Android dominates the tablet market in Q2 2013, with 67% of global shipments

by: Robert TriggsJuly 30, 2013

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We already know that Android is, and has been for a while, the most dominant force in the smartphone market, but the tablet market is an area which has typically been a bit harder to crack. However, the latest research put together by Strategy Analytics shows that Android is also breaking away from the rest of the pack in the tablet market too.

The research found that global tablet shipments grew again over the previous year, with 51.7 million units shipped in the second quarter of the year. Last year, 36.1 million units shipped during the same quarter, so the global tablet market has grown by 43 percent over the past 12 months.

Looking specifically at each operating system, Android tablets accounted for 34.6 million of global tablet shipments, whereas Google’s largest rival, Apple, only accounted for 14.6 million. Percentage wise, Android tablets have grown by 87 percent over the year, whilst Apple experienced a 14 percent decline.

tablet shipments q2 2013

In terms of market share, Android now commands a massive 67 percent of the global tablet market, more than doubling Apple’s 28 percent share. Microsoft is still languishing in third, and is clearly struggling with a mediocre growth of just 4 percent over the year.

This marks one of the biggest yearly market shifts in the history of the tablet market, which some analysts have put down to a lack of new Apple products, whilst Android manufacturers have continued to pump out a variety of new tablets. However, it should be noted that the iPad Mini was launched at the end of last year, which was supposed to compete with smaller Android tablets.

The iPad Mini clearly hasn’t gained enough traction to offset the lack of other new Apple products, leaving consumers with a clear choice when it comes to newer, high end tablets available from Android manufactures. With the new Nexus 7 already shipping, it looks like Apple will have to conjure up something special to turn the tide back in its favor.

  • Luka Mlinar

    It’s still kind of astonishing how big a share of the market Apple has with just one product (caricaturing).

    • biggy

      biggymore than 3, not one !!!

      • ron

        apple just shrink.

        25)5 more market share for Android tablets… this is end od iPad’s

        • ron

          250% more

        • R4

          dude you mad? Some android tablets are like £40. 70% of tablet web traffic actually come from iPads. iPad is still by far the most popular tablet device

          • Bryan Z

            Oh yeah that’s true

          • ron

            R4 I think U R MAD because the end od iPads… sorry iSheep.


          • R4

            dude that makes no sense to me…

  • john

    I think we are at a point where the market for Tablets are sufficiently large enough for app developers to invest their time building apps for Tab dimensions and better ports. Looking forward to it.

    • PeterBlood

      But they’re not – too fragmented and only a very small percentage of Android users are even on the net for some reason. Apple has 83% of all mobile web usage share. What ARE people using their Androidage for? Buy an iPad for true mobile nirvana.

      • john

        Well, to be honest the web usage is incredibly inaccurate in both technical and real lite terms. For an example, cache based server load web usage is purely dependent on the browser settings and ISP. An ISP or local network can have their own cache server to reduce data usage, which in turn skew the results. Not to mention a lot of Android browsers like UC have different caching than others.

        Even now, there are great, I really do mean great tablet apps, I think Google deserves some credit really promoting that part of the town. Also, in terms of screen sizes, there aren’t that many fragmentation, simply due to the popular aspect ratios and corresponding DPIs. Also taking into consideration, there is considerably bigger market for Android tablets and reasonable DPI scaling, the number of devs are enough to offset the screen size fragmentation. If you don’t believe me, take a look at panelook and search for tablet LCD panels, they are very limited in terms of both size and resolutions.

        In terms of OS fragmentation, it is rather problematic. However, this is not a problem that is only inherent on Tablets, but also to Android phones and even other devices. I’m sorry, but programs on PCs have much harder time with this type of fragmentation, only resolved by the sheer size of the community, which Android does not lack.

        Also, to “rustle” your applefanboy side a bit, there are quite many advantages with android tablets. They are cheaper, hardwares are superior and more updated-I swear if iPad mini came with a small 1dollar per unit sd card slot, I might have gone for it-, less proprietary codes, and much great choice of devices. Not to mention there are few apps that are very android specific that are not even close to being available in iPad–>Audio to USB/USB sound tester, DSP based equalizer, etc for audiophiles.

        Oh, and tablets with pressure sensitive digitizers, because we have to use zbrush-put any android sculpting app here- on our wee tablets- Toshiba Excite Write, Galaxy Note, Fonepad, etc.

        Just take a look at Nexus 7 and iPad mini comparison, experiences from Cyanogen stable, AOSP-based, ParanoidAndroid Roms. With android, you get to chose which experience you really want from groups of people like you, or create one for your self. With Apple, you need to strive to like the experience that Apple provides, and it’s really not for everyone.

        • PeterBlood

          Everything you talk about is mostly irrelevant or self-serving to the big picture. You can’t minimize fragmentation issues as it’s a major impediment in developers interest in Android meaning far fewer apps or quality apps. Hardware specs are meaningless by and large and those who focus solely on those are fools. You can geek away with your Android tablet all you like but you are not the typical user.

  • dec

    in other words, Apple iPad and mini against err…nexus, samsung galaxy 8, samsung galaxy tab 8.1, asus infinity, samsung galaxy note 10, asus fonepad, amazon kindle fire, Asus Pad 300, Asus Prime, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Sony Tablet S, Acer Iconia a210, Toshiba At200, Archos Tablets g9, XS, HD, Disgo tablets, Sony Experia tablets, HTC tablets, Toshiba tablets, I’m sure i missed another dozen or so. Apple is doing fine then.

    • Bryan Z

      lol.. damn thats true

  • Microsoftjunkie

    While 95% of that is complete and utter garbage.

  • Bryan Z

    I wonder how the market i shared between android’s best tablet seller and the iPad

  • PeterBlood

    “Dominating” in shipments is a hell of a lot different than dominating in actual sales. Seems most disingenuous and dishonest any manufacturer who doesn’t report actual sales as Apple does. A lot of this stuff is already getting debunked as factually incorrect such as the BS claim Samsung surpassed Apple in smart phone profits – WRONG!!

    • R4

      exactly, the average android smartphone or tablet costs less than apple’s profit margin for iPhone or iPad

      • PeterBlood

        Hmmm, doubtful. And still not worth the plastic it’s encased in.

  • Chris

    Just a question AA how do you come up with your numbers because I have a friend who is an Applefanboy who constantly says you guys twist numbers around in androids favor. What can you tell me about that?

  • Zurkram

    That’s funny. Why do I never see any of these Android tablets out in the wild?