Android is Google Plus’s Edge vs Facebook

by: MinaJune 30, 2011

The race for the top social network isn’t over yet, Facebook. Giant search engine company Google expands its realms to the social networking world with the announcement of Google+, a site that could be mistaken for Facebook, if not for the logo and design. Google+ has its version of Facebook Groups with Circles (plus easy-to-use privacy settings for each ‘circle’) and Facebook Chat with Huddles (plus a video chatting feature called Hangouts). What would possibly dethrone Facebook, experts say, would be the integration of Android for photo uploads.

Google+, while it appears to be like Facebook in more ways than one, is obviously better than the previous Google releases like Buzz and Wave. However, with the former’s stark similarities to Facebook, one would wonder, what would make 700 million users and counting to jump to a site with very similar features? Some say the answer is Photos. Facebook is the world’s largest photo sharing service, with close to 100 billion photos in its system. With the inclusion of Android in the picture, Google+ has its advantages.

Everyday, 500 thousand Android phones are activated, and as of May 2011, over 100 million Android devices are active worldwide. Imagine all these devices with the ability to ‘Instant Uploads,’ with which photos from Android-enabled devices can be uploaded immediately online, and by default, private only to the user. Of course, Google+ has its Android app, but the whole system is not available for all users yet– one needs an invitation to sign in.

Here’s a sneak peek on how Google+ works for Android:

via ReadWriteWeb

  • Greg

    I hope that Google is looking at Google+ as a mobile tool FIRST. Facebook’s mobile offerings are not compelling, especially on Android (last time I logged into the official FB app, it was no longer even working correctly). If Google makes mobile their top priority, creates unique functions for the mobile experience and tightly integrates Google+ into Android, they could easily win the mobile space.

    • Darcy Alexander

      That’s an excellent point. With several hundred million Android devices being sold in 2011, and 160 or so million already sold, it could easily capture significant market share. Still Facebook has over 750 million users now, so it’s a very tough uphill battle. It’ll be interesting to see how all of this plays out as the stakes are quite high.

  • Bill

    Facebooks Android offerings suck. I still have to go into gmail and email my photos to Facebook because they hang evertime I use the Facebook app. The app also fails to update instantly (their push notifications suck), and sometimes the app stalls on notifications for hours. I do most of my social networking in mobile, and am definitely interested in Google + since Facebook can’t get it’s shit straight.

    • Phenom

      It’s not facebook that needs to get their shit straight…it’s facebbok app works flawlessly on my iPhone4. Weird huh? -___-

      • Because Google created the Facebook app. lol

      • I have an iPod and an Android phone and have used the Facebook app for both. On Apple devices Facebook app works just fine. However on Android devices the Facebook app works like shit. Notifications suck, my app freezes all the time, its complete B.S. I love my Google + app it works fast and efficiently. Love the instant upload feature. Works wonders on me. Specially because I have a 4G phone. :)

    • You are right. Facebook app on Androids sucks bad!

  • Gregory Opera

    Aww come on Google, enable your social networking services for Google Apps customers already!

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