Android growth is leveling off in the US

by: Nate SwannerApril 5, 2013


As Android fans, we enjoy hearing success stories. Worldwide market share is dominant, and we like what Android has to offer over other platforms. It seems a new, amazing device is on offer weekly, and the customization is mind boggling.

A recent report from Business Insider made us all scratch our heads a bit. It seems Android activation is leveling off in the US, a trend we’re not used to for prolonged periods. Even more concerning was the holiday season, which saw a downward trend, one that continues into 2013.

Of course, this allows for Apple and other operating systems to encroach on Android’s territory. If the chart above is any indication, Apple is making up ground on Android. This levels the playing field a bit for everyone involved, but is it a problem for Google?

Perhaps this trend is due to Android leveling off a bit in terms of updates. Since Ice Cream Sandwich, nothing major has come from Android. JellyBean is an improvement, but ICS was a huge leap forward from Gingerbread, and even Honeycomb. The next iteration will be an improvement, we’re sure, but also a natural progression rather than a leap forward.

Perhaps the world waits in anticipation. Google Glass is coming, and the rumored Motorola X line has a lot of grassroots hype. Over the holiday season, there were plenty of great deals to be had… but no great devices. The Nexus 4 wasn’t ready for the holidays, and Samsung hadn’t yet delivered their much anticipated Galaxy S4.

Do we have anything to concern ourselves with? Not really. This is currently worth attention, but not alarm. Overall growth remains strong for Android, but if this trend continues, we’ll start to question it in detail.


  • Mikesphoneandtab

    In other news: Galaxy S3 growth is leveling off on the U.S.

    • asdasdas

      wait for GS4

      • Mikesphoneandtab

        Lol. I was about to say. The GS4 is going to sell like we have never seen a phone sell before. When this thing drops… I can’t wait to see it.

    • Guy De Vos

      What did you expect. People are waiting for the S4.

      • jusephe

        So why they are buying iPhones ?

  • sjsns

    Android oems, other than samsung, need to seriously step up their game…

    • Mikesphoneandtab

      I agree. It’s all about the desire factor. HTC has the right idea. Market the device in a way that the common buyer will understand how it can benefit them. Apple basically takes things that have been around forever, makes an iDefinition (iSight camera, retina display, lightning connector, iMessage, Facetime ) for it and tells them what it does (takes nice pictures, nice display, charges your phone fast, instant messaging, video chat). People think that only an iPhone can do it so they buy it. HTC is doing that now with their Ultrapixel camera. It’s just a 4 megapixel camera that has larger pixels in it. Frankly, if you look at comparisons to other cameras and it really isn’t that outstanding, but people will buy because HTC “reinvented” something without actually changing anything. Samsung, Apple and HTC are all on the right track.

  • There seriously can’t be any truth to this story. I mean, everything lasts…. I thought. I am glancing lovingly over at my Palm Treo 700WX and my actual legit tablet PC Toshiba Portege’ with CDMA and thinking, all this is mental masturbation. Speed was all we needed. The rest is fluff.

  • Kevin Hill

    If you think about how android does business and when they sell, you’ll notice the greatest increase inside of the summer, where iPhone usually dominates the winter(Christmas/New Years specifically). It’s always been in the cycle. I’m personally waiting to see what Google has to offer for their summer I/O.

    • I agree. The next quarter will be different as the SGS4 and HTC One will be available shortly.

      • jusephe

        As well as iPhone on T-mobile witch will come sooner.

        • Mikesphoneandtab

          That’ll level off soon. Sprint got the 4S 3 years ago and it didn’t make people go as crazy as everyone thought it would. It just means people won’t have to switch carriers to get one.

  • I have to admit, I’m somewhat puzzled by this chart. It almost appears to indicate that Android market share growth has plateaued — while iOS share climbs at an increasing rate. If I had to guess, I would probably pin the blame on the increasing availability of the iPhone on wireless carriers, where Android devices have always been available.

  • dandroid13

    Americans (somehow) love HTCrap, HTCrap is going downhill to Hell, trend explained.

  • Hmm the regression in USA has begun…

    • Guy De Vos

      No it hasn’t, people are waiting for the One and the S4.

      • jusephe

        So why they are buying iPhones ?

  • kascollet

    The US market is the first to become saturated, so global growth is fading. The only factor remaining that influences market share will be brand loyalty from now on. Guess who has the best ?

  • Taylor

    The headline is Android growth is leveling off not specifc phones. I’ll wait to read the bashing on my comment but i dumped android for a windows nokia Lumia 920 and have never been happier. Now before the bashing begins, how many of you are going to buy or download the facebook home. Guess what, when you do you’ll be closer to having a Windows phone.