Android Device Manager web interface

A new update is apparently in the works for Android Device Manager, which will bring users new features including remote password changing and device locking.

Android Police has discovered traces for these new ADM features in the new Google Play Services APK 3.2.64, although they’re yet to be confirmed officially by the company.

The publication speculates that the new ADM update will be released in the near future, considering its past experience with Google Play Services APK – ADM was similarly spotted in an APK teardown a few days ahead of its actual launch.

In addition to finding hints that remote password changing and device locking is coming to ADM, Android Police has also discovered an image on the Android Device Manager website that highlights the new functionality (see below).

Android Device Manager

In case you’re not familiar with it, Android Device Manager is a new Google feature that lets you track lost or stolen devices, ring them and wipe them remotely – but that’s all that you can do so far.

Being able to remotely change the password of an Android device and lock it are features that could be very helpful when trying to retrieve a smartphone or tablet and even preserve the associated personal data in the process.


We’ll be back with more details about the new ADM features when Google makes them official.

  • I would like to see Google add the option of downgrading a Nexus device such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to a previous version of Android like 4.1.2 or 4.2.2 without rooting.I don’t want to root my GNex, but 4.3 is having a sluggish feel to it right now. It would be perfect option in the device manager.

    • melhiore

      And how your issue is related to ADM??

      • Because ADM already has lost and found, wiping data if device is stolen and more…and I thought it might be cool if they added that feature as well. These updates would help fully especially if you left your device somewhere. Sorry my comment wasn’t up to your standards.

  • I think its pretty cool to see Google add so many extra features for security for the Android Smart phones and tablets. I checked out the location feature, it helps and best off, no third party app needed.

    I do hope Google continues to add features to the ADM like reverting the device back to a previous version of Android. I know that its not a security feature, but it would help a few users on Nexus devices like myself.

    I wonder if Google will even look into fingerprint unlock on the screen. Passwords and pins are nice, but security wise it adds a whole new technology although that might be on the manufacturers side more.

  • Glad to visit your blog. Thanks for this great post that you share to us.

  • Omran Terro

    Good enhancements ; I hope getting smoother android and fixing fragmentation problem.

    • On the fixing the fragmentation problem:

      Android will have fragmentation for a long time to come considering manufacturers and carriers don’t updates their devices and hardware limitations of what version of Android the device can run.

      That said, while I use to believe that I wanted to latest version of Android, truth is, now I just want a good, solid working version of Android on my device. (I.e: Samsung Galaxy S2 running Android 4.1.2, it works good)

      • Omran Terro

        You’re totally right but I think that google will divide android to parts (apks) and update each part alone (camera app as example). That would be amazing.

        • That might be the only way to upgrade some parts of Android on older phones because you can sideload apks or just update each part from the Google Play Store without any manufacturer or carrier blocking it.

          • Omran Terro

            Totally right :)