Android L developer preview ported to the Nexus 4

by: Robert TriggsJuly 7, 2014
moto x vs nexus 4 aa design n4 back design

After Android L was unveiled at the Google I/O 2014 keynote, the developer preview was only officially made available only for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013), leaving other Nexus owners rather disappointed.

Given the popularity of the Nexus 4, and the recent release of some of Android L’s code, it was just a matter of time until the Android developer community found a way around the problem, which is exactly what a group over at XDA has managed to accomplish. Nexus 4 owners can now flash the Android L Preview, just as you would a custom ROM, and can finally try out the new look and features for themselves.

Since the initial release, other notable developers have lent some assistance and to patch up the handset’s camera, NFC, and bluetooth, and even superuser is now working correctly. Although, there still may be the odd bug or two present, so proceed with caution. You can see a video of Android L in action on the Nexus 4 in the video below.

We have enjoyed our time playing around with Android L, but wouldn’t recommend that most users consider it suitable for daily use over the long term, as there are still a number of issues with this preview build. Even so, it might still be worth a quick look to see what all the fuss is about.

For the full installation instructions, notes, and download links, check out the original thread here. If you are unwilling to mess around with recoveries and whatnot, remember that the Nexus 4 will receive the finalized version of Android L later in the year.

  • cpaixao

    Nexus 4 is such an incredible device! I bought it at launch (almost 2 year ago) and its sports awesome so far :D
    I think I will wait for final version of Android L before flashing it on N4. Now I am poking around with SailfishOS then I’ll go to Ubuntu!

    • Yep the Nexus 4 is awesome. And still one of the best and most beautiful Android Phones :D

      • Jesus

        please tell me what makes it so beautiful. I have one, but don’t consider it “very beautiful” … It’s Ok. Nice and shiny back . But not 0MG beautiful.

        • I can’t discribe it really. But that sexy glass backcover, the display size and the nexus feeling just fit perfectly for me. And I still haven’t found a phone which can replace my Nexus 4. And I already run Android L on it which the most other phones will never get. :D

        • Ronak Chauhan

          And if you have a carbon fiber vinyl cover for the back from, the Nexus4 looks and feels sexy. Best investment towards my phone.

          • Joshua Kelly

            YUP I have an M8 now and I still think my N4 was the best looking device ever ESPECIALLY with the black carbon fiber back, even the white one looked amazing. The Nexus 4 was the phone I felt most comfortable with to this day beating out my Moto X AND M8. You can’t beat 25$ a month on Verizon though so I had to make the switch (Don’t get too excited, It’s an employee line lol)

    • Limon Kibria
      • cpaixao

        Thanks, mate! But with 8GB for my music library, theres not enough storage for 2 OS at the same time.

        • Limon Kibria

          Well you are not listening to all of them at once.
          Transfer half of them to your PC!

          Whats the meaning of owning a N4 if you dont play around. I currently have 3 OS in mine. Downloading L preview too for trying.

          • cpaixao

            Thanks! I use to shuffle it, of course. Maybe when I get my next device which will likely have 64Gig =)

          • jaZzyjeff818

            Not likely if you intend to stay with Nexus lol

    • Just make sure you have a wall plug close…the battery sucks >:(

      • cpaixao

        I don’t mind doing 1 charge per day. It is enough

      • milagroful

        It really does, but its not alone. Wheres the next step in battery tech.

    • droid123maverick

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  • person

    YES!!!!!! This is amazing! Great job guys!

  • Mr. Nobody

    Android L reminds me a little of HTC sense 5

    • Jesus

      cool story bro