Android “L” to adopt localized app permissions?

by: Edgar CervantesJune 25, 2014

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Google completely changed the meaning of “the L word” this morning, at least for tech enthusiasts and geeks. Android’s next letter upgrade is said to be the largest update yet, bringing a whole new design language, performance/battery improvements and a plethora of other upgrades.

The Android L announcement and demo probably took the longest of all announcements. We know most main features and design aspects, but there are many details to uncover. The guys at XDA Developers have been digging enough to find a very interesting screenshot.

This image displays what looks like a localized app permission, which is a technique very similar to Apple’s in iOS. While we are still unsure, some assume we are looking at the Unified Data Controls Google talked about during the keynote.


The idea here is that this could be the first time Android will ask you for localized permissions, instead of general ones. In the case of location settings, we usually get the option of turning GPS on when we access navigation, for example.

The difference is that this permission window seems to be exclusive for the Maps app, meaning we may soon be able to turn on location settings only for the app at hand. Gladly, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out the whole truth. The Android L Developer Preview will be available tomorrow. You can bet developers will start deconstructing it right away!

  • BZ

    Signed up as an Android Developer back in 06 if not mistaken and been following Android ever since and with this change of going from names like “Kit Kat” to “L” it shows how much mature Android is today and I’m sure they want to display that. They sort of let go of how people perceive their culture by letting Samsung do pretty much whatever they with the android name but it seems they are back in control of how people perceive their brand. Very happy with today’s event.

    • Axel

      Nah, I think they called it “L” because this a developer OS. Google is just on it’s way to get another sponsor with an “L” or based on the devs response, the will name it with whatever candy with an “L” (Lollipop, Lime Pie, etc).

      • Crutchcorn

        What about Lemonhead? Lemon drop?

        • Tom O’Neill

          Or Lion, since they searched for chocolate in the vid about the new design language, hehe.

          • Crutchcorn


        • shonangreg

          Nothing related to “lemon” would do. “Lemons”, like it or not, are associated with cars that are habitually broken from the start.

          • Crutchcorn


  • Ste

    This would be great. It’s something that I really miss from ios

  • smokebomb

    I’d like an update solely devoted to battery life.

  • Android Developer

    I’d like to have the option to let it get the location , but an estimated one instead of GPS , meaning using wifi, cell towers etc…
    This way, apps that I think that don’t need to use the GPS, won’t use it and consume battery for no reason.