate word-of-mouth advertising for the device. OnePlus promised to deliver a handset that was different from the rest, and rallied folks behind its “never settle” branding.

Less than a year ago OnePlus didn't even officially exist, and yet today it is one of the most talked about handsets in the tech community

Now that the dust has settled a bit, the company seems to generate mostly mixed opinions these days. While most reviews have been positive and some folks remain enamored with the brand and its OnePlus One handset, others have expressed frustration over its strange invite system and relative lack of availability for those that haven’t been lucky enough to snag an invite. There’s also been confusion over the company’s association with Oppo and several other PR issues that have cast the company in a not-so-great light.

It’s still unclear what OnePlus’ future holds, though there’s no denying that the brand has really shaken things up by giving us a device with high-end flagship specs and Nexus-level pricing.

Let’s be honest here, there’s probably no need for a weakness poll as almost everyone would say the invite system (and/or PR missteps). As for strength, price/value ratio would be the obvious answer as well. If you have another opinion on OnePlus’ biggest strength or weakness, be sure to share it with us in the comments.

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Lenovo Tab A8-16

Outside of laptops and some of its tablets, Lenovo isn’t very well known in North America and its presence in the Europe isn’t that much better. That said, the company is one of the biggest sellers of smartphones in China and continues to grow rapidly throughout Asia. Additionally Lenovo has received quite a bit of attention in 2014 after Google announced its plans to sell Motorola to the Chinese company.

For now, Lenovo remains a sleeping giant for most of the world, though this may eventually change. Lenovo has expressed its desire to spread its brand to new parts of the globe many times in the past and it is very likely that Motorola will play a role in this strategy going forward.

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Hugo Barra Xiaomi -11

Similar to Lenovo, Xiaomi is massively popular in Asia but virtually unheard (outside of the tech community) in North America and Europe. Xiaomi has quickly risen to fame in recent years due to its extremely low prices, great build quality and excellent ecosystem. Most recently the company even managed to dethrown Samsung, becoming the most popular smartphone brand in all of China.

Just how popular is Xiaomi? The company is known for selling out its entire initial stocks in under a few minutes flat in several markets including China and Malaysia. Recently the company broke this ultra-quick record with the Redmi Note, which managed to sell out a batch of 10,000 units in just a second.

For those outside of Asia, you might be wondering why you should even care about the brand. While the company continues to focus primarily on Asia, it does have big plans for global expansion in the future. According to Xiaomi’s Hugo Baro (formerly of Google fame), the first devices that will be compatible with US networks should be produced sometime in 2015, though they haven’t set a date on when exactly they’ll begin marketing over the pond.

For more details on what to expect when it comes to phones from the brand, be sure to check out our coverage of the Mi4’s announcement.



Oppo was once known primarily for its high-quality BluRay players, but more recently the brand has been internationally releasing its handsets as well, starting with the Oppo Find 5, followed more recently by the Oppo N1 and Oppo Find 7. Probably one of the most impressive things about Oppo is their willingness to pack the most bleeding edge specs possible into price points that put non-Chinese OEMs to shame. On the downside, the brand also has little marketing weight behind it, though its sister-company OnePlus has managed to garner quite a bit international attention among the tech community this year.

To get an even better idea of what to expect from Oppo, be sure to check out our reviews of the Oppo N1 and their most recent flagship, the Find 7.


Huawei is actually among the list of most successful smartphone vendors, at least in terms of devices shipped. That said, the company has a fairly poor reputation in North America, largely due to how the brand has been demonized in the media for its alleged connections tothe Chinese government. For those looking for decent devices that are also extremely value oriented, Huawei continues to be a solid brand.

To check a better idea of what to expect from the company, be sure to check out our review of the Ascend P7.


Pantech is a Korean company that is best known in their own home country, which is a shame because they actually produce some pretty solid devices and their Vega flagship line has consistently pushed advanced technologies ahead of bigger Korean brands like Samsung and LG. Most of the Pantech devices that do make their way into Europe or the United States, tend to be of the budget variety. For that reason, it is often considered a second-rate alternative to bigger brands in the United States.



Kyocera is a brand that’s actually pretty common even in the United States, but it is also one that is generally associated with the budge-end. Similar to Pantech’s position, the company is often billed as a “cheaper” alternative to bigger brands like Samsung, Motorola, HTC and LG. On the plus side, they also have built a fairly decent reputation when it comes to their waterproof Hydro line. For Kyocera, marketing is probably the biggest thing holding the brand back internationally.


Once again, ZTE tends to be a brand that you find in the virtual “budget” aisle, despite the fact that they do have some decent flagship devices. ZTE tends to be extremely popular in the U.S. prepaid market, since they build devices with reasonably decent specs and killer price tags. ZTE also is often used as an OEM for carriers.

ZTE has a very mixed reputation when it comes to quality, so this would probably be one of their biggest weaknesses. Marketing could also use a big push if they ever want to be recognized as more than just a “value brand”. On a positive note, the company did recently announce plans to push Google’s Now Launcher as the default for its flagship devices.

LG G3 Vs HTC One M8-89

So, which Android manufacturer deserves your dollars? Which one deserves to be the market leader?

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Now that you’ve cast your vote and lent your opinions on these companies strengths and weaknesses, tell us what it is about your favorite OEM that keeps you coming back for more? Conversely, if you don’t tie yourself down to one brand, what do you look for when purchasing a new mobile device?

  • Woe of [S]unjΔy

    Sony gets my support but they should really stop the 6 month cycle.

    Besides Sony, HTC, LG and Motorola get my support.

    • jangaleon

      well, they’ve been doing that since 2011.

      • Woe of [S]unjΔy

        Yes they have been doing that for quite a while.

      • roeshak

        Doesn’t make it right. They should scrap the 6 month cycle. Doesn’t do anyone any favours including Sony themselves

  • Kevin Verdesca

    My favorite OEM has to be Motorola. They have great features that don’t slow down their devices like LG and Samsung. I also like the fact that they focus on being different, whether that be with software features or selling great hardware at lower prices.

  • Chris

    I really don’t get the people who are so obsessed with HTC. They used to be the best and they lost it.


    Who gives a crap. It’s heavy, can’t do wireless charging, slippery, and most people put a case on it anyway.

    I think what LG did with the G3 is the best solution. Nice plastic. Not slimy and gross like the G2 or S4 or Note 2.

    Then Samsung just puts out what we ask for every time, besides adding too much bloat. We want removable batteries, we want SD cards, we want big batteries, good battery life, big screens. They give it to us. Their material just sucks, and the bloatware is almost unbearable.

    It seems like Motorola is the only one that’s good all around. Besides oh wait, their marketing, and they’re weird ass release of the X that had it an exclusive, then limited who could get what custom builds and all that.

    I’m still waiting for that perfect phone. MY perfect phone. But I don’t think it’ll happen. I have hopes for the Note 4, but it sound like Samsung is going to make the screen smaller (bad for ME, not you), and add some stupid ass U.V. sensor. Seriously?

    Then the G Flex 2. My other potential perfect phone. But it’ll probably have a slimy back. And hopefully it doesn’t ghost like crazy like the first Flex did…

    • me

      What about the Oneplus One? I have it and I think it is pretty much the perfect phone. You don’t get an SD card (but the phone comes with 64 GB, so why would you need one) or a removable battery (3100mAh ought to be enough for you), but everything else I think is the perfect phone, despite the Invite System (which I had the good fortune of being able to largely sidestep).

      • Si-En Tan

        Have one too. Coming from a Samsung Galaxy S2. This device is amazing :D

      • Haseeb

        If anyone could buy that phone

      • TechLover

        Sad thing is, it’s not available in every country

      • Woe of [S]unjΔy

        The lack of MicroSD card is a bummer. The design and camera can use some improvements. It’s almost impossible to attain.

        • me

          The lack of SD card is only a bummer if you need more than 64 GB. Why would you need more than 64GB? You can put most of that stuff in the cloud. What do you not like about the design? Size is very subjective, as I find one-handed use pretty simple, and the minimalist look is very appealing (imo). The Camera is perfectly fine. The biggest downside is the lack of OIS, but that would make the lens stick out from the body, and as long as you aren’t shaking your phone as you take a picture/video, it ought to be fine.

          • Woe of [S]unjΔy

            The cloud is a terrible alternative for local storage. Also, I would need an expensive data plan. The bezels are quite huge. The phone is even bigger than the Galaxy Note 3 which has a bigger screen. You’re the first person who i’ve seen say that the camera is good.

          • me

            The cloud is pretty bad, but for music it is fine. The expensive data plan is rectified with T-mobile’s unlimited, the bezels are somewhat large, but they also house capacitive buttons. The phone is not noticeably bigger than the note 3, which runs Touchwiz. You obviously have not been reading up on the Oneplus One, because the camera is mediocre at worst and amazing at best (of course, doesn’t compare to the ISO CELL tech of the s5, but pretty good).

      • Wayne Peterkin

        I’d rather to be able to remove the battery easily because it is definitely possible for me to deplete that battery in less than a day and batteries can go bad. Most people won’t use 64 GB of space but I’m one of those rare people who probably could. Currently I have the z ultra GPE and I managed to use all the space on the phone and my 32GB SD card. Together that would be around 41GB (29GB on the card and 11 GB on the phobe) or so and I still would like to have some more space. That’s just me though. I’ll be getting a 64 GB card soon.

        • me

          Of course. I understand completely. Even with amazing battery life (7+ hours on screen) I am one of the heaviest users out there. But with any phone, battery life will always be a problem (see standard of increased utility). The music thing is kind of confusing. WTF are you listening to? I have ~200 songs, which I find will take care of pretty much all my music.

          • Wayne Peterkin

            Lol, It’s not only the music but the games as well. But yeah my music collection on my phone is all the music I have. I’m one of those guys that likes the idea of a portable amp and am currently trying to find one that powers itself. I use a decent pair of headphones and love listening to flag or at least nothing below 320 kbps. So the files are larger because of that.

      • Deonta Alexander

        You say why would you need more but i got 64 GB taken from music alone on an SD card so i find space very necessary

        • gmaninvan

          You actually need 64Gb of music on your phone? I bet you don’t listen to half of it. Unless they are all in FLAC. I just use google music and pin playlists to my device for what I listen to most often. Anything else I stream.

          • Wayne Peterkin

            I like having the choice of listening to whatever I feel at the moment. You are spot on about the FLAC files. I tried Google music out before but the sound quality wasn’t so good.

          • gmaninvan

            So do I. The point of what I was saying is that, typically people have go to songs they listen to. By pinning just those songs, you do not consume any data. You can still listen to anything you want. But, when you step out of your norm, you just stream it. No big deal. I subscribe to all access now and I don’t know if I will ever go back to using just a collection and wasting device space.

            In your case, you are into FLAC so I am guessing you are an audiophile. Google Music streams at 320Kb/s which is good enough for me and I highly doubt most people could tell the difference in anything but a direct line to a high end receiver.

          • Wayne Peterkin

            True for most people. I don’t use Google music since I like using the eq as well. I’m still experimenting with the parametric eq in neutron. I use neutron coupled with a decent pair of headphones and for now, a USB audio adapter. MILES better than the regular line out. I really don’t classify myself as an audiophile. I just like my music to sound good with adequate volume. Though I don’t think many people will spend North of $150 on headphones that don’t have a giant lower case b on it. I don’t think you need a high end receiver, just a nice portable amp, not necessarily an expensive one, should display the difference between FLAC and 320 kbps. But as you said, people don’t do that sort of thing and I’m not really sure how this happened to me either, lol. I really do agree with you guys though. 60 GB should be plenty for the majority.

          • gmaninvan

            Totally Agree. I know you can tweak google music if you use the built in EQ some Rom’s provide like CM11.1

            As for the headphones with the giant b, I think I threw up in my mouth a bit. I totally agree. If you are going to spend that kind of money, you will get a way better product from Sennheiser or Sony than the base heavy beats. Sol republic has nice stuff too. It is the guy who originally invented beats that they snuffed out of the picture. He came back with Sol and improved the tech dramatically.

            I think we are arguing the same point though. For audiophiles (I would call anyone who insists on FLAC an audiophile), streaming services just won’t do and you absolutely need space. What you could also do though is screw the SD card and get a microUSB flash drive compatible with Android. They are cheap and give you tons of extra storage. Or, even better, you could use a MicroUSB adapter for a standard flash drive and use it with your phone and also disconnect the adapter and plug it direct to your deck or receiver.

          • Wayne Peterkin

            I don’t use cm right now, just the stock rooted ROM. i know exactly what you’re talking about and I do have that but it pales in comparison to Neutron. I use it to make my speaker louder though. I also wouldn’t be able to use the flash drive solution you suggested (used it the other day to watch a movie) since the micro USB port will already be in use by the amp. You may already know this but this is the best way to get cleaner audio. I actually don’t use the line out jack on the phone. I just plug in the USB audio adapter into the micro USB port and plug in the headphones into the USB audio jack. Yeah, so I try to completely bypass the regular line out jack. It just doesn’t have enough power. This is one of the reasons I kill my battery a little faster and then I’d have to charge my phone up with the portable charger but then I have to unplug the amp. This is why I’d rather have the removable battery.

          • Wayne Peterkin

            Oh, and the part about people having there go to songs, I definitely agree. I travel quite a bit throughout the day and feel the need to mix it up on some days. I like to know that I can do just that anytime I want without either using more battery life by streaming the music either through LTE or Wi-Fi (which I’m against because I like using Neutron), worrying about dead spots or times where the network is behaving in some odd manner, or turning on my laptop, which can be cumbersome on public transport. We should also remember that Apple (don’t know if they still do) made 80 GB iPods which sold well and they did so for some reason.

          • Deonta Alexander

            Yeah but I DJ for parties so I like to have my selection. 64gb starting to feel small but it’s nice to know that all I got to do is switch the sd card

      • Max

        The perfect phone from a company that doesn’t deserve to exist at all. A company made of liars and deceitful people.
        But I know, you like them because you can buy an high specced cheap phone ….

    • derp hurr-durr

      “OMG DEH MEDAL FONE!?!?”

      Yes, yes…obviously people who like metal phones are retarded and cannot spell or use lower-case. Isn’t that special.

      “Who gives a crap.”

      Apparently a lot of folks. I’m sure they are just as confounded by your obvious hate of the thing as you are by the fact that they like it. Thankfully, they aren’t out there trying to paint you as a mentally challenged imbecile.

      • Chris

        Obviously not that many people care about metal or HTC wouldn’t still be losing money to other OEMs. Metal is not the answer. If it was, HTC would be winning the Android race since they make the only flagship metal phone.

        • derp hurr-durr

          “losing money to other OEMs”

          So…unless you are Samsung, or “winning the race” – no-one likes your stuff.

          Right. Well, can’t argue with “logic” like that…./smh


          • Chris

            I didn’t say no one. I just said their strategy obviously sucks. If they don’t make money, nothing else matters.

        • gmaninvan

          Umm no. I hate to break it to you but people aren’t that smart. Samsung spends ten times what HTC does on marketing. Half the people walking into stores don’t even know the HTC is an option. Most people know Apple and Samsung. I hope that changes but that is the current reality

          • Chris

            So again…metal is not the answer. So what is the answer according to you? Marketing? Alright HTC, get on it.

      • roeshak

        I think what he was trying to point out was the hype and craze that followed the metal phone. Seriously, the tech blogs went over board with that stuff. I don’t know that many people who were crying out for a metal phone outside tech circles. It wasn’t a panacea for htc. In fact, it’s made their flagships more unbalanced. The use of so much metal necessitated the inclusion of a cheap camera sensor which I think did the brand more harm than metal did it good.
        Htc is a struggling vendor and their problems go beyond marketing which is the fugue for most htc fans and techblogs. Their phones just don’t pack enough punch. If read the characteristics of these phones without actually looking at them, you’ll find that Samsung, lg and Sony just have a much longer and intriguing list of features. In other words, more bang for your buck.
        Htc seemed to go all out for a segment of the market apple already had cornered. It was futile!
        Trouble for them is, they’ve become defined by it and it’ll be such a humiliating climb down to change tact now. They have to though because there’s only so long any company can live with growing losses.

    • cns2007

      “It seems like Motorola is the only one that’s good all around. Besides oh wait, their marketing, and they’re weird ass release of the X that had it an exclusive, then limited who could get what custom builds and all that.”

      ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY. Could not agree more.

  • Yanit Mehta

    I was soo confused between HTC and Motorola I love both the companies and their phones.

  • Hilman in Edmonton

    I cheer for ABS, Anyone But Samsung. Hopefully the industry gets some parity with LG, Motorola, HTC et al gaining ground on Samsung, they need to be taken down a few notches.

    • Romdude

      Definitely, Samsung’s gimmicks aren’t really useful, LG’s amazing screen, Motorola’s unique always listening and HTC’s build quality and no lag interface are just much more useful.

  • Dennis Henriquez

    If Xiaomi wasn’t so closed source with his framework and smartphones kernel they would growl 2 times faster, But I stick with Oppo

  • Luka Mlinar

    Best thing about Sammy is it’s global availability. Worst is TouchWiz.
    Best thing about Sony is it’s design and build quality. Worst is the huge bezels.
    Best things about HTC is the same as Sony. The worst is their phones having the power button on top.
    Best thing about Motorola is their price. Worst is the limited availability.
    Best thing about Xiaomi is their hardware. Worst thing about them is their Software.
    Best thing about OnePlus is the phone. Worst thing about OnePlus is the company who made it.
    Best thing about LG are their well balanced phones. Worst thing… is… drawing a blank
    Anyway i’m rooting for Motorola :)

    • Johannes

      hit it!

    • Mike Bastable

      Samsung, good but you get what you over-pay for.
      Sony, awful interface, bloatware, despicable customer service.
      HTC, over priced and quality control issues.
      Moto, where can you actually get one? (Europe here)
      Xiaomi, Apple wannabes, huge ambition
      OnePlus, limited edition availabilityl, good marketing
      The Rest, variable quality and poor service / updates etc
      LG, the peoples champs surely, getting better with every device.

      • Woe of [S]unjΔy

        I like Sony’s interface and they don’t have bloatware.

        • Mike Bastable

          Sony services, crap walkman software, xperia lounge…

          • Luka Mlinar

            Take that back, Walkman awesome -_-

          • Mike Bastable

            Sorry dude

          • Woe of [S]unjΔy

            Sony services, Walkman and Xperia Lounge are not bloatware. The reason why OEMs do this is so that can have a distinct experience from the competition. People who are already immersed in Sony’s services will love Sony devices. Everyone does this, HTC, LG and Samsung. Stock Android is bland and that is where it falls short.

          • roeshak

            Crap Walkman??? What planet are you living on?

          • rubbaluvva

            walkman? lol google music thanks

          • rubbaluvva

            in the past , they have learned from that most new sony phones are pretty much stock now and the few bits of sony software are not too bad.

        • Luka Mlinar

          I have a Sony and they do. It’s not as visible up front as it’s running in the background. Still no where close to Samsung. At least not enough to mention.

          • roeshak

            Those are apps which can be removed after rooting. Samsung and LG have a lot of built in gimmicky gestures which you’ll rarely use apart from showing off to friends. It’s those features that slow things down and not preinstalled apps.

          • rubbaluvva

            my partner has a z2 and once it was rooted and the few bits of bloat removed it rocks.

      • gmaninvan

        Ya this is incorrect. Sony isn’t super bloated anymore. The UI, especially the upcoming one is really clean. Not sure about their customer service though.

        HTC makes great quality devices. Not sure what you are talking about regarding qc. They are expensive but a big part of that is high quality materials.

        OnePlus good marketing? Do you not remember the backlash from the smash your phone campaign? Dumbest marketing ever.

        The rest I agree with

        • Mike Bastable

          Literally everyone I know with a HTC has had to return it within 6 months! , really. Maybe they just sell rubbish in Holland?

          • gmaninvan

            They must. I have known a ton of people who have had One S’s, M7’s, and M8’s with no issue. I have a friend still using a One S.

          • rubbaluvva

            lol my HTC legend is still going strong as i use it as my business phone

        • rubbaluvva

          oneplus can suck my balls i will never buy any of their stuff due to their idiotic and arrogant marketing.

        • Evan Lam

          I agree with you, everyone i know that has a HTC phone is happy and they have no complaints about quality control. While the HTC One M8 is expensive, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is even more expensive when you look at the off contract prices, which everyone on T-Mobile is looking at. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S3 (I know, its getting old) and I’m kind getting tired of TouchWiz and the fact that my phone started lagging within a week of the purchase. I also didn’t really use my phone that much at the time and it would just get hot for no reason while it was in my pocket, and it still does this. My next phone will probably be the HTC One, M8 or M9(or whatever they decide to call the next one) because I like the feel of the device, I like the software, and I like that it comes with 32GB of ROM compared to the 16 GB in the S5.

      • roeshak

        Speak for yourself! I have never considered getting an LG phone. Those things lag just as much as Sammy devices. Their ui is equally as bloated. They just don’t get criticised as much as Samsung for this.
        At least Sony’s bloat comes only in the form of preinstalled apps which can be removed after rooting. It’s got very few of the gimmicky features packed into Samsung and LG phones.
        LG might come with small bezels which are all the rage right now but it seems ridiculous to pick a phone for that. The g3 just isn’t as balanced and well rounded as either the s5 or z2 which both overall have more to offer consumers.
        I just think some manufacturers are easier to criticise than others. Don’t think any other manufacturer could have put a 4mp camera on their flagship and avoided a hammering as htc have done. Maybe lg since they too are another techies favourite.
        For me, if you’re looking to get a device you’ll get the most out of, the choice is and will remain between Samsung and Sony. Their devices just pack the most punch right now across the board. Be that display tech, camera, battery life, features and ip certification. With Sony you also get a premium well built device on top of that.

      • Evan Lam

        Personally, and this is just my opinion, I don’t like LG’s UI. I have some friends that have the LG G3, and I played around with it for a while, and it still doesn’t appeal to me that much, plus there is pretty much no reason to have a QHD screen on a phone.

        • Mike Bastable

          I would be interested in which ones you do like?

          • Evan Lam

            If you are talking about UI, I’m starting to like HTC Sense 6, I liked TouchWiz when I got the S3 but i’ve gotten tired of it, and I like stock android as well, especially from what I have seen what the upcoming Android L will look like. My next phone will probably be an HTC One (M8 or the next one, depending on when I get a new phone) and then if I get tired of sense 6, I will probably put the google edition rom on it.

          • Mike Bastable

            Oke, Sense is rather stark design wise. I like the new G3 design language it seems restful, in use. Touch wiz seems so overwrought..trying too hard to cover all bases.
            Thanks for the answer I was just interested to see where you were coming from.

    • Gon

      Who cares about HTC’s power button on top when people do double-tap-to-wake on it?

      • Luka Mlinar

        Not on all of their phones and not everyone likes that feature as you can accidentally turn it on in your pocket.

        • David Onter

          Never happened on my M8 ;)

      • rubbaluvva

        i wouldn’t have another htc , the build quality is excellent but i had a legend which has the metal body and i know it is so easily damaged and once it is you are screwed as it is cheaper to buy another as it is virtually impossible to change , if however they made one WITH a removable metal body i would buy one also i wont buy any phone without removable battery or sd card , my legend i remember was an absolute nightmare to root and install cm on i would hope the new ones are not such a nightmare , i will say one thing in Samsung’s favor they are unbelievably easy to root.

    • PhoenixPath

      All of them. More of them.

      Choice and competition.

      My fave may currently be HTC, but it used to be Samsung. Who knows what it will be a year from now.

      If we hope for one or any to fail – we’re really wishing for less choice and competition.

    • joser116

      It’s hard to think something bad about LG, but I would choose software and marketing.

      • Jeremiah Washburn

        I think that the marketing thing just shows how great of a job Samsung at marketing there phones and making them available to everyone. When one company does something that good it makes the marketing of everyone else look bad even though in most industry’s the other companies marketing would be considered just fine.

    • Deonta Alexander

      H*ll no if you ask me TouchWiz is one of the nicest UI’s! Its just all the unnecessary bloatware and gimmicks that hold it back. If it didn’t have that it would easily be one of the best. The app drawer is one of the nicest, the notification panel is good and well setup, and the quick settings panel is useful for quick changes. Honestly i don’t see how people can constantly hate TouchWiz just root, remove bloat and you’re good. I’ve jumped around from a lot of the UI’s but i ALWAYS comeback looking for TouchWiz

      • gmaninvan

        I realize it is subjective but it is cartoony as hell. Basically throws all current modern design principles in the toilet

        • _X_

          Not the S5’s TW….everything looks very Google like

          • gmaninvan

            Not really. They don’t adhere as other OEM’s have with their new builds. The status bar is not in white for consistency, the menus are colourful and tacky, and the icons (although now a bit flatter with proper drop shadows) are still cartoony.

          • Lilith_Black

            I find the design to be fine: it’s the bloat choking the device that’s making me prefer other brands

      • Android Developer

        I also liked a lot of things about TW, and I removed/disabled the apps that I don’t need (or can’t even use).
        I wonder if it became better now with the new style.
        For example, the contacts app. Does it still have tabs that you cannot swipe between them?
        Also, I wonder if some features are available after going to AOSP rom. For example recording the screen . I’ve heard that because of closed drivers, AOSP roms developers find it very hard to make screen recording effective on Samsung devices.

        • _X_

          Yes the contact apps looks changed a little on the S5 but you cannot swipe between tabs…I think it is because if you swipe left or right in contacts you either call or message a person…
          TW is very nice on S5…go and play with a demo…toolbox is useful and everthing looks clean…

          • Android Developer

            You mean it’s still with the old tabs ?
            weird. I was sure they would have changed it by now. probably didn’t want to make people upset for it.

      • rubbaluvva

        touchwiz is ok but i prefer nova which i have on my s4 and it is so much faster

      • Jesus

        I have to agree with Touchwiz being one of the nicest UIs…. simply because it offers multi window, and it does it well.

      • Zach

        I agree, I removed the bloat on my Note 3 and rethemed the colors to match Holo and it is great!

    • _X_

      TW on S5 is not bad…they took away the cartoon icons and replaced them with neutral colours. They removed some S4 functions that was crap. TW on S5 has changed…its in the small details….I had a S2 and the S5’s TW feels new but similar. ..the CM mod on my S2 is useless…dont even use the phone.

      I like the new TW with its features and also G3’s UI and features but I have their apps! (Exept music player and email from Samsung) I just think it is crap from Samsung and LG to leave there olger models on the ugly UIs.

      Samsung needs a new design but I can live with the S5 for now…but S7 should look different otherwise I’ll consider LG

      • rubbaluvva

        i was thinking of installing the google edition rom on my s4 as i use nova but i wouldn’t want to lose the camera which is the biggest bug for me

    • the thing about motorola is everyone has it nowadays,so i won’t go for it

      • Luka Mlinar

        I think your thinking about Samsung :/

        • check in india,almost everyone one who is going to college has a mot g or moto e,mot has become a cheap brand like samsung

          • Luka Mlinar

            Samsung is many thing but they are not cheap. Also you can’t really base the market on India alone. The main problem of Motorola is their limited availability in the world. Outside the 10-15 places they sell their phones, you couldn’t get a Motorola to save your life.

    • Plamen Gergovski

      I cant agree more! The only difference imo is that the worst about HTC is their attempt to create a new/different camera module which is not working as it should be obviously :)

  • shamatuu

    I don’t have a favorite company per say i just use what i think fits my needs

  • Shark Bait

    Nokia (give them 2 years!!)

    right now though? HTC, they make beautiful phones

    • MasterMuffin

      I knew there’d be someone who would comment Nokia. Agreed!! :)

    • Xavier_NYC

      An HTC Nexus 6 would be great and I would def buy one but I think Moto is making the next Nexus phone.. 5.9″ incherrrrr which I’m not a fan of.

  • a+i

    i vote for lg, htc, moto, oneplus and xiaomi. lg has been doing good with its nexus line and lg g3 is a very good phone. but htc one m8 is s beast in the way it roars. moto’s features and bang for a buck is exploding for me. oneplus and xiaomi both have made me realised i dont have to pay a lot for high end phones

  • Anonymous

    I actually like Samsung just minus build material and software. Most of their hardware is top notch like the screen and camera. I would like to see htc fix their shitty cameras. They’re ok for wanting to get a decent picture in dark places but even in normal light it’s lack of detail and overexposed light sources are just too difficult to ignore. I currently have a G3 and my only gripes are the washed out viewing angles and the battery life. I do hope Motorola makes a flagship in the high end segment.

  • TeeHeeMuffin

    I’d say Sony is leading the pack by a little bit on the user experience of this year’s flagships. The Z2’s noise-cancelling tech is an awesome, useful feature and I love the idea of having a dedicated shutter button. It really takes away awkward touch-to-focus fiddling. I like the hefty, premium feel of their phones and think that in terms of build, only HTC’s M8 is comparable. Sony should retire their OmniBalance design though. It’s seriously getting old, and those bezels are driving me nuts.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Totally agree about Sony design. The screen is small bit the phone is huge= bezels too large

  • realist

    None..i buy what is best for me at the time..doesn’t matter if it’s some unknown chinese or a brand name :)

  • Remy Ortiz

    I’ve been an HTC lover since the Hero on Sprint. Yeah, that far ago. And I’ve always loved their design, HTC Sense, their cameras even. But the fact that they’re not in the tablet space and their cameras have taken a bit of a step back makes me sad. Their build quality and choice of materials are superb and battery life greatly improved from M7 to M8. I remember when they touted the fact that the camera module had its own processor. They need to get back to that and up the resolution. All they need to make the M9 better over the M8 is an 8MP UltraPixel camera with OIS using 5 elements of stabilization and more durable final elements on the back and front cameras. Otherwise, maybe shave a little bezel and you have a truly perfect phone. I can take the lack of Qi charging because it doesn’t add anything for me. And no removable battery is fine, so long as this battery lasts 1-2 days. I charge every day, anyway, so it’s no big deal to me. In 3 months of having the M8, I’ve only thought about wanting to swap a battery ONCE and as long as they keep the surprisingly quick charging, it’s nearly a non-issue. If only they had some smarter marketing, they’d be fine. They don’t EVER use big names to tout their products, yet they’ve picked Gary Old man (M8) and Robert Downey, Jr. (M7), which might be good on paper but were never good in practice.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      That’s not that far back. I’ve been a fan since the tilt.

  • I always like Samsung because of their AMOLED displays and I find Touchwiz has the perfect balance of looks and functionality because I think Sense is all about looks.

  • mjolnirxz

    I really do hope HTC can manage a comeback… I really like the One but their marketing is just not there… and as much as I like RDJ, that was a complete waste of money

  • Fabian Taveras

    I actually like Samsung I quite frankly don’t care if they use plastic. I personally like plastic more then metal because in most cases it’s more versatile and more durable to a degree and doesn’t get scratched as easily and plastic usually offers overall better grip. But at the end of the day plastic or metal we all put a case on the phone anyways. My biggest complaint about Samsung is touchwiz. It’s been largely untouched for years Samsung needs to give touchwiz a serious make over and make it an overall lighter UI.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      *More than not “more then… “. What’s going on with this trend recently? Is it something that I’m missing?

    • T.J.

      1. It’s not that they use plastic, it’s the type of plastic. Most phones are made of plastic, but most phones feel better than Samsung’s. How does Samsung consistently choose the worst plastic?
      2. I agree, touchwiz sucks.

  • Ryu

    The only android OEM I am rooting for would be OnePlus. They have quite a lot of problems, but I would love to them fix them and succeed for the long term. I’d say the best Android OEM overall at the moment would probably be LG since they are striking a balance for design with the G3, but I really only care about Nexus devices (and OnePlus), so I am not really “rooting” for them.

    Though, if Nokia released a high end Android device with an amazing camera, that would be awesome.

    • Romdude

      Not until they come up with better quality control, better availability and much much better warranty. Some poor suckers are stuck with yellowish tint phone (can be fixed with uv light at a nail salon) and poor return policy.

      • Ryu

        Hence why I said I am “rooting” for them. I want them to fix the problems they have and succeed. They are a startup company, so I never expected them to have the same qualities and support as a massive company like Samsung or LG. From what I can tell, they are learning from their mistakes and trying to fix them.

  • Alex James Simon

    I love Samsung phones, rocking the Galaxy S5 currently, but it depends what I feel is best on the market at the time of upgrading, I upgrade once a year, the last two Androids were both Nexus 7s 2012 and 2013, as I wanted to save money. It was definitely the beauty of the Galaxy S5’s Amoled display that swayed me over the M8, this year however. If my Nexus 7 2013 hadn’t of just stopped working all of the sudden I probably still would be using that. Just ended up in a bootloop randomly one day, never rooted it or anything.

    • Mike Bastable

      Surely you can get it repaired? The Nexus has a 2 year guarantee…

      • Alex James Simon

        Tried that, didn’t have the warrenty from best buy and when I tried sending it to google the both times I called they said they would send me an email, with the information where to send it, never once got that email…

  • Peerpressure

    I’ve owned Samsung, HTC, and LG phones (S4, One M7, and G2). I would rate them with HTC as my least favorite, and LG as the best. I’m rooting for LG, as I’ve been more impressed with my G2 than with any of the others. With the G3 out now, it would be nice to upgrade, but I don’t think about it like I did while on the S4 or HTC One.

  • DiZ

    Gone from HTC G1, Hero, Desire Z to a Galaxy S3 for last 2 years. Would love a HTC comeback but think I am going to buy a Z2 soon, maybe wait for Z3 release in hope of decent price drop

  • MasterMuffin

    Samsung’s biggest strength “Design and build quality” 19 votes, who seriously voted for that? :D

    • patrik

      Do you seriously think everyone has the same opinion? Come on dude.

      • MasterMuffin

        Are you seriously asking that, or are you just trying to sound smart? It’s called a joke

        • MeanDroid
          • Android Developer

            Hungry or angry? and how can you tell? he has sunglasses and a mustache that cover everything…

          • MasterMuffin

            I don’t know what this mustache is you’re talking about, but that’s my perfect pokerface, no feelings can be seen :)

          • Android Developer

            so you are probably hungry, otherwise a very different comment would have been written.
            want a muffin, perhaps?

          • MeanDroid
          • Android Developer

            “hangry” seem to be a slang.
            Sorry for not knowing of it, as English isn’t my main language, and I remember at school that this isn’t a real English word
            about the mustache, you are correct. I looked only on the small icon, but when I hover over it, it looks like he bites his bottom lips, probably holds himself from saying something (or maybe from eating a muffin, who knows…) . :)

    • _X_

      I like the feel of the S5’s back but not the look :/

  • Mike Bastable

    Glad to see LG scoring well. They have raised the bar significantly recently especially with the G2 /G3. Personally I have also experienced the extraordinary lengths they will go to to provide customer service and ensure end user satisfaction. They really deserve success.
    Their only failing is the inability to provide a uniform experience across their product range. Their priority should have been to get the G3 interface on all handsets as soon as possible, such initiatives breeds customer loyalty and it seems that only Apple understands this.
    So let’s hope they address this issue soon and continue to march on….

  • ETPhoneHomeT

    Hello Moto! They’ve been in the telecommunications business the longest and have always had solid build quality and great reception. Recent emphasis on user experience and bang for the buck is refreshing. Software is now on par with hardware and software innovations are actually useful. Most people that have actually owned and lived with one are satisfied customers. Moto X is perfect size for me. If I need something bigger, I use my tablet. X8 computing system is buttery smooth. People need to experience the phone and forget about specs. Hopefully they continue their current course and prosper under Lenovo.

  • I am rooting for Huawei. Maybe next time you do some polls, you can include the #3 smartphone manufacturer.

  • Dean Waller

    Tough one… But just that the list is so long is something to smile about… I love what Sony is doing with the compact range… It’s high time it was recognised that we don’t all want giant phones… I certainly don’t… But if I had to pick one?… Moto… I love the ideal behind what they’re doing, stock android, fast updates, excellent low cost phones.. My only two gripes are Moto x+1….why?…5.2″ screen.. Why? So many people LOVED the compact size married to a 4.7″ screen… Big mistake.. And B:availability.. Almost impossible to get one.

  • Schahid

    I currently own Xperia Z2 mainly due to its design, RAM and water resistance. But I’m a huge fan of LG G3 and will buy it any day over any other phone. LG is doing consistently well. Chinese brands and Motorola don’t matter to me due to their limited availability (I’m a resident in UAE).

  • Motorola won me over. Until they, or Lenovo does something with a negative outcome, my opinion won’t change.

    My Moto X has been solid for nearly a year now, and doesn’t have any signs of slowing down. Its features are all very useful for me, and if I were to switch to another phone, I’d be quickly seeking alternatives to Active Display, Touchless Control, Assist, etc. Oh, and the prompt updates to their software and to Android itself are a huge plus. Even if us Canadians are behind those in the U.S.

    I’ll echo my vote that I just wish Motorola did a better job with their marketing. No one really understood the phone. People saw the specs and ran for the hills. Even the guy at Rogers Wireless tried to talk me into a Nexus 5 or a Samsung instead of my Moto X. Had Motorola better educated the world, that may not have happened.

    • Romdude

      Agreed on the touchless control, big plus for them. It’s the only thing I wish my HTC One M7 had, the tap to wake I can easily install (procastinating here) if I wanted to with a new kernel. I’m seriously looking at the Moto X+1, don’t let me down Motorola!

  • Romdude

    Oneplus with the uncured screen and questionable return policy? No thanks. Better to pick up a Motorola X+1 when it comes out, at least that has always listening and customizable look, the wood backs look nice, too bad it’s not the whole phone. Until then, I’m sticking with my HTC One M7, sharp good screen and not too large. The LG G3 performs amazing though and has good battery life. What I won’t get again is a Samsung unless the Alpha has a good build and comes out with a developer version.

  • John Grabb


  • TechLover

    Things I love abt Samsung is the high specs, great display and availability. However, the overpacked load of useless features/bloatware and overloaded Touchwiz UI causing extremely severe battery drain issues as well as the bad design (S5) makes me prefer LG, which offers something similar in a less bloated UI and much better design.
    Things I love abt HTC would be a beautifully design, extremely streamlined UI (too stock-like :I wish they could have toggles and brightness slider like the Samsung notification bar and a stock email app that allows grouping of mail under subheaders like Samsung stock email app)

  • dandroid13

    Check all them metal hipsters here, so funny. LOL

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I support Samsung for now. I have a Note 3. But it might be my last one. Could be LG next. I love the G3.

    Moto needs more marketing and availability.

    Sony has sturdy design but gross bezels. Don’t know how you can vote for design as the strength.

    HTC bezels I also dislike. Altough I do think metal on it does look cool.

    I think samsung’s weakness is not specifically design or features. It more that it does not streamline and innovate in its design and software look. Touchwiz needs a makeover to something sleek and lighter on the system. My Note 3 looks nice but all samsung devices now basically looks the same.

  • Balraj

    For Samsung and Sony
    One’s advantage is the others disadvantage

    Btw at the end of the day, every single phone has a problem… And to be frank
    No one will want to make a perfect phone cause ppl will stop buying new ones
    So got to live with what we got

  • Sal

    Honestly LG has my support this year. Their G3 smart phone has to the most impressive looking phones to date with its quad hd, laser auto focus, sleek design, slimmer bezels, micro sd expansion slot, cleaner tone down UI compared to Samsungs touchwiz, refined button layout on the back and much more. I have never paid much to LG until their G2 which I liked thought the UI was hideous to look at. The G3 changes everything.
    I’m due for an upgrade soon so it going to be harder what I’ll ended up getting but the G3 is top for now that is until the Moto X+1 and nexus 6 are released.

    • Android Developer

      I don’t know about G3, but the G2 (or at least the first versions of its OS) has a quite weird UI.
      For example, in order to delete multiple items, I had to first choose delete, and then choose what to delete, while on any app that I know of, you first choose the items and then choose what to do with them.
      I hope Samsung became better in this too. I remember they had weird UI as well.

      • _X_

        People love the new G3 because LG redesigned the UI and thinks Samsung left TW the same as S4…while it is not a big departure from S4 TW to S5 like G2 to G3 but Samung took away some crap and gave it good software like toolbox, S Finder and ultra power saving mode. I know that the new TW use less ram and GB than the previous one…wonder if it is the same for LG G3?

        • Android Developer

          I don’t know. You can check it out if you want. Do you have the G3 ?

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Oh and a minus for Samsung is that updates take too long these days. Only the real newest phone gets it in reasonable time. Now that the S5 is out I’m guessing people with note 3’s have to wait longer, nevermind S4 users.

    That’s where Motorola really impressed me this year, fast as hell updates.

  • ichuck7

    I’m rooting for LG and HTC. and I’m rooting against Samsung.

    • Jerry Rich

      Good luck with that. You’re wasting your energy.

  • Will S.

    Samsung. Sure, the GS5 is underwhelming, and the many variants of phones like the GS3 is just plain trolling, but I still think they make the best Android devices, like the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab S.

  • MeanDroid
  • hey

    Uh, what about the Indian phone makers???

  • _X_

    I really dont know why people hate TW…people always follow the media….they see a article about TW and then decides to criticise it without actually owning a Samsung.
    I agree that some Samsung apps are useless like group cam and record but all the other features are nice…
    I have CM mod on my S2 and I miss a lot of features….like pinch to zoom.
    I use air waive with my music player….S Finder is amazing!!! Multi window is very nice! Auto adapt functions are nice to have…their power saving modes are awesome! Stay awake function works well. I enjoy my finger scanner. Beats typing in a password!
    Samsung should remove their apps but their email app and music player is very nice!
    I know TW on older Samsung phones look cartoonish but on S5 Samsung changed a lot of the look…it stills feel similar but new.

    I simply cant go back to Stock Android as my S5 offers sooooo much more….there are even articles where people want Samsung features in Stock Android! And LG lovers cant diss TW because LG’s UI on G3 like S5 is new and looks good but on the older models it is very…very…very ugly!

    • Android Developer

      I liked TW too, and miss some of features.
      “miss a lot of features….like pinch to zoom”
      -what is this? you can pinch to zoom on countless apps. Which feature are you talking about on TW that’s so special on doing it.
      “I use air waive with my music player…” – ummm, this, and almost all of the other features you’ve mentioned aren’t available on TW for SGS2…
      About their apps, I actually liked their: contacts, calendar, keyboard, camera, and maybe the gallery.

      • _X_

        Sorry…not pinch to zoom but tilt to zoom with fotos. Sorry I was typing fast and forgot to mention all the features are features I use on my S5…will edit now. Thanx. The new calendar on S5 is nice…especially the widget.Camera, contacts and keyboard I agree!

        I think Samsung will make enemies, friends if they filter down the new S5 UI to lessor models. TW really changed…its in the small details!

        • Android Developer

          What will you do when the support for SGS5 will end?
          I was quite annoyed that the support for my SGS3 ended before getting Kitkat, and found out that having an AOSP rom with Kitkat is still quite unstable and doesn’t have some features I was hoping to have: screen recording, screen casting, and MHL.

  • BZ

    Sony & OnePlus… kind of funny I say that when I have a Nexus 5

  • Android Developer

    Hey I have an interesting question:

    Take 2 companies of your choice to make the perfect smartphone.
    Which of them would you choose?

    • TDN

      Google and LG, oh wait they already made two.

      • Android Developer

        I meant 2 device-manufacturer companies…

  • Cal Rankin

    The thing I like the best about Sony is the great design an equally as good UI. Those phones are very sharp-looking (pun intended), and the UI is minimal, and it looks very clean. However, their pricing and availability in the US is horrible, considering the value you get for the specs (I would not pay $400 for a phone with budget specs like a low-rez screen, old CPU, and only 8GB of storage).
    I’m definitely rooting for Motorola. The user experience and low price are fantastic, especially because I love vanilla Android. The extra features Motorola took care to add are fantastic, and I love the low price for a Moto X.

  • Julien B

    Oneplus & Motorola for me

  • Prestaeus

    Honestly, I am a Nexus user. Any handset or tablet that has been vetted by Google gets my dollars. The exception would be the Note Pro 12.2, which is a Samsung device. HTC would be my second favorite.

  • sanvlagan

    Anybody willing to buy a Oneplus One invite?

  • The-Sailor-Man

    I’m shocked !!!!!! Wow

    How HTC could have 90% positive on “Design and build quality” ???LOL.lol lol

    Only explanation is- the regular iboys here spoiled the votes here again.
    Please AA , stop with this USELESS polls. It’s pathetic.

    • Gary W

      Another explanation is: Android users truly feel this way

  • Noel Kelly

    Voted LG overall… The honeymoon period of my Nexus 5 just keeps on going, not sure if it’ll ever end at this point!

  • Arturo Raygoza

    I support whoever makes the nexus, right now, lg

  • rdeleonp

    In the Nexus world, rooting for a specific OEM is irrelevant.

    The devices are pure Google and the OEMs are all pretty much like Foxconn.

  • Say What?

    I am in the process of transitioning to LG from Samsung for a major reason. Samsung radios tend to be weaker than most of the other brands. All of my Samsung phones pulled in a much weaker signal (in bars and dbm’s) than my LG counterparts. Even when it said they didn’t sometimes my data wouldn’t work if I wasn’t in a really strong area. Don’t get me wrong, I like every other aspect of Samsung Phones except for this one major issue. I love the design of most HTC phones also. I’m still waiting for them to release a good Phablet at around the 5.7 to 6 inch size with a MicroSD slot and today’s high end cpu. The HTC One Max is close but only has a 1.7ghz processor. They need to watch Samsung and LG’s moves if they really want to be a player in this competitive market.

  • Akhil Krishna

    Micromax. Because Android one is going to be launched with Micromax

  • LGfan

    LG for the win!
    Just needs slightly better services and it’s perfect (:

  • rubbaluvva

    i like Samsung but wont be going for another when my contract is up as i am sick to death of them bitching at apple and vice versa apple is just as bad as Samsung so i will be switching to Sony as they don’t really bitch at anyone and just get on with building good hardware and now they seem to have learned about making piss poor software which was their biggest fault a few years ago and have stuck to pure android more or less they rock.

  • Jake Wrigley

    Don’t know how people can like LG… I had an LG g pad 8.3 and thought it would be alright. Boy was I wrong. It’s just a terrible imitation of Samsung’s touchwiz and it was extremely sluggish for that matter. I know they have overhauled it but I’m still not a fan. My decision to replace it with a tab pro 10.1 was the best decision of my life.
    And Samsung is the downright king of Android imo.

    • GW

      If that’s the best decision of your life… god help you.

  • Love sony design features

  • YuuriAyano

    Really rooting for Sony this year!!! HTC as well!

  • Thaddeus Brown

    Got a Note 3 but I’m rooting for the dog that brought me to the Android Game. Hello Moto.

  • John Zakaria

    Sony is very weak in their CAMERA software the 20.7 MP doesn’t seem to be a strong sensor with that sh*t software
    Although it is !

  • King Boo

    Oppo find 7 FTW

  • Altan jack

    no one can find a real weakness with lg, it is the best oem, and I’m happy that most people in this post see that

  • murak

    thl is a Chinese company that lately has started to focus on large batteries, a feature that I personally think is overlooked. Check out my quick review of the thl 5000: http://m.imgur.com/a/j5Jho

  • Jesus


  • Max

    I was very debated between Sony and LG, and eventually I voted for Sony. I also like the way HTC is designing its flagships, stating from M7, but I don’t like their customer satisfaction policy (in the recent past they abandoned several high end models). I truly hope Samsung to be dethroned … But I know it’s not going to happen any soon.

  • TDN

    I have only had LG devices on Android, even two of my feature phones were LG. I also like what Motorola is starting to bring to the party. I also support Samsung despite the general hate towards them.

  • itzvarma

    Sony for life !!