Android Jellybean 4.1 outed via Galaxy Nexus Play Store purchase

by: Derek RossJune 21, 2012

Is this proof that Android 4.1 is coming in the extreme near future? Is the Google Play variant of the Galaxy Nexus going to be the very first phone to get Android Jellybean 4.1? It appears that way. Right now if you head on over to the Play Store and attempt to order the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus directly from Google, you’ll notice the item description states the following:

Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ – The latest smartphone from Google, soon the first phone with Android 4.1 Jell…

Update: Google has removed the extra descriptive text mentioned above from the final stage of the checkout process.

You’ll also notice that Galaxy Nexus thumbnail image has changed, showing a completely different graphic from the the one we’ve all grown to love. The wallpaper is different, the default icons are different, and the home screen Google search widget is different.

Sure, no official word has been said on this matter at this time, but I doubt the Play Store lies.


  • AppleFUD

    I’ve come to learn that “soon” in the tech world is a very very vague word.

    • derekross

      While that is completely true, I doubt this is the case. Why would Google market this device this way if it wasn’t coming soon. If 4.1 was a long way off, they wouldn’t update their descriptive text just yet. Consumers see this and assume it’s right around the corner. It would be horrible marketing for this to be said about the device and them have to wait 6 months for it.

      • AppleFUD

        I think Google wants to get the message across to those who don’t know that this Nexus device will get upgrades before any other Android device. . . regardless of when.

        Let’s not forget when Google announced the Galaxy Nexus, it was “soon” to be released on US carriers. . .and that “soon” went on for some time.

        • tcraised

          this Nexus will get first upgrades and will also get first bugs, first “device not compatible with app” messages, and first users screaming that they paid for a google experience to get the best first, yet minus carrier bloat, theyre really just guinea pigs for the rest of us to get the best in one update! google should stick to mail and searches, oh and gtalk, gvoice, and google+ and leave phones and OS to manufacturers and developers that know what users want and how to provide those desires as well as allow full customization which was big selling point of Android vs iOS from Crapple!

      • tcraised

        bull. 4.1 is still 5 months away, hell they cant even get 4.0 out cause of the issues with the complete rewrite. Jellybean will be nice, especially after ICS exposes all issues and problems allowing the changes to be made. a total OS rewrite like this requires advance advertising and the failure of Galaxy Nexus with inferior specs to most devices now, causes Google to use any ploy necessary to sell these devices, meanwhile quad core devices will be coming out and the latest dual core devices are untouchable by any Nexus device to date including the already EOL Nexus S 4G.

  • derekross

    Update: Google has removed the previously reported JB 4.1 item description text.

    • AppleFUD

      no worries. . . I’m sure it will be here. . . soon ;)


      couldn’t resist :D

      • tcraised

        Android 4.1 has a Nov. 5 release date and whoever mentioned the great success of ICS clearly hasnt experienced ICS yet, most devices on confirmed upgrade list have yet to recieve a hint of an update.

  • Edward Johnson

    you know, people can make fake screenshot easily, this image is from xda member not from androidauthority

    • derekross

      Like any good writer, I saw this on XDA and wanted to verify myself before reporting. So I visited the Play Store. I saw it was legit. I took my own screenshot not to copy another persons work. Then I bleeped out my CC number, mailing address and email address. The only thing I left was my Ship To: name, to prove I did it.

  • John Smith

    i believe they are doing this for sales. it will be 6 or so months before we see an upgrade in android
    especially with the success ics is still having. once ics’ hype dies down. thats when they will release. im sure its built but they would loose potential money putting it out this early
    just an oppinion

    • tcraised

      ICS is an epic failure at this moment as carriers cant even clean it up enough to update devices whose owners were told as many as 8 months ago they would recieve the ICS update. Even the “Google experience” phones have required patch updates to clear bugs and enable various apps. lets also not forget the superbrick issue plaguing ICS, until every device listed recieves the update, its a failure, honestly Jellybean will probably come out before ICS has been delivered to everyone much like GB is still coming to many “lower class” android devices while “middle and upper class” phones still wait on the elusive ice cream

  • bau

    It is a pity Google sells Nexus on Google Play just in the USA… Why not in Europe?

    • Alex

      They don’t even offer it in Canada… You can’t rule the smartphone market selling only in the US