Android Authority On Air – Episode 69 – Galaxy Note 8 Giveaway and more

by: Derek RossJune 23, 2013

Android Authority on Air

This week on Android Authority On Air, not only did we celebrate episode 69 (insert joke here) with some awesome news about Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 800 processor, we announced our Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 giveaway. I wonder if there’s some sort of connection there? I guess you’ll have to watch the show to find out.

Anyways, we talked about India’s upcoming Android Nation, stores that center on hands on experience, accessories, technical assistance, demos, and more. Google announced Project Loon, which is nothing short of what we should expect from Google X. We hit up new devices such as the Samsung Galaxy NX Camera, HTC’s latest Butterfly, which includes some One love and Samsung’s table top tablet computer that runs both Windows and Android. Sony is pushing 4.2.2 to the Xperia ZL which makes it the first Non-Nexus device to get updated to (rather than ship with) Android 4.2.2. On to app news, Falcon Pro continues to have issues and Verizon Wireless decided to release a game, instead of device updates. Spotify updates to use toggles in the notification area (finally). Their last update added long needed landscape mode. Seems Play Music got their development team scrambling finally. All this and more on Android Authority On Air, the original Android Hangout show on Google+.

  • Benny Jackson

    I hope i get a tab……………. it will be a great surprise for me

    i love android becoz it is easy to use, great spec and cool design

  • andy

    Love it

  • icyrock1

    Tbh, I wonder why Sony updated the ZL before they did the Z. I always assumed the Z was more of there front and center flagship phone.

  • Muhammad Salman

    Another cool device from samsung

  • icyrock1

    I disagree when you say it’s one of the better convertibles. The Yoga is, by far, the best one I’ve seen. While it may not have some fancy modes, it doesn’t try to be something it’s not. And, the Samsung is missing a trackpad. That’s a no no in my mind, even if it has a touch screen.

  • Zt Zati

    hopefully i can get that note 8.0. I really really want that Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 so much..❤

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