Android Authority Q & A – September 4, 2013

by: Kristofer WoukSeptember 4, 2013


Welcome to another installment of Android Authority Q & A. Each week we take questions from you, our wonderful readers and viewers, and answer them both here and in video form.

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R asks: When will the LG G2 come to Sprint?

LG G2 Review Hands On


It looks like the LG G2 is coming to Verizon and AT&T around this middle of this month. We don’t have any official word on when it will be coming to Sprint, but it seems fairly likely that it should be sooner rather than later.


Anaser asks: If i benchmark my phone with AnTuTu and get a result, can this result get higher or lower over time? Does it change?


Yes, AnTuTu benchmarks change quite a bit. It can change from test to test, which is why when I review a device, I run AnTuTu 10 times and take the average. It can also change more permanently as a result of a firmware or software update. For example I noticed that the Nexus 4 running Android 4.3 consistently got higher AnTuTu scores than the Nexus 4 running 4.2


Dolev says: Hey Kris, I’m getting a Nexus 7 HD and Nexus 4 after your recommendation few days ago for an Android phone for $250. Would you use the stock Google ROM or would you recommend replacing it with Cyanogenmod or Paranoid Android?


Since you’ve got stock Android there, I personally wouldn’t bother to run a different ROM. It’s easy enough to customize the UI with a custom launcher, and since these are Nexus devices, you’ll be getting updates as soon as they’re ready. I would only go for a different ROM if it has a specific feature you can’t get without it.


Thomas and Omkar ask: Will the Moto X be coming to the UK? and When the Moto X be released internationally?

Moto X


So far there is no word on the Moto X being available outside of the Americas. If you head to Motorola’s UK website, there is a message that says “We’re working on something new,” so it’s easy to assume that they’re not talking about the Moto X.


Anshul asks: What according to you is the ideal screen size of a smartphone?


Obviously this is just opinion, but not that long ago I would have said around 4.5 inches. Now with bezels slimming down, I would say the sweet spot is now around 5 inches. That gets you a big enough screen to be usuable for watching a movie, for example, without being so big that it doesn’t easily fit in your pocket.


Alex asks: Hey Kris, what are your thoughts on AMD and Intel mobile processors? Do you think they will be working with Samsung, HTC and other companies?


I think that we’ll see Intel start to move into this area more and more. They’re already working with a few companies and as their chipsets prove themselves, we’ll see them start to show up in more places. AMD has said they might look into doing something similar, but right now they seem to be focused on PCs, even if that might not be their best bet, given their current market position.


Shadab asks: Hey Kris, what are your thoughts about the upcoming Sony Xperia Z1 (Honami)? With its massive rumored specs, is it going to beat phones like the Note 3 and LG G2?

Sony Xperia Z1


Well you’re right, it certainly looks like it’s going to be a beast of a phone. Will it beat the LG G2? Maybe. Will it beat the Note 3? Not a chance. No matter how good their hardware is, Sony just doesn’t have the buzz that Samsung does, so it’s safe to say that the Note 3 will win out there. If you’re talking performance, usability, etc., that remains to be seen.


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  • Jason

    Hey Kris,
    I have been thinking of getting the Nexus 10 tablet, but before I do, will Google make a second generation Nexus 10 like they did the Nexus 7? And if so how long until I can buy it? Thanks

  • willie013

    Hello when will accessories for Xperia Z come to Nigeria I need them badly

  • Colin

    I have a Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch running a sprint released android 4.1. Do you think it will get any not updates? If so, when?

  • Raul

    I installed Paranoid Android on my nexus just so i can use pie controls and halo. Now my screen looks considerably bigger without the navigation and status bar.

  • jasxgamer

    Z1 not a chance to win Shamesung Note 3?
    are you kidding me?

  • Ruperto

    Hey krist! I ‘ll would like to buy the nexus 7, but the G-Pad it’s look great should I wait? What about the price and when it come out on

  • Colin


  • Ollie Brader

    Hey Kris, I’ve got a Nexus 7 that has a cracked screen. Do you think I should get the new Nexus 7 instead?

  • Manu Arora

    Hey Kris,
    The price of the Nexus 4 has dropped in the Google Play Store and I have been waiting for the Nexus 5. According to rumours, the Nexus 5 will have very high specs so it doesn’t look like it is going to keep a low price point. When the Nexus 5 is out, will they still sell the Nexus 4? Please reply