Android Authority On Air – Episode 58 – Nexus 4 Charging Orb Giveaway and Facebook’s New Home

by: Derek RossApril 5, 2013

Android Authority on AirThe big hitters this week on Android Authority on Air was all things Facebook Phone. We covered the new HTC First, a mid-low range phone shipping with Facebook’s launcher built in and Facebook Home. The HTC First isn’t a bad device for the price and if you’re a Facebook fan you’ll probably love it. The same goes for the standalone launcher, Facebook Home. If you’re heavily addicted to Facebook, it’s not the worst choice in the world until you consider the advertisements and the privacy issues. Tune in to find out what we really think.

Onto other hardware news, rumors put a Nexus 7 refresh to rock a 1080p display and a Snapdragon processor dropping sometime this June or July. You know that report that said the Exynos 5 Octa supports 20 LTE bands? Well, not really. The Hisense Pulse received Google TV update 3 this week enabling voice search, Amazon Instant Video and more.

Onto app news, some of our favorite apps received updates this week including Google Search, YouTube, and Google Sound Search.

Carriers continued to LTE all the things this week with AT&T rolling out 14 new markets. T-Mobile also made headlines announcing the first quarter in 4 years that they gained subscribers. We guess the ‘Uncarrier’ strategy is working.

And last, but not least, patent wars reared their ugly head this week. Apple’s bounce-back patent is finally invalidated. Yay!

All this and more on Android Authority On Air.

The giveaway

We recently reviewed the Nexus 4 Charging Orb. You can check it out here. This week on Android Authority On Air, we’re giving you the chance to win your very own Nexus 4 wireless charger. All you have to do is visit this post and drop a comment with the #androidauthority tag. Let us know why your love your Nexus 4. Once all the entries are tallied, we’ll randomly choose a winner and notify them.

Miss the show? Watch or listen below.

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  • Roman

    #androidauthority I love Nexus 4 because it is true customization, no limitations, freedom of speech and all that goes with it. I did not pay an arm and a leg for it and it came unlocked. Nexus devices, no wait for the latest and greatest version of the OS.

  • Guest

    #androidauthority I love my Nexus 4 because it is just such an amazing phone. Easy to root, customize, fast and it looks good. It would be awesome to get the charger because here in new Zealand (where I live) they are nowhere to be found

  • maestroflip

    #androidauthority beautiful jail breaks…no contract..incredible speed..expensive look and feel with the tasty jelly bean…all this goodies for an unrivalled price in the market…

  • Esmail Sewid

    #androidautority have the phone but the orb was a little too expensive for what it does(for me at least) hopefully i could win it and thanks for the giveaway

  • Julio Rios

    #androidauthority love my nexus 4, live not being tied to a contract, and the smooth sexy silkiness of jelly bean!

  • Dhruv

    #androidauthority I love mt nexus 4 coz I dont really have it. Will get it soon hopefully :P

  • Samantha Mclean

    #androidauthority is the bomb!!…… just like my Nexus 4!!! Whatever I need to know the latest and greatest in technology I visit this page and I do it with my ultra fast, buttery smooth Nexus 4!! Not only will I get the latest from Google before most phones but the fresh and clean UI is awesome!! This is my first android phone and I’m glad to say I’ll only be rocking Nexus phones from now on!! #teamNexus #teamandroidauthority

  • With my Nexus 4 I feel like as if why was there was a PC ever required. Feel like a king of Android.Nexus 4 Android and Android 4 Nexus…

  • Jerry Miller

    #androidauthority Nexus 4 great phone

  • Jesús G. Pinto González

    Thanks to #androidauthority I can keep up with all the trips and tricks on my Nexus 4, which is by far the best phone I have ever hold… Simply put: A hell of a device.

  • #AndroidAuthority provides well informed reviews and tips for the NEXUS 4!

  • Alexander Alexandrov

    #androidauthority I love my nexus4 coz it’s damn fastest phone ever and you should choose me to win a wireless orb!

  • RonPodovich

    #androidauthority Love my Nexus 4

  • adi

    #androidauthority love my nexus 4 since its so sleek and fastest phone i have ever used. Not only that it has great apps, the review from android authority is amazing too!!!

  • Nexus4Lover

    #androidauthority Love my Nexus 4

  • #androidauthority I love Nexus 4

  • nexus4xnikesb

    #androidauthority #google #nexus4 #LGNexus4 best phone that i have ever had.

  • Nexus fan

    #androidauthority nexus 4 – the best phone i have used. its fast, elegant, crisp display and all under $350 unlocked!

  • Melvin


    I enjoy using my nexus 4 to get me though my busy days in NYC. I can ride anywhere and the GPS is always on point. Crisp camera for awesome skyline scenery and what an amazing processor. :)

  • ggmathur


    I could go on about my Nexus 4. But I never realized how much I depend on it till the screen cracked and I had to use my old Galaxy Captivate for a few weeks. The speed, screen real estate, and data speeds are awesome.

  • Ai Zheng

    I love Nexus 4 for its value and its ability to make my days better…should I get this charger #androidauthority, things will surely be even sweeter :) thanks guys!