Did Google inadvertently give us the first public screenshot of Android 4.4 KitKat?

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 20, 2013


Earlier this month, Google dropped a bombshell on all of us, revealing that the next version of Android wouldn’t be 5.0 Key Lime Pie – but instead Android 4.4 KitKat. Since then, we’ve not only learned that the OS will likely arrive in October, but it is also possible that KitKat will support 64-bit processors.

Today brings yet another hint as to what the future holds with KitKat, as a screenshot of the next version of Android might have been inadvertently posted to the web by Google itself.

Considering the screenshot was uploaded directly by Google, we can say that this screenshot is more than likely a legit look at KitKat (or a really mean prank from Mountain View..)

The image in question was first spotted by Android Police, in a screenshot posted on Google Play for the new version of the Korean Google Keyboard.

As you’ll notice in the screenshot above, gone are the blue icons and clock font in the status bar, replaced by a light gray color scheme.

There’s also a new debug icon, which is represented by a piece of Key Lime pie. Why not a KitKat? Remember that Google originally was using the KLP name internally, and so the icon probably hasn’t been updated yet.

Considering the screenshot was uploaded directly by Google, we can say that this screenshot is more than likely a legit look at KitKat (or a really mean prank from Mountain View..). The idea of a new color scheme isn’t way out in left field either, as previous rumors have suggested that the next version of Android might see significant changes to the Android UI.

There have even been a few rumors claiming that Android 4.4 might allow customizable colors in the status bar, though take that claim with a grain of salt.

This is just the beginning, ladies and gents! We have no doubt that Google has plenty of other great changes and pleasant surprises in store for us with the upcoming KitKat release of Android.

  • Charlie Val

    October 7. Mark my words.


    • MasterMuffin

      You’re almost as genius as the guy who said that next Android version will be Kit Kat in April :D If this comes true, AA should mention your name/have a screenshot on the first article they make about Kit Kat after the unveiling!

      • YoungHermit

        Your profile pics looks a lot better now :3

        • MasterMuffin

          Thanks, someone actually noticed xD

          • samsparkin

            Liked the old profile pic more

          • MasterMuffin

            When I created my account, I just chose the most random picture that I found from an app called Sms rage something. I thought I would change it soon, but well I didn’t. Now I wanted to change it, but I had started to like it so I had a problem because I wanted to do something about it. Moarh colors and I’m happy :)

          • YoungHermit

            It blends well with you shirt (Please don’t call me Captain Obvious) :P

    • Luka Mlinar

      That would be a nice slam dunk! :D

    • Maher Salti

      I think it is September 28th! So this Saturday..

      source: See this and make your own assumptions :)


    • TjaldidTjaldid

      you were Wrong!!!

  • Eric Rosario

    Android updates don’t even matter to the “average” person because unless you use custom ROMS you can’t legitimately upgrade the OS. That’s a huge reason I switched to iPhone. I got tired of using an Android phone with a 4 year old OS on it.

    • JW

      Buy a phone once every 4 years. Problem solved.

      • smokebomb

        My Nexus 4 may very well be the first phone ever that I decide to keep for more than 2 years. I’m approaching the end of year one in November but 4.4 comes out before then. It’ll almost be like getting a new phone anyway.

    • Ryan Wallace

      Cool story bro.

    • tehsouthpaw

      Nexus. Problem solved…again.

      • Ray

        yeah I read a review from someone who tried to switch to android from iOS and reported that they found the HTC apps too crappy or something. I told them to get a nexus or GPE phone if they dont wanna bother with rooting, finding apps etc for the optimum experience.

        • tehsouthpaw

          Honestly, I’ve always found comparing OEM-specific Android and iOS to be rather unfair. Apple controls both their hardware and software. Comparing that to Google controlled software and Samsung , LG, Moto, etc controlled hardware is an invalid comparison. You have to compare it to a Google controlled hardware/software combo (aka the Nexus line). Any other comparison, and I’m not even listening. I’d like to see Apple try to control an unlimited number of OEMs and keep them all up to date. It’s just an impossibility.

          • smokebomb

            That’s how I’ve always viewed it. Phones made by Samsung, HTC, LG, Oppo, Motorola (before Google bought them) etc. with custom skins are products of those companies, not Google. The only phones that can actually be called Google’s own are GPE and Nexus phones. GPE phones are Google’s to a lesser degree than the Nexus line since Google has no input on how they’re built.

      • Truthisalie

        only if you live in US or maybe UK too but other parts of world nope , no nexus or not easy to find . After 6 months it was released in india.

        • Solmund Oland

          It was released here in Norway just a couple of weeks after the US launch. It haven’t been running out of stock since then, either.

      • It’s actually didn’t solve here’s why
        – I need phone that is highly optimised, always has update, bug fixed and more
        – And thanks HTC and Samsung both offer Google Edition phone but the price is almost as iPhone and it’s not actually optimised so I rather choose iPhone ;)

        • Abdel Aziz Farhi

          Android might not be as optimized as iOS but it compensates that with powerful hardware on devices such as S4 or HTC’s One. I’m sure next Android updates will focus more on optimization and this won’t be a problem in a while.

          • Even if they optimized their OS they still can’t top in iOS, optimization is not just about the OS alone it’s about the whole ecosystem, the fastest and responsive Apps in all smartphone is only in iOS, responsive screen is only in iOS, software and hardware integration only in iOS and those S4 and HTC One they need to wait a bit longer before Google release Android that support 64 bit chip to compete in performance and acceleration and we already know that Apple only bring half specs compare those other products and yet they’re on top.

          • amartya baidya

            What was that bull shit about a 64 bit processor again?Pray give us an example how apps run faster on the 64 bit environment?

          • Do your own search dude.

          • Abdel Aziz Farhi

            It is about the OS. everything Apple uses in its devices is Samsung made. I don’t think that Samsung isn’t able to put more powerful chips in its devices then those that Apple has in its phones. It is about the OS and a little bit about app developers who have less phones and OS versions to optimize their apps to, unlike Android’s case.

          • Actually Samsung already did adding powerful chip if you compare specs, but it’s not about the specs Apple broke it.

          • Abdel Aziz Farhi

            Well its a matter of time before Android fixes the optimization issue. By then Apple will not have anything left to convince people to buy its products.. More money for old less powerful chips. smaller screens and an OS that lacks the basics.. I have 2 Android phones. an old Galaxy Note and an S4.. My old Note can do everything a new iPhone 5S can do and more! not to mention the S4 which has so many features over my old Note.

          • You made me laugh :D, every smartphone phone almost can do what other can but the real question is, is your phone can over power vs the other phone? did you see some benchmark test iPhone vs S4? (don’t cry if you found out), smaller screen is not an issue, Apple is not idiot to release without studying world market, did you ever had a chance to study world market? of course not, did you know why still many company release mini version? still a big not.

            Back to main topic, sorry to copy your comment “My old Note can do everything a new iPhone 5S”
            – Is your note 2 can take as crisp and clear as iPhone 5S camera?
            – Is your note 2 can run Apps as fast as iPhone 5S?

            Let me know if you need more and don’t tell me your note 2 can add widgets, customize and add launcher.

          • Abdel Aziz Farhi

            My Note has a 5.3 inch AMOLED screen that is so big that your entire iPhone can fit into the screen. Capable of sending files via Bluetooth and has FTP ability which are things ur iPhone will never do. my Note has an SD card slot that supports up to 64 GB of storage space + the internal 16 GB . My Note has a built in Stylus that i use for drawing, taking notes, browsing web and playing some games, My note can have the look of any OS out there that i want thanx to launchers, i can add widgets and shortcuts to everything, In addition to all that . replaceable battery.. much cheaper and i get to run the latest version of Android OS if i want thanx to custom ROMs.. as for the Camera, my S4 beats the crap out of your iPhone’s camera.. All that with tons of features that you can’t even think of.. Live with it bro. iDevices suck hard and thos who buy them are ether blind, don’t know anything about what a smartphone should be capable of or Apple extremists.

          • Every person in the world knows your note 2 has a gigantic screen and AMOLED ( Samsung screen there’s nothing new about that)
            Capable of sending files via Bluetooth and has FTP ability which are things ur iPhone will never do
            – You need to search first before you open your month, do you ever heard of AirDrop?

            My Note has an SD card slot that supports up to 64 GB of storage space + the internal 16 GB
            – Apple know’s the future, SD Card? lol look at other company did they use SD Card? NO, Nexus 4, Moto X, HTC One, Google Pixel it’s time for cloud services as I said in my previous comment, be happy being abandon.

            My note can have the look of any OS out there that i want thanx to launchers
            – Once again, did you have by chance read my comment above, the don’t tell me portion? Launcher and Widgets lol, let me clear you my point as an Android user I only use Launcher once, no Widgets, Installed custom ROM once and after a few days I decided to revert back to stock version the only and main reason “OS UPDATE”

            S4 beats the crap out of your iPhone’s camera
            – Creeping thrill, I hope you know what you’re talking, you need two phone vs just the single iPhone? your S4 is behind 24 months(for me) in terms of Camera compare to iPhone 5S

            Final word:
            – Open your mind and do a research, hey I do a research for you feel free to open those links below ;)
            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhsQFKrNnNw (Speed test)
            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk6U12w5hXg (Speed test)
            http://www.anandtech.com/show/7335/the-iphone-5s-review/7 (Benchmark test)

            Let me know if you need more, don’t cry if you found out the speed and benchmark test ;)

    • Bradley Bertrim

      I really dislike how people automatically dismiss statements, or write them off, because they shed a positive light on Apple/iPhone. This is an incredibly valid point and a big problem in the Android ecosystem and should be addressed. I have a friend with an iPhone 4 and he got the update to iOS 7 the day before the 5s and 5c were released. I own a Galaxy Note 2 and another friend has a Galaxy S3 and android 4.3 is no where in sight with the stock OS and probably will never be released. Personally I root and flash a custom ROM but I am far from the average user.

      This is the one of the few areas where Apple trumps Android. Their ecosystem is solid, it just works and they don’t let the carries leverage/abuse OS updates.

      • DrewNusser

        Having a 4 year old OS is a serious problem? How many people are really running around with android 1.6? The sick thing is that your friend’s iPhone 4 with the brand new iOS 7 still can’t do half the stuff Android could back in 2010, so what’s the point of that argument? Still no Siri, still no turn-by-turn, still no real file system, no FTP access, no widgets, no launchers, no live wallpapers, no real multitasking, etc. All the “that’s why I switched” stories are silly to me when that is their basis. Seriously, go with smoothness, Apple integration, or screen size preference – something where the iPhone actually can have an edge.

        • viaimages

          the disease is called “update envy” ~ the cure is realizing that most Android devices don’t need to be updated to the latest version. Custom ROM’s are not for everyone, most have something missing like no camera but you get the latest OS version number and that’s all that counts to these type of people

        • The most and only reason people choose Android is Widgets and launcher really? if you can root Android phone they can also jailbreak iOS and that provide you more functionality.

          The 4 years old is a bit right give me lists of company who do provide update in their device with the new OS? only Google the creator of Android can provide you system update in short only Nexus device.

      • Abdel Aziz Farhi

        Because everything is Apple Made. Google can’t just force carries and brands to release updates because most of these brands have custom skins and tons of features to add which takes time and effort and doesn’t always go well because of different hardware components. Not to mention that each brand has hundreds of phone models to update not like Apple which has only 5 phones.. It is a very complicated ecosystem that Android has. but its also why Android is better in so many people’s opinions. You get to chose which phone suits you the most. Size. Color. Price. Brand. Hardware. and almost everything you can think of.

    • viaimages

      Dude, if you had Cupcake, Donut, or Eclair (all 4 yr old Android OS’s) on your phone, I can understand why you changed to an iphone

    • jaime

      biatch plz…

    • Markuzy

      I don’t think you’ll keep your iphone for 4 years too

    • Marsg

      Choices man, its all about the choices. If you want a Android phone that is always up to date with a good user experience go with a Nexus device, if you want a phone that’s music/media centered get a HTC One, if you want a phone with a shiz load of cool features and a beautiful display get a galaxy s4, you can even get waterproof devices (xperia z, galaxy s4 active), devices with 1″ camera sensors (xperia z1), devices that have active digitizers, big or small displays, ones with dedicated voice commands, etc…… With the Apple ecosystem you have no choice but to buy a iPhone even if it doesn’t have the best sounding speakers or music output, or the best camera, or the best display, sure its reliable and a joy to use if the only things you do with your phone include Facebook, txt messaging and light web browsing.

  • Bren Aviador

    What’s that pie-shaped thing on the corner?

  • George Av


  • Man on a Tram

    the white status bar icons!!!

    I’m Hopeful!

    • Don’t hope to much you may disappoint again like what they did in 4.3 update, we think and hoping for the so called Key Lime Pie update and yet they only bring few updates in OpenGL and Bluetooth Low Energy(I’m not saying those are not a great features)

  • Jean-Claude

    The WiFi signal looks identical to the one from honeycomb.

  • mamemame187

    I hope they keep the pie debug =D

  • n11

    A few things that could be improved on in my experience.

    -The multitasking is a little lonely. Add some options to make it interesting. ie, add an option/button while viewing your running apps to run two programs to run side-by-side, an option to “end all”, etc… There is much potential here.

    -Allowing GPS be turned on automatically by some applications, like google maps! I don’t like leaving my GPS on all the time so it would be nice if a trusted app like gmaps could just enable it once I decide a certain route so I don’t have to enter another menu, accept, go back, then start the voyage.

    -Voice improvements, even moto X works ok, but I’d like more comprehension and maybe some alternatives to saying “ok google now”. “Ok g-now”, “Ok g-box”, “Ok Cortana”, etc… Let me type it so you know the sound, then lets do a five minute training session so you understand my voice well.

    -Other stuff(!)

  • Sunny

    Android should have 2 version of software.LTE version ,freeware,just basics.Full version,with optimization for nominal fee.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hopefully the status bar colors will be customizable. The gray is kind of dull and how will you know when Google services is connected/synced (the blue showed that)?

    The gray probably will fit better with the move to Holo Light though, in KitKat. Anyway, custom ROMs will let you change it.

  • Groud Frank

    I think its maximum trollage. Google is not above trolling us and we like it sometimes. That pie shaped thing in the upper left-hand corner is representative of a slice of pie, KeyLime Pie. Or maybe it is just my disappointment speaking. I was hoping for some UI changes to build on the already visually pleasing vanilla android UI. In the end I’d be happy with some stylus support like the note 3’s Air Command features. Optimised software for the specs we have now. Jelly Bean is good software but there is no reason the iPhone 5s’ 1 gb ram and dual-core processor should be beating our quad-core 2 gb ram-ed android devices in benchmark tests. I don’t care about 64 bit processor snapdragon 800000000 with a hecta-core clocked at 6.3 THz. Just make sure the OS works well with the hardware present now.