Fake iPhone 5 launcher gives you a feel of iOS 6 on your Android phone

by: Missie HahnOctober 3, 2012

With a four out of five star rating and more than 100,000 downloads, the “Fake iPhone 5 Launcher” app provides Android fans a little taste of Apple. Apart from its name, the recently new “fake iPhone 5 launcher” is a real, fully functional app.

This bittersweet app offers adamant Fandroids the iOS 6 display on their Android devices without having to buy the iPhone 5.

This launcher is completely free to download and can be accessed directly from the Google Play Store. Once activated, your phone’s home screen is switched to the iOS 6 format, while giving your apps the appearance of the original iPhone 5 icon design. The fake iPhone 5 launcher has a feature that allows for five screens of apps to feed your appaholic needs.

A common question that has been raised is why anyone would want to download this launcher Some download this launcher out of pure curiosity, to fool their friends, or because there are Android users with a yearning for iOS 6. And, how can we blame them? This launcher has the ability to be more beneficial that the actual iOS 6, as rumor has it.

Downloading it myself, I’ve come to find possible benefits from having the fake iPhone 5 launcher:

  • Home screen with icons that cover the necessities: phone, mail, search engine and music (all can be located at the bottom half of the home screen)
  • Supports previously installed apps and wallpapers
  • Compatible with almost all Android phones- worked for a Samsung Gem!

So whether you’re an Android user with a craving for Apple, or you simply want to boast about having iOS 6 on your Android phone (even if it’s fake), this app definitely deserves its four star rating.

  • KB26

    I has an feeling this that had popup ads.

  • Wally

    lol, this article definitely has a 2009 vibe to it, with the iOS 2.x type launcher and an Android phone older than time itself.

  • AndroidVesti

    Nobody cares.

  • Nathan

    Lol? What phone is that? Does it have a Physical keyboard? o.o

  • Superdroid

    Does it come with the capy maps app?

  • Peterson Silva

    “Home screen with icons that cover the necessities: phone, mail, search
    engine and music (all can be located at the bottom half of the home

    Hum how exactly you _can’t_ do that with any android launcher ever made?

    • MasterMuffin

      + I’ve used that guys other productsand this andthe quality is really bad, always bugs and lags and full of ads…

  • leoingle

    Nobody caaaaaaaares….

  • Justin W

    I definitely smell a lawsuit…

  • Kok Hean

    The icons look fake. Voice Memos and Settings are the old icons.

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    All iOS versions look the same. This is an abomonation! Android is awsome, iOS is boring. Write articles about android launchers.
    Here are the top 5 android launchers that give your phone the gingerbread look.Want ICS look on your outdated phone without rooting? Here are the best launchers in the play store.

  • lb

    who wants this?!