We are less than a month out from the official release of Android Lollipop and clearly everyone is very excited. Earlier today, some preview builds of Lollipop were released for the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7. Naturally, we used those to make a quick look video so you can see Android Lollipop in all of its glory before it comes out officially. Keep reading for our initial thoughts or watch the video above to see them.

Android Lollipop
The first things anyone will notice upon their first use of Android Lollipop are the changes of the UI. Everything has sort of a flow to it that makes the operating system feel downright fantstic. Every little thing from the app drawer opening to Settings menu selections have animations. The notifications and notification dropdown bar have also been revamped with a similar fluidity in mind. When it’s all added up, the whole thing lends itself to a very flowing, organic, almost watery feel that makes prior version of Android seem clunky by comparison.

Android Lollipop notifications
The notification drop down has been dramatically redesigned. You can pull down the bar as usual to check notifications. You can then pull down a second time to access the redesigned quick settings or you can use the button at the top right as always. In the quick settings menu, you can swipe up to return to your notifications or tap the button a second time view the device users. Much like the UI described above, the entire process feels very fluid. Once you get used to it, it’s a much faster system than it used to be.

Notifications also got an overhaul. When you access your volume (by pressing the volume buttons), you can now access Priority Settings that allow you to manage which notifications reach you and when. You can also view notifications on your lock screen and deal with them as you so choose. When things like phone calls come in, they’re a lot less intrusive than they were on prior version of Android and you can decide what to do about the phone call without interrupting your current task if you’re in a full screen app. We liked that a lot.

Android Lollipop
In the Settings, you’ll notice a few things that weren’t there before. Options like Printing, Tap & Pay, Cast (under Display), and Users all have dedicated sections in the Settings menu so you can access and tweak those settings and features as you need. There is also a new battery saver mode which reportedly helps you save a bunch of battery time by throttling your device and turning off unnecessary features.

That’s about all we looked at during our hands on (along with the awesome Easter egg). For more facts about Android Lollipop, including the under-the-hood things, you can check out our Android Lollipop – What you need to know guide.

Joe Hindy
Hi everyone! I'm Joe Hindy the Android Authority app guy!
  • sean

    It’s gorgeous and smooth! I have it running on my Nexus 7 and it’s breathing new life into this device! Love it! Animations are beautiful and smooth. Multitasking is fluid and smooth. SMOOTH

    • JSo

      I read that the app drawer on the Nexus 7 is black instead of white. Is that true?

      • Guest

        It’s not the launcher as on Nexus 5.Same boring launcher since Android 4.0

        • JSo

          Oh, maybe that’s what the comment I read meant. lol

      • sean

        It’s only white when you download Google Now Launcher

    • AbbyZFresh

      Which Nexus 7? The 2012 or 2013 one?

      • JSo

        I don’t believe there are images for the 2012 version. So I assume it’s the 2013

      • Francisco J Quintana

        Images for 2013 but 2012 will be updated sometime in november :D

        • DevonHallefn

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    • Jose Romero

      Have you found ANY stutter in the animation? Not even once?

      • Sean

        No stutters. Smooth and fluid… Which is remarkable since it’s just a preview and not the finished version.

        • Jose Romero

          Hopefully updates don’t f it up, sometimes they do.

          • Michael Samsara

            Now, now Jose – don’t be a spoil sport! lol Let Joe and others at least wax poetic, revel in the revelation of things most wonderful and salutary if not salubrious in its effect for a but a moment – undoubtedly some rain may fall on this parade, but apparently such is not yet the case mon ami!

          • Jose Romero

            Lol what did I say. I just said hopefully updates don’t mess up the animation smoothness. Maybe you read it in the wrong tone?

          • Michael Samsara

            No, No – I didn’t really think you were being negative. You were merely pointing out what often does happen. I know. I was merely having fun – as is often – if not always – my wont to do when I post. I agree with you actually – sometimes they – that’s the big all knowing, faceless “they” incidentally – don’t know when to leave well enough alone or that if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.

          • Avi

            I can tell you when I bought my nexus 7 original it was smooth. However after the new updates not so much.. Even 4. 3 was laggy on it

    • Tjaldid

      2 questions

      1 is the transparent Nav-bar standard?
      2 is knock to unlock included?

      • Ishaan Tiwari

        The OEMs that provide knock to unlock will continue the support,like LG G2, G3, HTC M8,etc
        The transparent Nav- bar is standard

  • Zikang Feng


  • Giorgi Gogashvili

    Android Lollipop “Click All the things” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHlgy4aYvVE

  • Jayfeather787

    Looks fantastic. Gonna install now.

  • Jers

    Anyone a link to that wallpaper, ’cause it looks gorgeous and I want it on my One.

  • Cc

    And oems will mess up everything again :(

    • AbbyZFresh

      They can’t mess it up at this point. Even they have to admit Material Design so far looks stunning.

      Even Samsung took note of some of Material Design in the Note 4 when switching from one app to another.

  • Emmanuel

    There’s still one thing I’m skeptical about. The Android Lollipop is now a more consistent experience… BUT…I do hope developers wont destroy this by being so stubborn in updating and respecting the new design guidelines. I don’t want this new experience to be limited only to when I use stock apps and be broken when I start opening 3rd party apps with all the old design language. Google had done their part and now it’s up to developers to complete this experience.

    • doode

      Absolutely. Honestly when it comes to overhauls like this Google should step up and give a time window of compliance. Anything past that the app get pulled from the market.

      • Toss3

        That would be fantastic!

      • Lhadalo

        Well that may be a little bit harsh.

      • Abideen

        While some may think this is harsh, it should definitely be an implemented. This will be a change for the better and a consistent user experience.

  • Kishore Venktesh

    Wow… so the easter egg for Android Lollipop is a flappy bird game? interesting

    • Toss3

      It’s fucking impossible to play though :D

      • Kishore Venktesh

        Really? I’ll try it out once it comes on my OnePlus One

        • Toss3

          I’ve only gotten past the first set of lollipops :D

  • Siddhu

    WOWSOME is the best app for your Lollipop. Augment your lollipop to enrich your mobiles and you.

  • Will Ś.

    Wow that’s beautiful!

  • Daniel Da Costa

    the guy from the video have a microsoft sidewinder x4 keyboard…

  • Tjaldid


  • iTriune

    Android L looks great. Can’t wait it updates to this on my OPO.

  • José A. Medina

    only one question: should i load the preview on my nexus 5 or wait until the update, fellow novice over here!

  • jmahr1127

    Best feature: flappy bird comes installed

  • Krasimir Argirov

    Lollipop looks great, but isn’t it strange that Google “forgot” to update “Android System” icon with material design as everything else..?

  • san q

    Can’t wait for the nexus. 6 I trust the developers who are truly fans of android will jump in this right away.. Apps like facebook n instagram not so much

  • notanewb

    My only problem is I have quite a few games that only run on Dalvik. Some of them (Square Enix!) were quite expensive. It would really be a shame if I could never play them again.

  • sahil

    Android Lollipop 5.0 Detailed preview with Hidden Features : Check it out


  • sahil

    Android Lollipop 5.0 Hidden Features : Check it out


  • TheSony/AppleFanatic

    I like how the animation when you swipe beyond the options, aka androids version of Apple’s “Bounceback” moves to where your finger is. Nice touch.