Android L Torch – Indie app of the day

by: Joe HindyJuly 16, 2014

Android L Torch review

What is Android L Torch

This very simple application is a torch app that is themed in the style of Android L. With Android L being all the rage right now, it makes sense that someone would do a torch app in that style so people can feel and see the theme. It features a few themes and after a rocky start, seems to be working better.

Okay so here’s how the app works. You open the application and it’ll begin scrolling a colorful background image. When the torch is one the scrolling background shows daylight and when it’s off the background changes to night. It looks very slick and seems to work well enough. The free version is ad supported and you can change the background if you prefer.

The paid version removes the advertisements and adds a few more backgrounds that get randomly used when you open the application. It’s $1.99 which isn’t a bad price if you’re really into torch apps and you really hate advertisements. Most people will get more than enough enjoyment out of the free version.

Android L Torch screenshot

It's a torch app that does torch things.

  • Since the latest update it seems to be working on more devices now.
  • The background scroll effect is actually quite enjoyable and the number of themes gives you something different to look at.
  • There is a free version that contains the core features. No free/paid bait and switching.
  • Not sure why it needs microphone permission.
  • May still be buggy for some people.
  • No widgets which we feel is a mortal sin when it comes to torch apps.
The bottom line is that this is a fairly basic torch app with a little bit more sleekness than you’d see in other torch apps. We don’t like that it doesn’t come with a widget but everything else about it seems to be pretty good.
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  • iANDROID8.1

    oh dat MTK style signal icons on a Nexus phone though xD

  • monkey god

    So note to any app developer out there. If you want to increase your app download rate by 500%, just include the phrase “Android L” in the title.

    • MasterMuffin

      Yup :D And who would actually buy this? I don’t need my torch app to show beautiful background, all it needs to do is turn the torch on and off. There are plenty of free alternatives that do their job. There are way too many torch and calculator apps on Google Play, probably because they’re really easy to do and everyone wants some app money >:|

      “When the torch is one the scrolling background shows” on? :)

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        • Jayfeather787

          fuck off

  • Preben Nielsen

    Sorry to have to say it but…. ugly app!