A new survey from Barron’s has hit claiming that 48% of Android smartphone users plan on buying another Android device at some point, while 17% are interested in an iPhone, and 34% are unsure.

The takeway is that only about half of Android users are 100% sure they will stick with Android, right? The only problem with this is that the survey is very limited in scope since only 2,000 people were surveyed, and not all of those surveyed were even Android users from the sound of it. Millions and millions of Android users exist out there, yet somehow we are supposed to believe that this survey is accurate?

Even if this number proved correct, that means that 4 out of 5 Android users are either sticking with Android or undecided. Other interesting things pointed out in this survey include that RIM users that were surveyed pretty much all wanted a different type of phone, with only 2% staying loyal to Blackberry.

We’ve all heard about the rumors of a Facebook phone, but if this survey proves accurate, only 7% of the respondents were interested. In contrast, about 51% of the survey reviewers said they’d give a Kindle Fire-like Amazon device consideration.

You can check out the full survey, but basically these are the big points made by it. Again, I find that the survey’s limited number of reviewers makes it pretty hard to take at face value.

What about you, think there is any truth to the claim that 1 in 5 Android users are interested in ditching Android for the iPhone?

Andrew Grush
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  • Out of 2000 respondents, how many are actual android, iphone and RIM users? Samples should be representative otherwise the survey will turn to be meaningless or in worst case, misleading.

  • Allen

    Even if it’s true, don’t worry, they’ll be back. They just want to try something new. But I don’t see how anyone can live with iOS after using Android.. LOL!

  • castlerocu

    Real Android users stay with Android…these ppl who switched or want 2 were on the fence from the beginning and always believed the Almighty Apple hype…so they leave…so let them leave. Goodbye!

    • kurt hinds

      Good riddance to isheep in hiding i say!

    • That is asinine. I am an Android user, however that does not mean I will always remain so. I choose my devices based on their functionality and whether they suit my requirements, not out of unquestioning loyalty to an operating system as you appear to be advocating.

  • Marvin Nakajima

    By itself (and with only 2000 respondents) there is somewhat of a frivolous feel to this survey. Perhaps there should have been a couple questions added to give the result a bit more meaning. e.g. How many were iPhone users prior to using Android and are considering a switch back to iOS as opposed to switching to experience iOS for the first time? What Android device are they currently using?

    Since this survey only concentrates on the respondent that currently uses Android, perhaps one where they use other OSes could be done simultaneously to give a frame of reference.

  • gils001

    Well i think that you have to also record the level of devices these people own. When it comes to android the lower quality devices don’t really allow to much enjoyment. Cheap is cheap when it comes down to android. The survey is flawed in many ways

  • Mak D’Uniq

    Do a survey to see how many IOS users wants to switch to android….
    Don’t get surprised when you see its 100% (myself switched from iPhone 4 to g note )

    • MasterMuffin

      it’s not 100%…

      • Mak D’Uniq

        it means 5/5

        • MasterMuffin

          Oohh didn’t get it :)


    This survey is completely inacurate & like the guy below anybody that came from an iPhone & bought a G-Note loves it & is so glad they left CrApple in their rear veiw. I expect alot more ppl switching to Android when the G-Note 2 hits the market & even more when CrApples iPhone 5 bombs big time by not impressing iPhone users enough to stick around. -KID ANDROID

  • 5 Android phones are sold worldwide for each iPhone that is sold. Consumers don’t know what an iPhone is anymore. iPhone, smartphone, who knows and who cares! By next year, 10 Android phones are going to be sold for each iPhone that is sold.

  • I realised the android funs keep mentioning iPhone everywhere. If iphone is such a trash, why would you care? Should you worry more of windows 8 mobile than iPhone?

  • Do you understand how statistical analysis works? Mass surveys usually only include 2000ish people because that’s considered a high enough sample size to account for/represent a population of millions (i.e. political polls usually only survey 1500-3000 people).

    It’s fine to have issue with the methodology of any survey (i.e. how did they choose participants? Are they surveying a diverse cross-sections of the populations, etc etc…) but to take issue with the number of people being surveyed (2000) and to say that that’s the defining problem with the survey is inane.

  • Sads Sadded

    i will stay with android till something better comes up :).. which will not be iOS

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Survey says 1 in 5 android users still on froyo or less.

  • natclayful

    Just don’t want to be stuck..Apple is just greedy and will probily go to iphone 59. Apple devices use old processors(A5 anyone?) So I hate when they sell there devices for high prices.

  • Jkelly

    I would say it has to do with the lower end devices running android, people don’t understand or appreciate the phone the have. They buy it based on the price and just consider switching to an IPhone because they got hooked on Apples marketing scheme.

  • 2,000 people is an acceptable sample size. Theoretically anything greater than 30 would be enough. Here’s the thing though- they don’t tell how they word the survey question. “When you purchase your next phone, will you at least consider the iPhone 5?” is a big difference from “Will your next purchase be an Android, iPhone, or undecided?”
    Hell, I’m a staunch Android guy and will at least consider the iPhone 5- but in the end will probably get the SIII.

  • never !!!!

  • Jake

    First off let me say that reading some of the comments here make me laugh. Anyone who affiliates themselves to a brand should get a life. Your loyalty for cell phone operating platforms is embarrassing. I recently switched from a 3 years of a Verizon based Android phone. I have nothing bad to say about Android but I don’t think you are entitled to have strong opinions about one being better than the other unless you have A) used both phones extensively and B) have no undermining bias. I will say with certainty that only NOW has my experience with the iphone5 made me realize, in retrospect that the android device wasn’t as great as I thought. I remember my former phone freezing quite often, even within the first 3 days I owned it. Nothing intolerable, but noted. especially after updates. The reason I left was the update in October 2011 which caused my phone to turn on and off repeatedly in a cycle every morning at 2am. These glitches haven’t happened on the iphone. It seems to operate without any hesitation in perfect harmonious synchronization between applications. At the end of the day they are both great devices, and I’m sure if I stuck to Android the newer phone/platform would have been improved over my older model. Debating this topic is splitting hairs a bit. Both offer great products. I think the iphone is just more refined. To utilitarian users they probably don’t care. And the debate rages on…if people are thinking about switching go for it. Don’t listen to the hype, give it a shot.