Android Device Manager can now remotely lock your device with new password

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 24, 2013


It was only a month ago that Google took the wraps off the Android Device Manager, which essentially brought basic “find my phone” functionality over to Android without the need of a third-party program.

In its original form, ADM allowed users to either find their device or remotely wipe it – that was it. As expected, ADM has now received a new feature: the ability to remotely lock your device with a new password.

Basically, you can now simply log in through the ADM’s web interface and force a password change that will override any existing security method you had in place. This is particularly important if you didn’t have very tight security in place to begin with.

What if your handset is off or in airplane mode? Don’t worry, the second your device attempts to connect to a network, ADM will change the password and lock your device down.

Even with the new feature, ADM isn’t nearly as feature-packed as security solutions like Cerberus, but it is still worlds better than going completely unprotected and it’s nice to have some kind of “phone finder” functionality directly from Google.

If you’ve yet to try out ADM, you should. Set up is easy, and it’s nice to have a little extra peace of mind knowing that, if your device is lost or stolen, you have an easy way to locate and protect it.

  • Mayoo

    Starting yesterday actually.

  • robrrt

    What happens if a phone thief deactivates the service before a wipe/lock command can be given? Track only?

    • I’m interested about this particular question. Somebody answer please….

    • Antdog

      How do you “deactivate” the service?

      • robrrt

        Uncheck ADM under Device Administrators

        • Antdog

          ahh…i c

        • mobilemann

          they need to setup passcodes for enabling and disabling that, but that still leaves the boot loader open or hackable. I have no idea what apple did to stop you from being able to restore in DFU mode…

          • I’m using “AppLock” to block someone from getting into my phone settings. Any feedback about “AppLock”? I’m just not sure how strong is my security system.

          • mobilemann

            depends on your device. If the bootloader is open, and your data is not what they want (they want your device) there’s nothing stopping them flashing another rom.

  • somedude

    samsung devices such as the s2/3/4 all have this built in and actually the functionality is better than the stock android device manager but yes you could if you new what you were doing deactivate it very easily

    • robrrt

      What’s it called? (S4 here)

  • marleyfan61

    Has anybody tried this? I tried the ring feature just now. It rang exactly once. I tried again and it didn’t ring at all.

    • Oli72

      that happen to me once. but i tried again a day later and all is well. maybe the gps of phone location.

  • Oli72

    awesome google. having the nexus 4 is a peace of mind with that feature.