Five years today: Happy Birthday Android!

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 23, 2013


Today, we celebrate the five year mark for Android. Call it an anniversary, call it a birthday, we don’t mind — so long as you take a minute to celebrate what it is.

In a Google+ posting, original Android team member Des Smith reminisces on what led up to the launch, to the launch itself. From the stress of getting it ready to Larry Page and Sergey Brin rollerblading in to catch the event. He noted his feeling at the time was that they “were about to change the world.” How right he was.

When Android launched, Blackberry was a powerhouse, and the iPhone was little more than a year old. When we take a minute to consider today’s news of Blackberry selling, and iOS taking a page from Android, it puts the success of Android into a bit of perspective.

Five years on, Android is everywhere.

Five years on, Android is everywhere. From watches to PCs, Android has taken over — and shows no sign of letting up. With the open source nature of Android leading to a huge (and growing) slice of the market, what we’ve come to enjoy is only getting better.

In the early days of Android Authority, we weren’t quite doing our own reviews yet, but we linked to just about every review out there. In checking out those initial reviews, one of my favorite lines was from Gizmodo, who noted in their verdict that “The G1 phone and the Android operating system are not finished products.”

Android will never really be a “finished” product, either — and that’s the beauty of it.

  • Bone

    That’s probably the shortest ever revisiting of Android history.

  • Batman

    Well, that was disappointing to say the least.

  • johnny boy

    Happy Birthday little green robot.

  • Granny is ALIVE!!!!

    I was expecting some pictures of the evolution of Android, maybe a timeline, more details – not whatever…this….was…..

    • dodz

      see this is android, most people using it are straightforward, this is not apple where some people cry when they see old pics of iphones, ohw that was my first baby. lol they worship anything apple

  • Valtheus

    Dude… your title should be: “Not looking at all”!

  • Dexter

    I was expecting a lot more for a 5 year history, well I guess the writer was to lazy to pull it off.

  • efze

    Lazy ass article. :-P

  • Somedude

    My cat could write a more interesting article.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Android was like a sweet newly born baby. When time passes, Android gets sweeter and sweeter.

    A BIG Special thanks to all Android Dev Team in Google for making such a beautiful OS that kills Apple iOS with a blink of an eyes!

  • Jmoeny510

    This was a good read. Loved the pictures. —_—

  • Deondrae

    Android moving FORWARD >>>> Does that mean 64bit processor with android 5.0 ??? and if so what advantages would that bring to normal everyday apps?

    like will lag disappear considering the phone would/might have
    -3GB RAM, 2.3 GHz processor or above, and 64bit (surely this should mean that samsung’s Touchwiz has less lag or NO LAG… right?)

    Will it also mean that Samsung devices can use up all the RAM available because alot of people complain that even with 3GB of RAM like that on the NOTE 3, theyre only left with less than 2GB of RAM to use…. true or false and would 64bit fix this?

    • Deondrae

      So two simple questions answered with downvotes… people need to get some happiness within their lives, i prefer an answer because its definitely something im genuinely curious about otherwise i wouldnt have asked… but many people on android authority are living in the negative, its sad.

    • CyBrix_21

      Do you know why they are downvoting your post?

      It is because of your wrong “understanding” about the word “moving FORWARD”.

      Lag is normal and will not DISAPPEAR.

      How about thinking that Android will have more features? Features that will help users? Isn’t that what we call innovation? And not being so excited about 64-bit and asking if lag will be removed.

  • Rooney-

    Happy birthday Android :-)

    The G1 phone and the Android operating system are not finished products.”

    Android will never really be a “finished” product, either — and that’s the beauty of it.””

    Agree with you. If android becomes a finshed product,then their wont be any innovations.

  • Mike Bastable

    Crap piece, fluff

  • Balraj

    I’ll go and ask Google lol :-P

  • jeddo45

    5 years old, and 15 years ahead of every other mobile os! Happy birthday Andy!

  • Guest

    hahaha *fake laugh :3*

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    hahaha I really really love surprises as you surprise me with this article Nate. :3 -_- :3

  • Probinsyano69

    The feeling of “coming undone” was probably the author’s main point… in congruence to the statement “Android will never really be a finished product, either…” I don’t know. Ambot, wa bitaw ko kibaw. Hahaha :D

  • Ruz

    Four years on Windows Phone is no where :P

    • Jesse Moore

      Erm, highly inaccurate.

      • Ruz

        lol… whats accurate then?

  • Blowntoaster

    Poor Nate, you look a bit tired. That why the article is so short?
    please do a proper one with pics of Nexus devices, OS etc at least.

  • Jesse Moore

    Windows Mobile was launched in 2000 (13 years ago) and is still in use today in a lot of commercial uses.