Ice Cream Sandwich (right) vs Jelly Bean (left)

Ice Cream Sandwich (right) vs Jelly Bean (left)

It’s March already, which means we have new stats from Google for the Android ecosystem, where Gingerbread is still king, at least according to new data collected by Google during the 14-day window ending on March 4.

Jelly Bean has climbed just over 3% compared to last month – now at 16.5% market share – although it’s worth pointing out that Android 4.1 is at 14.9% while the latest Android 4.2 version is only at 1.6% share.

Ice Cream Sandwich has dropped from 29% last month to 28.6% and Gingerbread is still very much in the picture, with Android 2.3.3-2.3.7 accounting for 44% of the Android OS pie.

Slowly, manufacturers are updating compatible phones to Jelly Bean – most of these updates are only Android 4.1.x upgradess for now – but also announcing new machines that will run Android 4.1.x out of the box.

Most Nexus devices have been updated to the latest Jelly Bean version, Android 4.2.2, but it will probably be a while until more devices will be updated to the latest Android version in a timely fashion.


To further diversify the Android environment, we expect Google to unveil Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie at Google I/O in mid-May and launch it in the following weeks – although nothing is official just yet about Google’s intentions regarding its next developers event.

What Android version are you running? Are you ready to drop your Gingerbread phone and replace it with a Jelly Bean one?

  • Marco Mendoza

    I have android 4.2 don’t plan on updating cause I don’t want to lose lte on my nexus

  • noneofthem

    Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 both running Android 4.2.2. Not planning on getting new devices until the first Ubuntu devices are ready. Until then I will stay with Android as my day to day mobile OS.

  • ICS will likely be the new Gingerbread soon. Current low-end devices are replacing older ones in the market. They’re always at least running ICS, rarely, JB as well.

  • King pie

    Men! no money… i only have a froyo device…

  • DetroitTech

    Google better chill the F out. With 44% on GingerBread they are about to alienate a huge chunk of their customers with the release of KeyLimePie. That’ll be 3 OS upgrades released AHEAD of 50% of what the actual market has, is running. Slow down. ICS was awesome. Jellybean and Google Now are meh. IMHO. I’m thinking new OS versions should come out once every 2 years. Just revise and update the current versions. It’s moving way too fast. It’s all about the apps/software/hardware anyway. Look at Windows XP. What? 10+ years…? Companies are still running it effectively. Slow down Google.

    • Google cant do that also due to competiton by apple , microsoft , and now blackberry and in future ubuntu.

  • Abilashan

    Gingerbread is still the king because people are not aware about ROM updating and its the default OS for most of the phones.

  • jeans13

    and unfortunately im one of the those froyo users :(
    parents are too cheap to upgrade phone and im stuck on freakin metro pcs

    • MasterMuffin

      I’m pretty sure that your parents aren’t cheap, they just think that it isn’t necessary, because after all it’s a phone.

  • nishantsirohi123

    bought a gingerbread Samsung galaxy ace for my mom
    she likes the camera with flash, the shiny chrome ring and a 170$ unlocked price, also the live wallpaper on the 3.5 inch screen

    nothing that an ICS phone cant do