Android IPHONE announced in Brazil, but not by Apple

by: Chris SmithDecember 18, 2012


In the past we have seen various Android ports for older iPhone versions, but today we’re probably looking at the first ever Android IPHONE. And it’s not coming from Apple.

Brazilian company IGB Electronica has announced the Android IPHONE today, a product line for which it has the rights to use the name through 2018 in Brazil.

The first IPHONE product will be called the Neo One. So we’ll probably see an IPHONE Neo One in stores at some point in the near future, although it won’t be an iPhone-like device.

The IPHONE Neo One is an entry-level device at best, sporting a 3.7-inch display with a mediocre 480 x 320 display, 2GB of storage, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, dual-SIM support and Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. The Neo One will sell for 599 Brazilian real, or around $287.

Naturally, Apple won’t be happy to hear about this and we can only expect that lawyers will be employed to deal with the situation. However, the iPhone maker did not comment anything about the Brazilian IPHONE maker.

According to Reuters, the company, formerly known as Gradiente Electronica SA, had applied for exclusive rights for the IPHONE trademark in 2000, and secured them in 2008, after the launch of the first Apple iPhone.

So, anyone interested in an Android IPHONE?

  • salil mulay

    Gingerbread?? These phones are big reason for android’s fragmentation issue.

  • Charlie Klementowich

    Haha, i like seeing Apple get underhanded. I agree salilmulay, I hate how phones aren’t AT LEAST Ice Cream Sandwich. I’m not a techwiz, but isn’t any gingerbread phone capable of running Jellybean smoothly?

    • BrainOfSweden

      Should be. I had no problems running JB on my Xperia Mini, and it came with GB.

  • Lara

    Apple will sue no doubt….hope they lose

    • probably no, because they are not threat to Apple’s product.

    • Anon

      They already tried and lost the rights in Brazil to IPHONE so no worries.

  • Larkhillv

    What a disgrace to Android. It’s a shame that at least a few of these will sell because of the name and novelty alone, but it will probably leave a bad taste in users’ mouths and a bad impression of what Android is currently.

  • a bad impression of what Android is currently.

  • WesleyPires

    E o pior é que mesmo não sendo original da Apple, o valor é muito alto. Existem vários smartphones muito melhores e mais baratos.
    Obs, a empresa Gradiente acaba de sair da Falência kkkkkk

  • WesleyPires

    Lara, eles não podem processar pois haviam autorizado a Gradiente do Brasil a utilizar seus direitos autorais, mas a empresa faliu, agora que esta liquidando as dividas esta utilizando os direitos que possui para “Ganhar mercado”, mas é uma pena que isto tenha acontecido