Android Authority’s Hands On of the Xoom featuring Android 4.0+ Ice Cream Sandwich [Video]

by: Brandon SobottaDecember 19, 2011

When I bought my Xoom 5 months ago, I really wanted to wait for a quad-core tablet, but needed it for school. Since the purchase, I have been really disappointed with the performance of Honeycomb running at stock speeds, and even when overclocked I still wasn’t quite satisfied. Last night I installed Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) on my Xoom, and I have to say I am very impressed. ICS at stock speeds runs amazing, browsing on the web is more impressive on ICS than it ever was on Honeycomb. As you can see on the hands on video below, everything is absolutely buttery smooth. Check out the video below to see Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich in action.

Also in the video I was confused about video playback and couldn’t recall what was working and what wasn’t at XDA I found this:

Doesn’t work:

  • GPS
  • Camera (missing some Motorola binaries)
  • Video Playback (with some apps like Netflix)
  • YouTube HD playback


  • Basics
  • Google Apps (via google apps package)
  • Root (via root package below)

So basic playback in YouTube works, but HD does not. Thanks to Razerbladex401 in the XDA forum’s for this ROM! A fully functioning ROM is just around the corner folks!

  • here is an upgrade from honeycomb to ICS, I thought the reviewer did an excellent job explaining pros and cons, and it is not rooted yet, so further improvement is expected in the future I’m assuming. I look forward to this upgrade based on this revieww.

    • Tony NoName

      Has to be rooted if it’s a flashed rom. Sorry! If it’s a straight up ICS build, then naturally it isn’t going to run the camera or have an icon to show the App drawer on the desktop. The cons he brings up would be non existent on a fully customized ROM! ….and we now have ICS running on HP Touchpad looking and running better/faster than this! :D

  • eClipse

    I’m looking forward to ICS on my Xoom as much as anyone, but seriously, overclocking a tablet or a phone is just a waste of time, they are plenty fast for what they are intended for.

    What are people doing that they need to be overclocking their devices, while simultaneously
    shortening their battery life and likely causing damage to their device.

    • Anonymous

      Not really. For instance, Setcpu is a great apps, yes for overclocking when you only need it or ondemand but it underclock when you have the screen off to save on power.

  • Graham Laight

    Sounds as though a second-hand Xoom upgraded to ICS might be a cheap way to get a very good tablet computer!

    • Anonymous

      I agree!

  • Anonymous

    Great live wallpaper with the snow fall and Skyrim. which one is that?

    • Brandon Sobotta

      Get it off of Tegra Zone, easiest place to find it.

  • Anonymous

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  • Shadowfangx

    Does overclocking your xoom make live wallpapers perform better? Or what about home screen transitions with a live wallpaper? I am asking this because it seems my Xoom cannot handle many lwp’s smoothly.

  • Lookin good! Just saw this review right now and tempted to buy this device! lol

  • The Tech Ninja