Android L experience added to Nova Launcher

by: Erik EggersJuly 11, 2014

The Android L Developer Preview launched on June 26th and with any developer preview, there are possible bugs. The developer preview may not be stable enough to be a daily driver, but that doesn’t stop you from experiencing certain elements from Android L. After having the new features in beta, TeslaCoil Software has updated their popular Android launcher, Nova Launcher. The recent update for Nova has added new customization features to give you the ability to have an Android L look and feel.

The launcher allows you to add a search bar that is in the same style as the search bar in Android L. You can even change the app drawer icon to resemble the white one in Android L. With Nova, you have had the ability to change the style of the folders on your home screen and now you can change it to resemble the line style in L. To add to the Android L experience, you can even customize the app icons with icon packs such as Moonshine that is designed with a focus on Material Design.

This is a great way to experience some elements from Android L and have a stable version of Android on your device. Ultimately, the best way to experience Android L is to well, install it on a Nexus device.

The new features include:

  • “L” style folder preview (Settings > Folders > Folder Preview > Line)
  • “L” style app animation (Settings > Look and Feel > App Animation > Slide Up)
  • “L” style search bar (Settings > Desktop > Persistent Search Bar > L, or long-press on the quick search bar widget and select Edit)
  • “L” style app drawer icon (Long-press on the app drawer icon and select Edit then tap the icon and select the opaque white icon under Built-in)
  • Fixes and optimizations

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  • Guest

    What icon pack are you using, if I may ask?

  • Rocky
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  • Nick Xie

    What wallpaper is this?

  • grunge

    why not in video to show the L effects??

  • Was looking for something like this before :D thanks ya Android Authority

  • Tình yêu Trong sáng
  • Bruce

    Tried them all and reverted back to the JB/KK look. I don’t think this really works piecemeal.

  • csdordor

    Root your phone. Install Xposed Module, install X-Gels and there you go, Android Google Experience launcher with a lot of customizations.

  • Victor_Creed

    Looks great on my Z1 Compact

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    • walg

      may I know how to change the navigation bar to be the triangle, circle and square?

  • TDN

    Apex has also updated to include some L features.

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