Android has a massive leading market share. An IDC report showed that Android handsets accounted for 68.1 percent of all smartphones shipped during the second quarter of 2012. In that same period BlackBerry accounted for 4.8 percent. Despite the steady slump in BlackBerry sales, the user base has been climbing slowly, because the overall smartphone market has been growing so much. However, analysts are now predicting a real decline in BlackBerry subscribers.

If we go back to 2009 BlackBerry had a 50 percent share of the smartphone market. Where did it go? Most of it went to Android. It now looks like BlackBerry will peak at around 80 million users and it remains to be seen whether the delayed BlackBerry 10 can do anything to arrest a steady decline or even a sudden free-fall. The new version of the BB platform is not going to launch until 2013 and catching up with Android and iOS functionality is not going to be enough for the beleaguered Canadian company.

RIM’s market cap is now sitting at around $3.3 billion. That makes it a relatively cheap acquisition, but who would buy? There’s little doubt that if BB 10 fails, RIM will need to drastically change its ideas about being a major smartphone player or possibly even sell the company. If 2013 is the year that we finally see the long predicted death of RIM you’ll be able to pan back from the corpse and see Android holding the smoking gun.

Perhaps RIM should have adopted Android and carved out a niche based on its distinctive handset design and enterprise know-how. Does anyone believe BB 10 can turn things around?

Simon Hill
Simon is an experienced tech writer with a background in game development. He writes for various websites and magazines about the world of tech and entertainment. He uses Android every day and is currently permanently attached to his Galaxy Note 5.
  • I think globally the market can hardly handle 3 platform and currently Android and the iOs has entrenched them selves really well with Windows 8 mobile as the possible third (Still waiting how the market will respond to the new 920).

    The new BB10 will be launched early next year, missing this year’s Christmas sales entirely. On the app front, I do not think the number of apps that will support the new touch interface for BB10 will be significant. I think they totally missed the move to touch based interface phones and jump the bandwagon really really late. Nokia is
    handling things much better than RIM with releasing a handset last year and a new one this year and even they are struggling.

    With this in mind, as a consumer product, I don’t see a bright future for this platform :(

  • Taysider

    Killed means something is dead! Blackberry is not dead. Don’t blame Android or any OS for the demise of BB. Rim shot themselves in the foot by not keeping up with technology.

    • Greg Bissell

      Its dead

    • Christopher Buteau

      I am with you on the shot in the foot observation. They have more of an enterprise integration front to them. With everyone building an Android and/or iOS app though that domain gap they had….shrinks each second.

    • althotos

      Agreed. Sat on their laurels, thinking the enterprise would never desert them. BYOD changed all that.

  • MoogleStiltzkin


    Yo i just wanted to direct your attention to this cnn report concerning the evolution of the handphone which i feel is spot on.

    From that brief showing, you can see just how bb got left behind by not moving onto the next best thing …..

  • Chuck

    Im cooler then all of you…I have a Palm Pilot.