Android Authority Asks: Super Thin Device or Huge Battery?

by: AlexanderFebruary 9, 2012

Droid Razr Maxx Battery Life

So earlier this week I wrote a nice editorial about why most of us consumers prefer a little bit thicker device with a much bigger battery then a super thin device with a very little battery. So I guess the best way to put this is, do you want the Droid Razr or the Droid Razr Maxx? Essentially the same device but the Droid Razr is much thinner (well not really) but has about half the battery as the Droid Razr Maxx, which has been proven to last about 21 hours of moderate to heavy usage.

So in tonight’s poll we are asking do you want a really thin Android device? Or would you rather have a device that might be just a little bit thicker, maybe about 2-3mm thicker, with twice the battery power? This is your chance to really voice your opinion (since my editorial got into a lot of people saying how great it was written and not staying on topic), feel free to explain why you prefer one over the other in the comments.

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  • Level380

    All day battery for sure!!

  • davetheAndroid

    I want more battery of course, just don’t make it look like the T-bolt with that huge extended battery like a beastly hump of death.

  • Adam

    I just Got my Droid 4 speaking of batteries the Droid 4 batt is non removable you can only take out the back cover to put in the 4g Sim card and micro sd card!! great phone still love my Bionic!!

    • It’s really looking like Motorola is going to non-removable batteries for all their newer devices. But I wouldnt be surprised if they didn’t bring out a Droid 4 Maxx around April or May.

  • Dmwhittley

    We have been carrying wallets, which weigh more and are alot thicker than a smartphones, around in our pockets for hundreds of years and have never demanded they be made thinner.
    Why do manufacturers just assume we want thinner phones that die after 10-14 hours?
    My only concern is that heart stopping moment when you drop a phone with a bigger battery and more weight…

    • Rob Little

      hundreds of years? slight exaggeration. And actually most men don’t want to carry around huge wallets, most would do away with wallets completely if they could. The fact that they can’t doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Of course some men see having a fat wallet as a status symbol.

      The reality is that there are plenty of thin phones in existence – and have been for “hundreds of years” that don’t die that quickly, so to produce fat phones in a market where they’re competing with much better phones would obviously give them a problem. of course poor battery life does too, but this does appear to be mostly an LTE thing at the moment based on people comments (and that this appears to be mostly a US perspective)

  • What good is a lighter device if you have to always carry a charger and you are always on the lookout for a power outlet.

    • Rob Little

      yeah “if” being the key word

  • Fridberg Fridberg Jensson

    We need Nanotechnology

  • Abc

    IMO the author need not have loaded the question so much – most of us would still have voted for the longer battery life!

  • First thing I tell people getting their first smart phone “you can have a thin phone and buy an extended battery that makes it thick… or you can have a thin phone and carry a power charge that is even thicker… if you get the extended battery… it’s ATTACHED… and won’t scratch up your phone… if you get a power adapter to carry around 24x7x365 you will always be sorting out which thing goes in which pocket.”

    People who think you can buy a smart phone made in the last year or so and run with it and never have issues with battery are fools.

    Here is a question… why can’t my cell open my car locks? 2 gigantic key fobs worth of battery room also in my pockets. I have a $600 value phone in my pants… what do I need these stupid key fobs for?