Android Authority Q & A – July 17, 2013

by: Kristofer WoukJuly 17, 2013
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Welcome to another installment of Android Authority Q & A. Each week we take questions from you, our wonderful readers and viewers, and answer them both here and in video form.

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David asks: Is there way to run Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy 3 (aka. the 580)?


As long as you don’t mind using a custom ROM, then yes there are plenty of ways actually. I’d suggest heading over to XDA Developers and looking in the Android Development forum for the Galaxy 3. There are quite a few options, so look around and take your time making a choice


Maris says: Hi Kris, I just read that the HTC One is now HTC Pro certified. What does this mean for HTC One users?

HTC One Review


HTC Pro certification is basically HTC’s way of saying that a company can buy a fleet of HTC Ones for their employees and that they’ll work as intended. That’s why the HTC Pro web site has a bunch of photos of guys in suits. Basically, for an individual user, this doesn’t mean a lot, but for businesses, it’s important.


Jake asks: Is there any way to completely turn off a phone without a removeable battery? For example, if it freezes?


Yes, just hold down the power button and keep holding it down. It might take a while, but eventually the device should shut off.


John says: Hello, I recently read your article about the changes to the Sprint TOS and how this can get you out of your contract with Sprint, and I wanted to ask: does this pertain only to WiMAX devices, or all devices?

sprint changes tos


Sprint has basically said that in their opinion the changes aren’t significant enough to just let anybody out of their contract no questions asked. That said, they have said that customers are free to discuss issues, including those related to their service, with Sprint. I’d say give it a try. It can’t hurt to ask.


Helgi James says: Hi, I have a phone that’s 2 years old and newer apps don’t work on it. Will this be fixed or should I get a new phone. If so, do you recommend anything?


Well, without knowing what phone you have, it’s difficult to definitively say whether or not you’ll be getting an update, but generally with a device that old, you’re getting to the point where you probably won’t see updates anymore. I’d suggest it might be time to move on. When it comes to recommendations, that’s tough because there are so many good phones out there. I say decide what you want to spend and then just look at a bunch of reviews. By the way, Android Authority has a ton of those.


Valentine says: This might sound stupid, but do you think that the LG G2, what we’ve seen leaked anyway, might be the Nexus 5?

LG Optimus G2 leak


It’s definitely possible, even likely. Last week we reported that a Korean website was saying that a Nexus 5, based on the LG G2 and running Android 5 Key Lime Pie could be coming in October. Rumors are always iffy, so I’m making no promises, but stranger things have happened.


Giovanni says: I have a Galaxy S4 and its memory is almost full. How can I transfer my music, photos and apps to my SD card?


Moving your photos and music to the SD card is fairly easy. Just track down the files you want to move and copy and paste them to the SD card. For apps, just go into the Application manager in settings, select an app, and choose “Move to SD card.” Just a quick note: this requires the most recent software update for the S4, and some apps won’t allow you to move them to the SD card no matter what. Still, this should help you free up some storage


Join us next week for more questions and, of course, more answers! If you would like to, head over to the Q & A page to ask us some questions of your own.

  • cottage McKay

    What I want to know if there’s some way of making media server use less battery? I listen to about 1-2 hrs of music each day and it drains about 20 % of my battery. Is there like a third party media server replacement for root users or something? Device is nexus 4 BTW.

  • SamsaraGuru

    Any possibility that the Nexus 5 will come with a removable battery and SD card?

  • yazeed

    And why when I turn the camera on in my galaxy s4 the phone restart him self or any app with a cam (Snapchat , instagrme )

  • yazeed

    What is the last update for the galaxy s4 ? And when is the new update

  • Kamal

    Hi, I’m currently using a 7 inch tablet and it can’t handle todays apps and games because of its one core, what would you recommend for 500$ ? (doesn’t have to a tablet)

  • Tanmay Chakraborty

    Hey kris!!
    With so many smartphones coming every month with new processors, I want to know whether the new SNAPDRAGON 200 and 400 are better than the Snapdragon S4 Krait processor?
    Thank You!!

  • christian

    Hey Kris,
    About 3 weeks ago I decided that I wanted to root my nexus 7. I installed all the ADB drivers necessary and installed the n-cry nexus root toolkit on my computer. While in the rooting process my device froze. So I did what I could and force shut it down. Turning back on with none other than the Google screen and an unlocked lock sign. I knew I was bricked. I was able to access the bootloader and reinstall the stock 4.2.2 jellybean back on and got it working again with root access . Now however whenever I shut it down I get the brick screen. I can however power on by holding the screenshot combo. Any guess of why?

  • newsjunkieintl

    The LG G2 is the fraternal twin of the Nexus 5 — just like the LG Optimus G and Nexus 4 were almost identical internally (with same CPU, GPU, RAM, battery, display, etc.). External form was slightly different and the Nexus 4 was pentaband HSPA, no SD card and LTE disabled. But 95% same phone. Nexus 5 will be same this year compared to G2.

    G2 in Q3 and Nexus 5 (with Key Lime Pie) in Q4.

  • Dhruv Kapadia

    I have bought an HTC ONE Developers Edition which is available in the US my phone is running on androi 4.1 i am not connected to any carrier my phone is unlocked and now i am waiting for the 4.2.2 update can you help me out when is the update going to be rolled out for the american htc one..

  • bunny

    I have an HTC one will it get any future update like 4.3 in or any firmware