Android Authority Asks: What is your Favorite Android Browser?

by: AlexanderFebruary 8, 2012

Chrome Beta

Tonight we are asking, what is your favorite Android browser? Yesterday afternoon the long awaited release of the Google Chrome browser for Android finally released. But the sad thing is, it’s only compatible with ICS, so I have not been able to play around with it.

Most people I know use Dolphin for its’ speed and ability to turn off flash when it’s not needed, because we know flash can slow down your device as well as eat up some precious battery. I actually still use the stock browser on my Droid Bionic, there isn’t a whole lot of stuff I use the browser for since every site I go to has an app now.

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  • I have yet to try the Chrome Beta browser… but I really find nothing wrong with the stock browser on my Galaxy Nexus. It has a nice phone and simple, sleek design. Performance and maybe just a little bit of flare makes a good browser for me. :-)

    • I like the stock ICS browser, but the one that HTC has sucks, I haven’t tried Samsung’s since the first Galaxy S, and Motorola’s is ok, not the best. But like I said in my post, almost all the stuff on my phone is done in apps.

    • Chris G

      Stock ics is good and for flash still needed. But chrome is amazing and is changing how i use my gn and tfp.

  • Renze de Ruiter

    I was using the stock browser in ICS, but Chrome beta (even incomplete and without support for Flash) is miles ahead. I have disabled the stock browser and use Chrome beta exclusively now.

  • Gregory Opera

    Opera Mobile all the way… Not only does Opera Link flawlessly synchronize content (including bookmarks) between computers and smartphones, but Opera is famously the most secure browser available!

  • fox

    opera mobile

  • Dmwhittley

    Boat Browser Boat Browser Boat Browser
    It is fast, stable, allows you to customize the menu bar at the bottom (more useful than you may think) and has ‘speed dial’.
    I have tied all the rest, believe me and allways returned to the stock browser until i found boat browser.
    The speed is incredible. If you, like me, take a little time to set it up with the following on the bottom menu row ‘Home (takes you back to the speed dial, instantaniously)-Off (very useful)-Favourites-Pages/Tabs-Settings you will have a browser experience equal to none.
    Forget the resource heavy browsers with all the bells and whistles. Try boat browser. You will not be dissapointed.
    Davi Whittley

    • Gest

      Try chrome beta… you’ll never go back to Boat…

  • Simon Gallouët

    3.2 “Qucik Control” labs feature is why stock browser rox!

  • Petarroma

    No Opera Mobile option ?!

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    Chrome Beta

  • Dolphin seems like a popular one .. !! I thought i am the only who use this unpopular browser :P Lets see what chrome can do for me on android

  • Borut Plohl

    I wish i could use Chrome on my Note but still running on 2.3.

  • Wish chrome beta had flash, but it still wins in my book. Second choice would be stock ICS browser.

  • Dmshll2

    For me its a tie b/w Chrome beta and ICS Browser +.

  • mbcls

    i dont get it. all other browsers work on any android.
    why is chrome only work on 4.0?

    • Jagdaddy1

      I hated Chorme on my Nexus. Even the stockbrowser blew it away. No Flash. Why would anyone want a limited browser on the highest Android OS, is beyond me.

  • Jagdaddy1

    Dolphin hands down! My Nexus runs ICS, and its stock browser is good, but not even close to the functionality of Dolphin HD. Granted, the new Sonar feature is for superfluous show, and may make you inenvertantly drop your phone, other than that, it’s the best! Bring back Webzine!