Android kicking butt and taking names, represents 58.4% market in the UK and 49.3% in the U.S.

by: Andrew GrushApril 29, 2013


Kantar Worldpanel’s latest stats are in, and it doesn’t look good for iOS. Based on the three month period ending with March, Android dominates the scene in every “key global market” with the exception of Japan, where iOS enjoys 3.4% more control than Android. That’s right, even the United States currently sees Android on top with 49.3% of the market, as opposed to iOS’ 43.7% share.

In Europe, the situation is even more dire for the Cupertino giant. In the United Kingdom, Android continues to steal the show with a massive 58.4% of the smartphone market, with iOS following in a distant second with 28.9%.

Think that’s a crazy low share for Apple? In Spain, Android represents 93.5% of the smartphone market for 2013, with Apple representing just 3.2% of the market. Looking at Spain, the UK, Germany, Italy and France together, Android represents 68.8% of the market, with iOS in second place with 19.4%. Similar growth exists in Australia as well.


This has clearly been a great year for Google’s Android OS, and is only about to get better with highly anticipated Android flagships like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 already generating quite a bit of hype, and rightfully so. One iPhone model just can’t compete with hundreds of excellent Android devices – ranging from the low end to the extremely high end – which is probably why rumors continue to indicate Apple is preparing a low-end handset of its own.

It is worth noting that while Apple didn’t get any great news with these latest stats, the situation for Microsoft is much better than ever before. In the United States, Windows Phone represented 5.6 percent of the sales for the first quarter of 2013, which was up 1.9 percent from the same period last year. In the European Union Five, Windows Phone represented 6.5% of the market, versus 4.1% last year during the same timeframe.

For Symbian and Blackberry, things continued about as you’d expect them: downhill in every market that Kantar tracks.

What do you think of these latest stats? Does it surprise you that Apple is continuing to decline while Microsoft is starting to see growth?

  • kidandroid

    the iphones days are numbered :P


      3 phones vs 100 and android can only get 58.4% LOL

      • Cole Raney

        Look at the growth rate. For iPhone it is negative. Android still has a pretty healthy positive growth rate. In a few years the iPhone might have about the same market share of smart phones that macs have for computers.

        • not wanted bash dude but you should read some news ,first of all 4s and iphone 5 where highest selling smartphone this year and android is not going positively samsung is only growing others making little to no profit.

          • Cole Raney

            This is market share, you can increase in sales and drop in market share. Also, maybe you should read some news. Samsung us not the only company selling android phones to see an increase in sales. LG almost doubled its phone sales. Hawaii and ZTE also had some substantial increases. The next few iPhones could sell better than the the iPhone 5, yet apple can drop dramatically in market share. Especially since windows phone 8 is starting grow in market share.

          • but still those sales are nothing infront of samsung and apple,maybe,cant say anything, becoz of goolgle glass , smart watch by apple and tizen os by samsung any thing can change.

          • Cole Raney

            When you add the growth of all android phone makers, it certainly dwarfs Apple’s. I mean when talking about this article, Apple did have some growth in sales, yet still lost market share. That is just how much android is growing. I forgot about Tizen and Firefox OS, but unless they can provide a lot of apps, they won’t be significant for a while. Just look at windows phone. It was launched late 2010 and it just now got above 5% market share.

            We certainly could see some fierce competition, however, I don’t think that Apple will be as big of a player in the future. They have been failing to innovate, and they have had some major issues. The siri blackout after the iPhone 4S was a big deal, but then there is also the Apple maps fail.

            And I don’t expect anything big from smart watches. Google glass yes, but I am not sold on smart watches catching on. I feel like that will be a niche market.

  • CRapple! All power to Android

    • Lowry Brooks

      More like micro-crap… Don’t hate Apple, the real Android war is against MS and the desktop monopoly.

      • Cole Raney

        Well, as of right now Microsoft has the best desktop OS. If Google can come out with a better OS, I might try to dual boot. If every windows program can work on a future Google OS that can actually compete with windows, I would switch entirely.

        • I indeed second that!, Google needs to come out with a full fledged OS…. ecosystem at best.

  • Will Stewart

    Glad more than half of my fellow Brits see sense.

  • steve blow jobs

    crapple going down is nothing new , it was predicted by many android and samsung fans that it was just matter of time. great read, made my day : )

  • Jusephe

    So after apple overtook samsung in US they are going to overtake entire android ?