Android Authority On Air – Episode 55 – Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Event After Show

by: Derek RossMarch 15, 2013

Android Authority on Air

This week’s Android Authority On Air episode followed the official Samsung Unpacked 2013 event in New York City. Naturally, we devoted a good portion of the show to the next Galaxy. Besides the latest and greatest from Samsung, we also discussed a few juicy tidbits of information surrounding the whole Google ecosystem.

The Android god father, Andy Rubin, is moving on to his next chapter at Google. This week Google officially announced that he would be passing the reins on to Sundar Pichai, whom just happens to also head up the Chrome division. This brought forth all sorts of speculation through the tech world. What does this mean for Android and Chrome? Could we eventually see a marriage that has been rumored and talked about for quite some time? Who knows? Besides Android, what new hardware product would Andy be working on? We speculate he’s the right man for the job when it comes to innovative, wearable computing, so he’s probably headed over to Google X.

Google announced this week that their Reader application is going bye bye come July 1st and Google also removed all of the ad-blocking applications from the Play Store. Are these good for Android as a whole? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Android Authority has provided extensive coverage on the Galaxy S4. Samsung has hyped the hell out of their next big thing. Last night, Samsung attempted to live up to the hype with some impressive hardware and an updated software suite, full of S-“Apps”.  One thing is for sure, Samsung is continuing to build out their platform and ecosystem. This ecosystem will allow them to continue to sell millions and millions of devices.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 for us? Listen or watch below to find out! 

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  • John Murdoch

    Hi Guys, I was always a Nokia user for over 20 years, but that all changed when I purchased my Galaxy S II, I will now always be an Android fan, I just love the way it links with Google, I have a business based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, I provide apps and mobile web options for small business + other options as well. Cheers John from Genie Internet Magic Sunshine Coast

  • whoknowswhereor

    I think Pantech did floating touch before Sony. But this GS4 is such an amazing piece of technology. This is why Samsung is king.