Gartner: Android to ship a billion devices in 2014

by: Andrew GrushJune 24, 2013


It’s hard to believe that a half-decade ago Android was a barely heard of blip on the mobile OS radar. Fast forwarding to 2012 and more than a half-billion devices shipped running on Google’s OS. Think that’s impressive? If Gartner’s latest projections prove correct, 2014 could be the year that Android ships a billion devices.

Gartner also believes that PC shipments will continue to trend downward, suggesting a 10.6 percent year-on-year decline. Meanwhile phones will continue to grow at a somewhat modest 4.3 percent, with tablets leaping towards a massive 67.9 percent increase.


“Consumers want anytime-anywhere computing that allows them to consume and create content with ease, but also share and access that content from a different portfolio of products. Mobility is paramount in both mature and emerging markets.”

Honestly we can’t say we are too surprised at these projections. Although the PC market might not be dying, more folks are moving towards low-cost mobile devices as an alternative to traditional computers. Additionally people who do use desktops and laptops are finding out that they don’t need to upgrade more than once every 3-6 years.

It is interesting (though again not terribly surprising) to note that Gartner predicts that the types of desktop/laptop devices consumers purchase will also continue to shift as more folks turn towards ultra-mobiles such as Macbooks, Ultrabooks and Chromebooks.


While nothing in Gartner’s forecast is exactly shocking, remember that these are just predictions and the market can change quickly. After all, Android’s success in such a short amount of time is testament to how rapidly the world of tech can evolve.

New technologies like Google Glass and other wearables could certainly affect these projections down the road. So could competing platforms like Tizen, iOS and Windows. We are also seeing more Android desktops and laptops which could also have a major effect on the future of the traditional PC market.

No matter what happens one thing we do know is that Android’s future is certainly bright, whether it continues on tablets, smartphones, PCs or even wearable devices.

What do you think of Gartner’s latest projections for next year, will they prove to be spot on?


  • Luka Mlinar

    I expect tablet sales to go way down. Most of the people who bought them found out they never use them and that they wore a huge waste of money. Also i find the WP 2014 sales are a bit optimistic.
    But if anything gave me extreme pleasure then it’s showing the death of RIM on a sales chart. DIE RIM, DIE! Mwuahahaha

  • Sal

    Its nice to see android as the most talked about mobile os of all time. I remember when i got my first android (wanted iphone 4s at the time) not many people had it. Now fast forward to 2013 and its pretty much seen everywhere. Even all my friends got android. Even my friend who always hails apple for changing everything and always critizes android as a cheap ripoff to ios and slow and laggy got a google nexus 4 and loves it. Bring on 1 billion to be shipped!

  • Ruzveh

    I personally would prefer tablets over laptops but considering the fact that tablets cost more than those laptops its wise to say that tablet sales may lag big time.. But as i said i would love to have tablet over laptops and to be honest i am not convinced with the specs that tablets comes out with these days.. I want high end specs in a tablet